The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Rebuts the Information About Construction of Concentration Camps

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Rebuts the Information About Construction of Concentration Camps

A number of Russian bloggers followed by some mass media spread the information about the construction of concentration camps near Martynivka village in Veselynov region of Mykolayiv Region for the undesirables. This information became so popular on the Internet that on April 28 2014 the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia expressed its concern on the matter:

Likbez* from the Russian journalist: how media “created” the banderovets**

Anyone can fall into the trap of artificial reality or become part of its creation. However, it is happening for the first time on such a great scale on the territory of post-soviet states. I am a journalist with Russian passport living in Kiev and I want to ask Russians and citizens of East Ukraine: Do you not find it strange that friends and relatives from Kiev are telling you

ITAR-TASS lies: pro-Ukrainian radicals attacked an anti-fascist rally in Donetsk

ITAR-TASS, one of the biggest news agencies in Russia, reported in its coverage about the bloody clashes in Donetsk on the 28th of April that pro-Ukrainian “radicals attacked the participants of the anti-fascist rally of several thousand people.” The agency claims that: “The masked people armed with bats, chains and traumatic weapons attacked an anti-fascist rally of several thousands in Donetsk shouting nationalistic slogans… Several dozens of ultra-nationalists started to throw

TV Channel «Russia 24» Quotes Unexisting Statements of the State Committee of Television and Radio of Ukraine

26 April 2014 «Russia 24» TV channel showed a report revealing that the State Committee of Television and Radio of Ukraine ordered local journalists «to follow strictly the informational guides of the current authorities of Ukraine». Which includes accusing the initiators of protests of separatism if they unhappy with Kyiv policy. Otherwise, according to «Russia 24», the journalists are to be persecuted by the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) for

Fake: Ukrainian fighting vehicle entering Donetsk with a swastika

A picture is being spread very fast in the Internet showing a Ukrainian armored personnel carrier moving in a column with a swastika drawn on its turret. For example, the website, which calls itself “Novorossiya’s central news agency”, and which was already found out in a lie by the StopFake team, reports the following: “What can be drawn on a Ukrainian APC going to fight with its own citizens

Donetsk Official Rebuts the Information About Terrorists Seizing Kindergartens in Sloviansk

April 24 journalist Roman Burko posted on his Facebook page information that the self-proclaimed mayor of Sloviansk Vyacheslav Ponomarev had issued orders to his gunmen to seize kindergartens. Burko referred to the information obtained from some eyewitnesses. According to them 5-6 armed men had been in each school and kindergarten building after 1:00 PM. The self-proclaimed mayor had issued the order to use women and children as a live shield. Roman Burko

A separatist from Slovyansk turned out to be a contracted fighter from Russia wanted for assault to murder

A separatist from Slavyansk turned out to be a contracted fighter from Russia wanted for assault to murder Alexander Mozhaev, a bearded fighter from Russia who arrived in Ukraine out of his nationalistic views, assures he has never served in Russia’s GRU special services, nor has he fought in the war with Georgia. This is reported by TSN  with reference to TIME correspondent Simon Shuster. Simon was able to talk with

FAKE: Juvenile justice is put into action in Ukraine

Russian media, for instance Chelyabinsk news agency “Ural-press Inform” were spreading information that supposedly juvenile justice was put into action in Ukraine. Journalists claimed that now children that lost parental custody will be sent for adoption to foreign same sex couples. However, the Ombudsman for Children under the President of Ukraine denied this information.

Among the “locals”, who took over the buildings of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk there were Cossacks of Russia

Members of a subversive group that took part in armed conflicts in the Donbas have been identified. According to UkrainianPolicy, among them there are residents of Ukraine and representatives of the Cossacks of the Russian Federation. The fact of the presence of official Cossacks from Russian Federation is likely to be indicative of official connections of Russia to what is happening in Eastern Ukraine. Official Cossacks receive financial and organizational

Russian mass media distorted Joseph Biden’s statement on Ukraine

Several Russian TV channels simultaneously and erroneously covered the US Vice-President Joseph Biden’s visit to Ukraine on the 22nd of April. In particular, they named the visit ‘ineffective’. According to the Russian media, the United States will provide only 50 million dollars in total as assistance to Ukraine. Besides, several Russian TV channels simultaneously reported that Joe Biden allegedly arrived in Ukraine because the country does not fulfill the conditions

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