How Russia Works on Intercepting Messaging Apps

How Russia Works on Intercepting Messaging Apps

A few months ago, I wrote a post on SMS logins following a wave of attacks attempting to take over Iranian Telegram accounts. Recently, there have been new confirmed cases of attacks in both Iran and Russia. Oleg Kozlovsky is an opposition activist and the director of Vision of Tomorrow Center in Moscow. In a Facebook post written in Russian, he explains how his Telegram account got hacked. At 2:25

Two Years Later, Kremlin’s Lethal Lies about Odesa Fire Still Motivate Donbas Recruits

Forty-eight people lost their lives in clashes between pro-unity supporters and pro-Russian backers and a fire in Odesa on May 2, 2014. Only hours later, Russia attempted to portray the mass riots and ensuing fire as a massacre, and that has continued regardless of several investigations, including one by the Council of Europe’s International Advisory Panel. It is no accident that many of the young men—both Ukrainian and Russian—who volunteered

Russophobia? No. We just don’t like your policies – Disinformation Digest

Analysis: Propaganda blamed for anti-Western feeling Poll: Russophobia? Not in Germany Analysis: A word, a camera, a photo, a weapon Analysis: The US election campaign in pro-Kremlin media Friday fun: Shawarmageddon Propaganda blamed for anti-Western feeling This week, Russian sociologist Denis Volkov of the respected Levada centre published an analysis in Vedomosti where he discussed how Russian public opinion sees the US and the EU. The article, made available in

BBC: Sunday Express wrong to say film claims MH17 was downed by Ukraine

Corporation accuses paper of ‘misrepresenting’ forthcoming documentary, Jasper Jackson writes for The Guardian. The BBC has criticised the Sunday Express for its claiming a forthcoming BBC2 documentary will say that Malaysian Airlines MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian jet. The Sunday Express ran an article headlined “Shock claim: Ukrainian fighter jet shot down Malaysia Airlines’ MH17” suggesting that the BBC film contradicted official reports into the crash, which concluded

How Donald Trump became the Kremlin’s Candidate

In the 2016 election, Putin’s propaganda network is picking sides, Michael Growley writes for Politico Back when he hosted a prime-time talk show on MSNBC, Ed Schultz divided the world into heroes and villains. The heroes usually included Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The villains were most Republicans, and especially Donald J. Trump. When Trump obsessed over Obama’s birth certificate and academic credentials in 2011, Schultz branded him

Kremlin’s infowar in the Baltics

Moscow switches from unfriendly rhetoric to state-sponsored lies Vladimir Sazonov for One of the main components of a hybrid or non-linear warfare is the information and psychological influence. The purpose of these information operations as part of a hybrid war is the impact on a target audience, its mind control, and the influence on people’s emotions. Such operations are very harmful and dangerous. They must be fought depending on

Fake: Russia Sanctions Cost Ukraine $98 Billion

The Russian website Rossiyskaya gazeta published a news item claiming that according to the World Trade Organization Trade Policy Review report published on the Ukrainian Economic Development Ministry’s website, Ukraine has lost $98 billion dollars because of sanctions imposed against Russia. These losses however, are a result of Russia’s bans on Ukrainian exports, something that is clearly stated in the WTO report: “The volumes of trade with the Russian Federation,

Fake: Not Living in Officially Registered Residence in Ukraine Subject to Penalties

The Segodnya newspaper published a news story claiming that Ukrainians living in places that are not their officially registered residences will be subject to fines. Citing a March 2, 2016 Cabinet of Ministers resolution No. 207, Segodnya claims that persons who live in places other than their officially registered place of residence for more than 30 days are liable to be fined from 17-51 hryvnia  ($.70-2.00) per day. This fake

Fake: France to Lift Russia Sanctions

On April 28 scores of Russian publications featured headlines such as “French parliament calls for lifting sanctions against Russia” (, “French legislature supports lifting Russia sanctions” (, “French Parliament , first in the EU votes for lifting sanctions against Russia” (Izvestia), “French MPs support lifting anti-Russia sanctions” ( Only a few mentioned the fact that the French vote was merely a recommendation and not a binding decision. The draft bill

Russian Crimea Annexation Documentary Filled with Lies and Errors

In February 2015 Russia’s national television channel Rossia-1 aired “Crimea, the way home”  Andrey Kondrashov’s film about the annexation of Crimea by the Russian federation. The film consists largely of interviews with Russian president Vladimir Putin, current members of the Crimean government, pro-Russian activists from the spring of 2014 and features assorted staged pro-Russian scenes and reenactments. Clocking in at 2.5 hours, the  films examines how Russian special services organized

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