Fake ‘Ukrainian’ News Websites Run by Russian ‘Troll Army’ Offshoots

Fake ‘Ukrainian’ News Websites Run by Russian ‘Troll Army’ Offshoots

Russia has engaged in a blitzkrieg of information warfare since the start of the Euromaidan protests, increasing the budget of RT (formerly Russia Today) by 41%, and creating a new international news operation called Sputnik to “provide an alternative viewpoint on world events.” More and more, though, the Kremlin is manipulating the information sphere in more insidious ways. Last week, the Russian daily “Delovoi Petersburg” (DP) broke a story that

Pro-Moscow Groups Launch Websites for ‘Peoples Republics’ in Latvia and Lithuania

Pro-Moscow groups have launched websites for a so-called Latgale Peoples Republic in southeastern Latvia and a so-called Vilnius Peoples Republic around the capital of Lithuania, steps that represent no real movements in either case but that create serious problems for the governments of the two countries. On the one hand, if Riga and Vilnius dismiss these actions as inventions, that will likely trigger a nationalist backlash among some members of

Trying ‘to expose’ Ukrainian video about Mariupol attack, Russian Ministry of Defense made some mistakes

The Russia Today channel on the site ‘RT in Russian’ published information that the video of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) with testimony about attack of Mariupol by the Russian troops was disproved in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, having called it ‘a crazy quilt’. The source of this news is posted on the Facebook page of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation. The article

Fake: Czech Republic Supplies Ukraine with Tanks

The information, reporting of some Czech tank shippings to Ukraine and supported by pictures, was spread in the Internet recently. This false information was disseminated not only by the Russian mass media, but by the Ukrainian ones as well. The authors of these articles make reference to the Czech website www.planes.cz, specializing in lurking and photographing transport aviation aircrafts. This website has published some pictures and video of embarkation of

Video Fake: American Military Machinery in Ukraine

The video entitled “American military machinery provided to Ukraine for settlement of the situation on the east of the state” has been being spread around social networks and some sites since December 2014. However, this machinery has nothing to do with Ukraine. This train with American machinery was filmed on December 12, 2014 near the Latvian railway station of Dalbi, which is situated 300 km from the Russian border. According

Fake: Right Sector facists cutting Donetsk ex-policemanchief’s throat (18+)

A fake video has been spreading in the Web since May, 2014. We can see on it alleged members of the Ukrainian Right Sector organization presumably killing an ex-policemanchief from Donetsk. But an investigative journalist & internet-activist Silver Surfer noticed that this scene is a theatrical performance. An alleged victim has theatrical makeup and fake theatrical blood on him. Please, look carefully:

Russia Update: Court Upholds Definition of Soldiers’ Mothers of St. Petersburg as ‘Foreign Agent’

A court rejected the attempt by the Soldiers’ Mothers of St. Petersburg to remove the designation of “foreign agent,” despite the fact that the group has no foreign funding. Are There Foreign Soldiers Fighting in the Azov Battalion? 15:15 (GMT) In recent days, Russian state media and pro-Kremlin news outlets have been going full tilt with a claim that “NATO is fighting in Mariupol.” Yesterday, the international community converged on

Germany Faces Tricky Quest Countering Russian Propaganda

Germany is launching a new international news service to counter Russia’s aggressive propaganda push in Europe. The only problem: Employees of Deutsche Welle, the state-run broadcaster spearheading the initiative, are having none of it. Deutsche Welle, an international television and radio broadcaster akin to the British Broadcasting Corp.’s World Service, plans to launch a new multimedia English-language service called DWNews in April. Deutsche Welle President Peter Limbourg has said the

How to Kremlin sees the blogosphere: “Guards”, “Opposition”, and “Neutrals”

Incredibly valuable hack from Anonymous International – Russia. This document appears to be an internal Kremlin index of the relevant bloggers: divided into “Guards” (either official Kremlin accounts or trusted trolls), highlighted in red or “Opposition”, in yellow, or “Neutrals” in green.) Блоггеры-СМИ (1) And here is a map of the Russian blogosphere in the wake of the Crimea annexation, as seen by the Kremlin’s PR department. таблица крым4 By

The Manager of the Finnish Travel Agency Refuted Information of RIA Novosti About Travel Tours to Crimea

January 20, the news agency RIA Novosti informed that the Finnish tour operator Russian Tours Oy Ltd allegedly hoped that the first organized Finnish vacationers would appear in Crimea by September 2015. “The Finnish tour operator Russian Tours Oy Ltd considers a possibility of concluding an agreement with a large Crimean tour operator in order to organize vacations in Crimea for Finnish citizens, as the owner and manager of the

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