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Pro-Kremlin disinformation keeps ignoring basic facts on Syria

By EU vs Disinfo Disinformation Ignores Responsibilities of Russia and its Allies, Scapegoats the EU EU sanctions on Syria have been a favourite target of disinformation from Russia and pro-Kremlin media to discredit the EU’s action in and policy towards Syria. This week we devote the Disinformation Review largely to disinformation on Syria, EU policies and the sanctions regime. Lately, Russian officials and pro-Kremlin media in Arabic exploited the political

RT neglects interviewee’s tie to Assad-linked group

By Polygraph RT (Russia Today)Russian state-owned media outlet“John Taylor Holmes, a retired major general who served as a director of special forces, was on a panel of experts which heard testimony from one of the whistleblowers, identified as ‘Alex.’ ”Source: RT Jan. 27, 2020 Misleading Holmes is among directors of a group with ties to the Assad family. On Jan. 27, the Russian state-owned news agency RT (Russia Today) published

Turkey’s claim of killing 76 Syrian troops has scant evidence

By Polygraph Hulusi AkarTurkish Defense Minister“Turkey struck over 50 targets in retaliation and killed 76 Syrian soldiers.” Source: Anadolu Agency Feb. 3, 2020 Likely False The casualty numbers may have been exaggerated; an earlier count by Turkey’s president was far lower. On Feb. 3, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar claimed his forces in Syria “neutralized” 76 Syrian regime soldiers in a series air and artillery strikes. The attacks were retaliation

Sputnik mistakes Russian-made missile for American, mocks its effectiveness

By Polygraph SputnikRussian state-owned media outlet“A video of a US TOW anti-tank missile being fired at a Syrian armed forces T-62 tank has emerged on social media; the decades-old military hardware was left virtually unscathed.”Source: Sputnik, Dec. 27, 2019 False The missile on the video was most likely a Russian Metis-M, definitely not a TOW. On Dec. 27, the Russian state-owned media outlet Sputnik News posted a story based on

Syria accuses Americans of supporting IS after U.S. helped free most of country from the group

By Polygraph Walid MuallemSyrian Foreign Minister“The Americans are using ISIS as a scarecrow. At the same time they are feeding ISIS, encourage them, protect ISIS leaders and help them move from one area to another.” Source: RT, Dec. 25, 2019 False The U.S. fights Islamic State. On Dec. 25, the Russian state-owned media outlet RT (Russia Today) published an interview with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muhallem, in which he accused

Top targets of the pro-Kremlin media in Arabic in 2019: The fight against terrorism and White Helmets

By EU vs Disinfo As the year comes to an end, here is an overview of the strategy of pro-Kremlin media vis-à-vis their audiences in the Middle East and North Africa with a focus on the most striking recurring narratives that they have been spreading over the year. Over the past year, pro-Kremlin outlets have consistently been spreading narratives and conspiracy theories that are in line with the Kremlin’s definition

Russia and Syria: U.S.-backed Syrian Forces blocking refugee return

By Polygraph The Russian and Syrian defense ministries “A cause for serious concern is the situation in southern Syria, where U.S.-controlled bandit formations, operating in the 55-kilometer al-Tanf zone, continue to prevent the evacuation of the Syrian civilians from the Rubkan camp. The main reason for the actual failure of the U.N. Plan is the failure of American side to fulfill its obligations. Despite numerous U.S. promises to influence the

Russian military’s own exhibit debunks its claims that it hasn’t used cluster bombs in Syria

By Polygraph Igor Konashenkov Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson “Concerning speculation about cluster bombs – the Russian air force does not use (them).” Source: RIA Novosti False The defense ministry itself recently debunked its own claim from 2015 (Russian state media has shown cluster bombs being used in Syria). On July 25, the Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT), a team of investigative bloggers) reported that a Russian Defense Ministry exhibition contradicted claims

Russia’s Defense Ministry falsely blames Syrian rebels for an attack on a Turkish army outpost

By Polygraph Russian Ministry of Defense “Aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces made four bombing strikes against terrorists in Idlib, the Defense Ministry reported. The coordinates for the attack were indicated by Ankara. This happened after the allied terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra fired at a Turkish army observation post, despite a cease-fire agreement.” Source: RIA Novosti False Turkey says the attack was by regime forces. On June 13, Russia’s Defense

Russian sources blame Coalition for destroying hospital in Syria, even before it was damaged

By Polygraph Sputnik News Russian state-owned media outlet “The Friday airstrikes of the US-led Coalition have completely destroyed a hospital in the Syrian city of Hajin in the eastern Deir ez-Zor province, Ikhbariya broadcaster reported.” Source: Sputnik, December 7, 2018 FALSE The hospital was still standing as of December 9. On December 7, the Russian state media outlet Sputnik published a story which claimed that U.S.-led coalition forces fighting the

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