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The EU’s Camps in Ukraine: A case of proactive disinformation

By EU vs Disinfo “Guantanamo Near Donetsk: Ukraine has been building a concentration camp for the separatists.”  In April 2015, this message headlined a story published by Zvezda, the official outlet of Russia’s Ministry of Defence. The story also told that “according to documents found at the facility, the construction was financed by the European Union.” Zvezda’s publication was not an isolated event. In a matter of one week in 2015, different Russian media

Sputnik and Zvezda falsely claim Hitler’s Mein Kampf is more popular than Harry Potter in Latvia

By Polygraph Sputnik News and Zvezda “In Latvia, Hitler has become more popular than Harry Potter.” Source: TV Zvezda, Sputnik News FALSE Latvian booksellers are unloading old copies of Mein Kampf, not snapping them up. On April 2, Zvezda TV and Sputnik published the false claim that Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” is more popular in Latvia than Harry Potter, the fictional school child who is the main character of a popular series of

The trait of violence against foreigners on Russian TV

By EU vs Disinfo The atmosphere in talk shows on Russian state-controlled TV channels has become increasingly aggressive over the past three years. More and more often, aggression does not limit itself to shouting and verbal intimidation. Physical attacks live on air have become a central part of debate programmes, and the most frequent victims of these attacks are foreign nationals. Below are three examples of incidents when participants of

Dependent media – Russia’s military TV Zvezda

By East Stratcom “The chemical attack in Idlib in Syria on 7 April this year was a piece of “fake news” and a staged operation from the side of the rebels, which aimed at discrediting Syria’s government forces”. So was the message in a seven minutes long report broadcast last week in Russia by the TV channel and online outlet Zvezda. In order to assess the relevance of Zvezda’s production

How to Comb Russia’s TV News

This article is part of a larger guidebook by RuNet Echo to help people learn how to conduct open-source research on the Russian Internet. Explore the complete guidebook at the special project page. According to survey research by the Levada Center, the vast majority of Russians (85 percent) say they watch television to learn about the country’s news. While less than half (41 percent) say they also trust the news

My starring role in Russian propaganda

Early one morning a few weeks ago, my phone started to ring like crazy. Every few minutes, messages from colleagues all over the world flashed on the screen: “Is it true?”; “Did he really say that?”; “Can you confirm?”; “Will you go on air for us?” they asked. I was surprised, and confused — I was on vacation and had not recorded an interview that week at Radio France Internationale (RFI),

Zvezda Falsifies Video of Horlivka Shelling

On August 1, Russian state television channel Zvezda posted a fake video on their website depicting the shelling of Horlivka by Ukraine’s National Guard, which allegedly took place the same day. The video is entitled “National Guard Shelled Horlivka Laughing and Joking Cynically.” During first fifteen seconds of the video we can see firing from an infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) in an unknown direction. This is accompanied by a journalist

Russian TV’s silence on troops near Ukraine

Russian TV has a plethora of programmes dedicated to the activity of the Russian military. Over the past year and a half, however, they all have been studiously silent about one of the Russian army’s biggest operations in recent times: the amassing of troops near the border with Ukraine. Any reporting on their manoeuvres, to say nothing about the deployment of Russian regulars inside Ukraine, is taboo. What they talk

British Citizen Exposed as a Tool of Russia’s FSB

Infamous British blogger Graham Phillips, who has concocted numerous pro-Kremlin reports for Russian propaganda media outlets — particularly for RT and Russia’s military outlet Zvezda  — in eastern Ukraine, has been awarded a medal in the city of Chekhov near Moscow by Russia’s Border Guard, a branch of the FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, main successor to the KGB) The award was presented by a former KGB Border Guard soldier and Afghan veteran Pavel Hlyupin, who has various business interests in pro-Kremlin

Fake: Ukraine Demands Compensation from Mongolia for 13th Century Invasion

On May 18, Russia’s REN-TV falsely reported that Ukrainian parliament had adopted a resolution regarding the alleged “genocide against the Ukrainian nation in the 13th century by the criminal regime of the Mongol Empire.” According to the report, Ukraine has demanded that the Mongolian government pay compensation for Batu Khan demolishing Kyiv. The Mongolian government is then to have replied that “the world never knew any Ukrainian nation or heard

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