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StopFakeNews #84 with Brian Mefford

The latest edition of StopFake News with Brian Mefford. This week’s fakes include Russian claims that Ukrainian military pilot Nadiya Savchenko recently released from Russian detention vowed to “kill Russians”, Russia’s UN Representative claims Ukraine will turn into a nuclear waste dumping zone, the Procurator General will not investigate the Maydan killings and Ukrainians are forgetting about returning Crimea.

Fake “ Ukrainian Nazis” are really Russian Nationalists

Last week Russia’s Defense Ministry television channel “Zvezda” published a news item claiming that Ukrainians were taught to hate Russians.   The article entitled “Cutthroat Nazism: how Ukrainians were taught to hate Russians” was illustrated with a photo of a purported Nazi march. However, the march took place in Russia, not in Ukraine. The photo Zvezda used to illustrate their article was in fact taken in Moscow during the 2013

Fake: OSCE Confirms Shelling of Donetsk by Ukrainian Army

The Russian television network Zvezda has falsely reported that the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine has confirmed the bombardment of Donetsk’s Kuibyshevskyi district by the Ukrainian army. The article states: “The OSCE observers checked all information received [from the self-described Ministry of Defense of the Donetsk People’s Republic] and confirmed that a house in Kuibyshevskyi district had 30 cm holes in the roof and wall. It turned out that

Zvezda Falsely Cites Radio France Internationale for Sexual Harassment Report

On October 22, the Russia television network Zvezda posted a false report on its website claiming that “Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk accused the leader of the Batkivshchyna political party, Yulia Tymoshenko, of sexual harassment.” It claimed that the original source for the story was an interview given by Yatsenyuk to a journalist of the Russian service of Radio France Internationale (RFI), Elena Servettaz. The RFI Russian service, however, immediately

Fake: Forbes Revises Position on Crimea

The Russian television channel Zvezda posted a false news item claiming that the American business magazine Forbes had revised its editorial position on the issue of Crimea’s annexation and the peninsula’s status, now taking a more pro-Russian position. With some variations, similar articles were also posted by Pravda.ru and Gosnovosti. None of the websites that posted this information, however, gave links to their sources. In March 2015 Forbes did in

Photo Fake by Russkaya Vesna: American Tanks in Antiterrorist Operation Area

On August 13, Russkaya Vesna manipulated a photo of American Abrams tanks as “proof” for its article, “Militia Men State that American Abrams Tanks Detected on the Front Line in Luhansk People’s Republic (VIDEO).” Though the site wrote that “the information about American tanks in the Ukrainian Army should be verified additionally,” the image of the tanks is falsely watermarked with “RusVesna.su,” as though it had actually been taken by

Fake: Ukraine Halts Electrical Power to Crimea

On June 30, the Russian Ministry of Energy misleadingly reported on its website that Ukraine was stopping the supply of electricity to Crimea: “On June 30, 2015, at 17:39, the National Energetic Company “Ukrenergo” announced the reduction of the hourly planned schedule of balance overflow of ‘Interconnected Power System Ukraine – Crimea’ to 0 MW from the very beginning on zero hour of July 1.” The information was then spread by

Kremlin’s Top Five ‘Propaganda Myths, Fakes and Stupidities’ for the Past Week

As he does each week, Dmitry Bukovsky of Kyiv’s “Delovaya stolitsa” compiles a list of “the top five propaganda myths, fakes, and stupidities” for the previous week out of the mass flow of such misinformation and disinformation coming out of Moscow about Ukraine and Russia. This week’s harvest contains the following items: 1. Moscow Commentator Sees Nalivaychenko Leading “Neo-Nazi Underground’ Against Kyiv. According to Kremlin political commentator Semen Uralov, the

Zvezda Falsifies Photo

A doctored photo of Ukrainian servicemen allegedly transporting a stolen animal was spread on social networks and blogs. The photo initially appeared on June 20 on the website of the Russian channel Zvezda. It gave Svodki ot opolchenia Novorossii as the source, which stated that Ukrainian servicemen had allegedly stolen cattle from the inhabitants of the so-called “Luhansk People’s Republic.” Later the falsified photo was removed from the site and

Fake: Poroshenko Goes Binge Drinking for a Week

On June 15, Russian television channel Zvezda falsely reported that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko had gone binge drinking for a week. The report gives BBC as the source. According to Zvezda, BBC gives a certain Israeli agency, Arutz 10, as its source, which in turn claimed that the information came from an anonymous source in the Cabinet of Ministers. However, its headline says that “the rumors were spread from [Verkhovna]

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