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Lavrov Says ‘Not a single fact’ supports accusations of Russian COVID19 disinfo. In fact, there are many

By Polygraph Sergei LavrovRussian Minister of Foreign Affairs“As far as claims by the European External Action Service are concerned, the claims that our countries have been allegedly spreading disinformation about everything that is happening in relation to the coronavirus, it would be inappropriate even to make comments, because not a single fact that might back up such allegations has been presented to us.” Source: TASS, April 28, 2020 False There

TASS Manipulates German Foreign Minister’s Position on Ukraine-Russia war in Eastern Ukraine

Last week Russia’s official news agency TASS equated Ukraine and Russia as mutually ignoring the conditions of the Minsk ceasefire agreement in Russian separatist occupied eastern Ukraine. The source for this claim was Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s speech delivered at the 23rd OSCE Ministerial Council in Hamburg on December 8. In his address Steinmeier examines the role of the OSCE in resolving conflicts and also talks about the war

Moldova: Examining the Russian Media Factor in Protests

The ongoing protest in the Moldovan capital Chișinău is posing a fresh test of Russian state-controlled media’s ability to project Kremlin geopolitical preferences. Regional analysts assert that Moscow is viewing the protest as another Western-orchestrated, Euromaidan-like disturbance that constitutes a threat to Russian national interests. Not surprisingly, then, Russian broadcasters and print outlets are striving to shape a news narrative in which the protest is an expression of the population’s

Rossiya Segodnya assets seized in France

Bailiffs in France, carrying out court orders to seize assets belonging to the Russian Federation, have issued seizure notifications to Russia’s RT state-funded television network (Russia Today), reports Forbes Russia, June 18, citing a source close to the former shareholders of Yukos. The action was based on a decision  by The Hague Permanent Court of Arbitration in a lawsuit filed by former Yukos shareholders. The RT channel is funded by

TASS Mangles U.S. State Department Statement

On May 29, the Russian news agency TASS published a false report with the heading “The USA Has No Confirmations that Russia Moves Troops to the Border with Ukraine.” Its author, Dmitry Kirsanov, refers to a statement by U.S. State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke during a regular briefing. Rathke was quoted completely out of context. A journalist asked him specifically about a firing range in Kuzminsky, in the Rostov region.

Fake: Ukraine Refuses to Respect Human Rights in Southeast of Country

The Ukrainian parliament recently passed a resolution on the “departure from certain commitments defined by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.” Basically, it acknowledges that the Ukrainian government can no longer guarantee the protection of human rights in certain war zones – i.e. that it is not able to have a physical presence in these areas

Fake: Thousands of European Bikers Join the Night Wolves in Berlin

Russian newspapers and television falsely reported that, on May 9, thousands of bikers from different countries had joined a rally in support of the Russian biker gang the Night Wolves in Berlin. The Night Wolves, who are closely linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin, decided for whatever reason that it would be a good idea to “re-create” the victory WWII route of the Red Army; so they rode their motorcycles

Journalist’s Murder a Month Ago Sensationally Portrayed as More Recent

Dozens of Russian sites reported about the murder of the chief editor of the newspaper Netishynskyi Vistnyk, Olha Moroz, using such manipulative headlines as “One More Journalist Killed in Ukraine: She Wrote About Deforestation,” “Third Journalist’s Murder Committed in Ukraine,” and “One More Death in Ukraine: the Journalist Olha Moroz Was Killed.” In fact, the journalist was murdered a month earlier. Moskovskiy Komsomolets reported about the killing without its precise

Fake: Carpatho-Rusyns Region Demands Autonomy

On March 14, the Russian news agency TASS incorrectly reported that the Ukrainian region of Carpatho-Rusyns was demanding total autonomy. TASS cites Petro Hetsko as its source, calling him the leader of Carpatho-Rusyns. According to Hetsko, on March 14, a congress of Rusyn organizations agreed to demand the recognition of Rusyns as a nationality and to enter into a dialogue with Kyiv in order to obtain autonomy for Transcarpathian Ruthenia.

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