Last Names of 11 “Cargo-200s” from Orenburg Region Matched the Last Names of Football Players of FC Gazovik

Last Names of 11 “Cargo-200s” from Orenburg Region Matched the Last Names of Football Players of FC Gazovik

Russian human rights activist Elena Vasilieva published on her website information that 11 bodies of soldiers perished in Ukraine had been allegedly delivered to Orenburg Region. In support of her words Vasilieva published a photo of an extract from the order of the military unit №12128 (Totskoye-4) that made it clear that perished soldiers had been dismissed backdating from the Russian Army. This information has been disseminated by dozens of

To Understand Putin, Read Orwell

Ukraine, Russia and the Big Lie Anyone who wants to understand the current Russian position on Ukraine would do well to begin with George Orwell’s classic, 1984. The connections go deeper than the adjective “Orwellian”: the structure and the wisdom of the book are guides, often frighteningly precise ones, to current events. The easiest way to begin, in light of the now entirely open Russian invasion of Ukraine, is with

Fake: Flag with Nazi Swastika in Ukraine

On September 20, the official Twitter account of the Permanent Mission of Russia in Geneva published a photo entitled “Modern Ukraine. Human Rights on the Upgrade”, showing a building with Ukrainian and Nazi flags. However, this photo has been “wandering” around the Network under different titles for a long time. Let us recall that it was taken during the shooting of a movie in Kharkiv in 2011. At the moment

Proofs of Russian Troops Invasion in Ukraine

I group: captured military personnel and machinery with military unit numbers: Captive Russian militaries: 12 (1+9+2) 9th Motor Rifle Separate Division, Nizhny Novgorod, August 23 (1 man): 98th Division of Airborne Troops, 331st regiment, Kostroma, August 26 (9 men): 31st Airborne Separate Brigade, Ulyanovsk, August 28 (2 men): Machinery: 1. Airborne combat vehicle (ACV), number 275, captured near Luhansk on August 20. According to documents it belongs to the 1st company

Lies: Germans Proved the Boeing Had not Been Downed by “Buk”

On September 10, outlet — a joint project of notorious Russian journalist Dmitrii Kiselev and Ukrainian activist Alena Berezovska, known for her close relations with Viktor Yanukovich — published a report in which it is stated that the Malaysian Boeing had not been downed with “Buk”, but by S-125 (NATO classification — SA-3). Such conclusion was made from the answer of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany (for

Fake: German Tanks have Crossed the Ukrainian Border and are on the March to the East

On September 13, the website informed that German tanks had allegedly crossed the Ukrainian border and were on the march to the East of Ukraine. It was said that photos of unusual armored vehicles had been made on the circular road of the city of Lviv on September 12. Many mass media, particularly TV channel Russia 24, spread the news about German tanks. The channel referred completely to the

Weekly newscast from StopFake team. Number 26 (dubbed)

StopFakeNews # 26. What is happening to the Russian language in the Slovyansk schools? Did Ukraine give to the investigators the decrypt of the conversations between the pilots of the Malaysian Boeing? What did people shout in Mariupol to Petro Poroshenko?  

Channel Russia 24 Staged and Filmed a Rally

On September 6, Russian TV-Channel Russia 24 showed a video report about an alleged rally in Venice against the policy of Kyiv authorities and the genocide in South-east Ukraine. The information about the alleged rally against genocide in Ukraine went viral in news feeds and social networks. Yet, this information is not true. The Ukrainians who witnessed the rally filmed how Russia 24 shooting team was giving orders to the

Fake: Mariupol Citizens Met Poroshenko with Cries “Russia!”

News about Mariupol citizens crying “Russia!” during the visit of the President Poroshenko is spreading across social networks and news websites. A short video is presented as the evidence. Since it is pretty hard to hear the word “Russia” in it, the fake forgers started to come up with their own versions. For example, the website of Russian Ministry of Defence Zvezda wrote, that in such way pro-Russian citizens tried to

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