Fake: Poroshenko Asks Verkhovna Rada to Classify Budget as “Secret”

Fake: Poroshenko Asks Verkhovna Rada to Classify Budget as “Secret”

On February 19, 2015, several mass media, including the Russian news agency Interfax and the website for the Ukrainian television channel ICTV, reported that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko requested that Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, classify the national budget as “secret.” The site depo.ua was cited as the source of this information. Yet on the same day, depo.ua published an article stating the exact opposite, with the headline, “Poroshenko Asks

Fake: Russian Flag Burned in Belarus

On February 23, 2015, the Belarusian site by24.org published news alleging that a Russian flag was burnt on an effigy in Belarus during Shrovetide, a traditional celebration held during the week prior to Lent. The news was then popularly disseminated by Ukrainian news sites. The journalist refers only to a photo from a Belarusian site, Our Country, and a comment made by a festival manager. However, it is still difficult

Occupied Ukrainian territories compared to Europe – picture horrifies

The territory of the Donbas and Crimea annexed by the pro-Russian militants does not seem huge if compared with the vast territory of Ukraine. However, the comparison of these areas with other parts of Europe may help to understand the situation in Ukraine better. According to the foreign media, Russia and pro-Russian rebels in the Donbas have occupied about 15% of the territory of Ukraine. In fact, it is an

Putin is Operating a Counterfeit, Propoganda TV Station in Ukraine

BBC Ukraine reports that Ukrainian television broadcasts have disappeared from viewer screens in the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk. They have been replaced by Russian and by regional channels operated by separatists (or, should I say, by their Russian puppeteers). Ukrainian efforts to reach viewers in occupied territories via more powerful signals and equipment supplied by Poland have been stymied by the fact that two thirds of viewers in occupied

Moscow is getting ready for a hybrid war with Lithuania. Is the Polish minority going to be the flashpoint?

Another series of Russian provocations involving the Baltic states, related to the Ukraine war, makes so called hybrid war scenario more and more realistic within the region of the Baltic Sea. The incidents that took place so far, such as the Internet existence of “People’s Republic of Vilnius” or the hooligan attacks on the Polish Embassy in Vilnius, seem to suggest that the Kremlin is going to use the Polish

Kremlin international radio service Sputnik launches Polish editiion

The Kremlin’s international radio service, Sputnik, is launching a Polish website that it says will offer “diverse perspective on international news.” The launch, at a time of economic crisis in Russia that has seen journalists laid off from domestic news agency TASS and budget cutbacks for cinema support and some other government-funded news outlets aimed at international audiences, suggests that Russian president Vladimir Putin is keen to maintain Russian influence

‘Out of My Mouth Comes Unimpeachable Manly Truth’

What he learned from watching a week of Russian TV, Gary Shteyngart wrote for The New York Times: On a cold, sunny New Year’s Eve in 2014, I am sitting at the edge of my king-size bed at the Four Seasons hotel in New York, munching through a stack of Wagyu beef slices and demolishing a bottle of pinot noir while watching a woman play a man playing a bearded

Russia’s Ren-TV Uses Old Footage to Confirm Current Ukrainian Military Misconduct

Russia’s Ren-TV network recently posted on YouTube a video entitled, “Ukrainian Soldiers, Escaped from the Trap, Are Making Beasts of Civilians.” In order to give evidence of the serious misconduct by Ukrainian soldiers in Artemovsk after they had left Debaltseve, Ren-TV supplied old footage of excesses by fighters in Kharkov’s radical organization Oplot. The footage is from in Donetsk in October, 2014. Video of Ren-TV (from 0:26). The original video

Fake: British Parliament Members Denounce EU Interference in Ukraine

On February 20, Russia’s largest online journal, lenta.ru, published an article entitled “Members of the British Parliament Denounce Interference of the EU in the Situation in Ukraine”. The article states: “The House of Lords EU Committee claimed that the EU and Great Britain misread the mood of the Ukrainian society before the crisis. It is said in the statement on the site of the Parliament of Great Britain that ‘the

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