Weekly newscast from StopFake team. Number 16.

Weekly newscast from StopFake team. Number 16.

Fresh StopFakeNews #16 We have Alina again with us, and we are talking about Pervyi Kanal (First Channel), Jen Psaki, Ukrainian refugees, Canadian-Ukrainian cake, Lukashenko, Lavrov, Russian gas and even about UN. You can found all our videos here

How The Kremlin Wields Its Soft Power In France

Amid mounting criticism of its actions against Ukraine, Moscow is stepping up efforts to repair its image and make its voice heard in Europe, with Russian-funded think tanks and media on the ground working hard to woo Europeans. France appears to be a primary target of Russia’s soft-power campaign, writes Natalya Kanevskaya in her article for Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty. The country is home to a myriad of

Lies: the «Right Sector» Refused to Abide by the Ceasefire

«Russia 24» TV-channel in its «Vesti» programme reported that the «Right Sector» fighters had refused to abide by the one week ceasefire declared by the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. As the evidence the channel quoted the leader of the «Right Sector» Dmytro Yarosh, who had said the gunmen had to be given no truce, otherwise they would receive new reinforcements and weapons. As a matter of fact, in this

The lie of Russian mass media: Ukrainian soldiers kill their own men unwilling to fight

Russian mass media (presumably NTV channel) announced in the news item concerning seizure and interrogation of Ukrainian female pilot Nadiya Savchenko that Ukrainian soldiers killed their own men who tried to put down arms and to retire from the battlefield. “Yet they do not allow to put down arms and to withdraw. The command “not a step backward” is used far and wide. Chastisers have a “zero tolerance” policy for

Russia Today: Putin’s Weapon in the War of Images

Russian President Vladimir Putin has created an anti-CNN for Western audiences with the international satellite news network Russia Today. With its recipe of smart propaganda, sex appeal and unlimited cash, it is outperforming its peers worldwide. The political evening program often kicks off with a mixture of chaos and tabloid news. Abby Martin, the American host working for the Kremlin, has her lips slightly parted and is applying red lipstick,

Fake: Maidan supporters in Toronto have brought children an expletively-inscribed cake

On June 25, news program “Vesti” [English: “News”] of TV channel “Rossiya 24” gave a report on “Ukrainian nationalists”, who brought an expletively-inscribed cake to a child cultural center in Toronto, Canada. “What is going through the heads of these people, and what the children have done [to deserve this], is, of course, an open question,” the commentator is genuinely outraged, when summarizing the story. The story has multiple twisted

Another Outdated Photo of a Deceased Child is Attributed to Sloviansk

Many pictures of children who died long ago are still used in the Web to present them as the victims of the anti-terrorist operation in East Ukraine. A caption under another picture of a deceased girl states that the child was killed on June 19 in Sloviansk. At the time this article was written, the post about the girl in «Antimaidan group» on Odnoklassniki social network alone received over 11 thousand «Classes».

Famous “actress on tour” Tsypko played a part of a victim of the Odesa tragedy

June 21 TV channel Russia One on the air of “Vesti” program showed a news item concerning investigation of the incidents in Odesa on May 2 when around 40 people had perished. Once again already famous “actress on tour” Mariya Tsypko appeared in this news item. She had showed up previously in different Ukrainian cities as a local resident, a victim or an eyewitness of Ukrainian army “atrocities”. In this

Lukashenko’s Statements of 2010 about Closing the European Gas Pipeline is Presented as Breaking News

June 23 a number of e-news outlets reported president of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko allegedly ordering that very day to stop the Russian gas transit to Europe through Belarus territory. To back this news some websites posted the video of negotiations between Aleksandr Lukashenko and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Lavrov. «I have just ordered the government to stop the transit through Belarus, until “Gazprom” pays for the transit. They

Fake Video of a Blown Up Bridge in Zaporizhia Oblast is Spreading Across the Web

A video featuring an impressive explosion on a large bridge with consequent destruction of one of the sections is spreading across the Web. The video title suggests the bridge destruction took place on June 24 in Zaporizhia Oblast. Note that when this article was written, the video had already round one hundred thousand views: While in fact, this is the video of the Milton-Madison bridge over the Ohio river being

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