Fake:  Foreign Troops in Ukraine Will Destroy the Country

Fake:  Foreign Troops in Ukraine Will Destroy the Country

Ukrainian authorities want to raze the country to the ground – this was the reaction of a Russian Duma official to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signing a law allowing foreign troops to be present on Ukrainian territory in 2019. Allowing foreign military to enter Ukrainian soil is a strike against Ukrainian unity with which Kyiv intends to stir up conflicts in the country declared Leonid Kalashnikov, the chairman of the

Fake: Europe May Cancel Visa-Free Travel Because of Measles Epidemic in Ukraine

The pro-Kremlin site Ukraina.ru announced that a measles outbreak in Ukraine can lead to Ukraine losing its visa free status with the European Union Schengen zone. The publication cites the president of the Ukrainian Association of Psychiatrists Semen Hluzman as its source for the claim, Hluzman however, said something rather different and the latest EU report on Ukraine’s adherence to the conditions of visa-free travel makes no reference to measles

New polls: good news for Russians and Ukrainians, bad news for Kremlin, Davydov says

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia Staunton, March 13 – Many people have been struck by new polls showing that Russians have remarkably positive attitudes about Ukrainians and wish to live in peace and harmony with them, results that suggest the Kremlin’s propaganda efforts are no longer obtaining the results they did earlier, Ivan Davydov says. But these Levada Center poll results, which are echoed by polls showing an equally

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Russian citizens protest against new limits of internet freedom

Topics of the Week Russian citizens protest as the State Duma seeks to further limit internet freedoms. Most of the U.S. citizens have firm opinions on Russian influence on U.S. elections. New report says that English-language versios of RT and Sputnik produced as many as 138 separate narratives about the Skripal poisoning. Good Old Soviet Joke “Did you know that the Nobel Prize committee has decided to award a new prize this year

Did the two American Mormons detained in Russia violate Russian law?

By Polygraph Dmitry Kravchenko Head of the missionary department of the Ekaterinodar and Kuban dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church “They begin with English lessons. These guys, as a rule, come from the United States; they are native speakers, which is how they attract, but after a few lectures they start including some religious topics in their texts.” Source: TASS, March 7, 2019 FALSE The American Mormons cited “religious activities”

Figure of the Week: 5014

By EU vs Disinfo From deadly mother in-law to nazis in power in all possible places, the EuvsDisinfo team has collected more than 5000 disinformation cases since November 2015. But what’s behind those cases? What are the channels that emit disinformation narratives? And perhaps most importantly, how does the world look from the viewpoint of Russian state-owned TV? To answer those questions a report titled “How Russian media foments hostility towards West“, published by

Conspiracy mania marks one-year anniversary of the Skripal poisoning

By EU vs Disinfo A couple of weeks ago, the Spanish-language pro-Kremlin media announced that the US military supposedly appropriated 40 tons of Syrian gold stolen by ISIS/Daesh. Now, the Italian-language pro-Kremlin media is alleging that the US actually seized about 50 tons of the stolen gold. The story was taken from SANA – an official organ of the Assad government that regularly promotes the conspiracy theory that the US is cooperating with

“Interfering? No, offering a superior political system”

By EU vs Disinfo Putin Aide Suggests Enlightened Monarchy as a System for the Future The European elections are only weeks away, and a top aide to the Russian President is commenting on the complaints about Russian meddling and disinformation: Foreign politicians accuse Russia of interfering in elections and referendums all over the planet. In reality, it’s even worse: Russia is interfering with their minds. They don’t understand what to

Edward Lucas: Russia’s only ally

By Edward Lucas, for CEPA The West Needs to Formulate a Belarus Policy Before It Is Too Late Most countries don’t know what goes on in Europe’s last dictatorship. Most don’t care, either. For all but a handful of its western neighbors, Belarus is a geopolitical black hole, neglected and ignored in equal measure. The regime in Minsk has signaled some desire to improve ties with the United States, lifting a cap

StopFake #225 with Marko Suprun

Fake: European Parliament accuses President Poroshenko of church schism to win presidential election; Ukraine is an artificial language constructed by the USSR. Five years of relentless fakes about Crimea.

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