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Fake: Kyiv Sanctions against Russian Banks Worsen Ukraine’s Investment Climate

Ukraine’s sanctions against five Russian banks has resulted in a deluge of stories in the Russian media warning Ukraine that it has shot itself in the foot with this move by worsening its own investment possibilities. Russian state agency TASS claims this move is a great loss for Ukraine as Russian banks are the main investors in the Ukrainian economy. The Kommersant newspaper writes that Russian banks make up more

Fake: Russia Sanctions Running Ukrainian Economy into the Ground

Ukraine’s prolongation of sanctions against Russia have caused a tumultuous Russian response in particular from Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Member Sergey Zheleznyak,  who said that by expanding sanctions against Moscow Ukraine’s President was running his country’s economy into the ground. Each irresponsible step taken by Kyiv is a strike against its impoverished people, Zhelezyak declared. Ukraine’s official Statistical Agency shows a somewhat different picture however. Ukraine’s Economy and Trade Ministry presented

Fake: French President Hollande regrets Russia sanctions

Last week scores of Russian media declared that French President Francois Hollande regrets the sanctions against Russia. RIA Novosti , one of Russia’s official news agencies was one of the first to run this fake story. The claim is based on a manipulated segment of a speech that Hollande delivered during France’s annual meeting of ambassadors in Paris. The video and transcript of Hollande’s speech are available on the presidential

Fake: Belgium may lift sanctions against Russia

Earlier this week, Russia’s newspaper of record Izvestia announced that the Belgian parliament was poised to consider a resolution aimed at lifting sanctions against Russia. Izvestia’s source was the official Russian news agency TASS which reported that on July 12  Belgian MP Aldo Carcaci registered such a document in the Belgian lower house of parliament. The resolution is merely a recommendation and it cannot bring about an end to Russia

Fake: Finnish farmers losing out because of Russian sanctions

According to Russian agencies RIA Novosti, Sputnik, RuNews 24, Argumenty nedeli, Ekonomika Segodnya Finnish farmers’ profits are falling because of Russia’s embargo on European food imports. Falling milk prices, late subsidy payments and the Russian embargo are biting into Finnish farming profits claim these Russian sites and cite MTK, the Finnish Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners as their source. The Finnish news site yle.fi did in fact

Russian media distort sanctions danger for US businesses

Russian newspaper Vzglyad published a story claiming that the US State Department has announced that Russian sanctions are harming American and European businesses. Vzglyad quotes Daniel Fried, the State Department’s Coordinator for Sanctions Policy who allegedly said that “in the decision-making process in general, and especially with the introduction of sanctions, do not try to avoid problems. Sanctions lead to undesirable consequences, and always have a price. There are American companies

Misleading headlines: Austria calls for gradual reduction of Russia sanctions

In their coverage of the news about the EU’s relations with the Kremlin, Ukrainian and Russian media reported that Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz was calling for a gradual reduction of sanctions against the Russian federation. The Ukrainian news agency UNIAN opened their story with the headline “Austria proposes gradually cancelling Russia sanctions”. The state agency Ukrinform ran a similar headline “Austrian Foreign Minister proposes gradual cancellation of sanctions” as

TASS Distorts French Senate Resolution on Russia Sanctions

This week Russia’s news agency TASS reported that the French Senate adopted a resolution calling for” the gradual softening of sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union”.  This decision was dictated by the desires of the French public who are against the EU sanctions, claims TASS. Some Russian and Ukrainian media such as Vesti and RBC even went so far as to claim that the French Senate had actually

Fake: Russia Sanctions Cost Ukraine $98 Billion

The Russian website Rossiyskaya gazeta published a news item claiming that according to the World Trade Organization Trade Policy Review report published on the Ukrainian Economic Development Ministry’s website, Ukraine has lost $98 billion dollars because of sanctions imposed against Russia. These losses however, are a result of Russia’s bans on Ukrainian exports, something that is clearly stated in the WTO report: “The volumes of trade with the Russian Federation,

Fake: France to Lift Russia Sanctions

On April 28 scores of Russian publications featured headlines such as “French parliament calls for lifting sanctions against Russia” (Vesti.ru), “French legislature supports lifting Russia sanctions” (RIA.ru), “French Parliament , first in the EU votes for lifting sanctions against Russia” (Izvestia), “French MPs support lifting anti-Russia sanctions” (TVZvezda.ru). Only a few mentioned the fact that the French vote was merely a recommendation and not a binding decision. The draft bill

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