Faces of Western women

Faces of Western women

By EU vs Disinfo The EU is the place for women to be. And numerous initiatives taken up by EU institutions are helping women advance in their professional lives and develop personally. However, the way pro-Kremlin outlets see it – being a woman in the West is no piece of cake. Women, especially Western women, are often in the scope of pro-Kremlin disinformation. For example, in the well-known disinformation narrative about the inevitable Islamisation

Is Russia a guarantor of stability and security?

By Polygraph Maria Zakharova Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman “Our country has repeatedly historically reaffirmed its role as a state that is the guarantor of stability and security, a party that brings peace, not aggression. The Second World War and the role of the Soviet Union in it are a global example of this.” Source: Russian Foreign Ministry website, March 7, 2019 FALSE Russia has deliberately destabilized parts of Europe. On

Fake: Ukrainian National Railway Runs Out of Fuel

Pro-Kremlin media featured stories this week claiming that the Ukrainian national railway Ukrzaliznytsia had run out of fuel. Rambler, Ukraina.ru, Donetsk 24 and others all cited an alleged telegram signed by an Ukrzaliznytsia board member which states that urgent measures to save fuel must be taken because the centralized supply of diesel is temporarily stopped. StopFake asked Ukrzaliznytsia whether the company was really running out of fuel and would be

Distortion: Ukrainians Morally Prepared for Election Fraud

Russian propagandist site Ukraina.ru announced this week that according to recent polling, the majority of Ukrainians are demoralized and do not believe that the upcoming presidential elections will be honest. Ukraina.ru twists the poll results to conclude that Ukrainians are morally prepared for election fraud.  This assertion is a gross distortion of the actual poll results. Election fraud, violations and falsifications are constant themes in Russian narratives about the upcoming

Kremlin spokesman calls U.S. congressional call to determine Putin’s wealth ‘Russophobia’

By Polygraph Dmitry Peskov Russian presidential spokesman “It can hardly be taken seriously. Most probably it’s another Russophobic fuss. We’ve long learned to take them with irony.” Source: TASS Russian News Agency, February 28, 2019 FALSE Looking into Putin’s assets is not ‘Russophobic’ On February 13, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham introduced the “Defending American Security from Kremlin Aggression Act of 2019.” The bill, which says it seeks “to strengthen the North Atlantic

Understanding and Combating Russian and Chinese Influence Operations

By Carolyn Kenney, Max Bergmann, and James Lamond, for the Center for American Progress Download the PDF here Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections has focused American attention on the long-standing and complicated subject of malign foreign influence operations. While Russia has brought this issue into the mainstream political conversation, concerns over the ability of foreign nations—particularly autocracies—to exploit the openness of America’s democracy in order to influence U.S. policy and

Fake: Ukrainian – an Artificial Language Created in USSR

Responding to an article by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin about the establishment of the independent Orthodox Church of Ukraine in the Portuguese website Observador, RT Russian accused the Ukrainian politician of dividing fraternal nations and announced that Ukrainian was an artificial language created in the Soviet Union. RT cites Russian philologist Pavel Borodin who claims that the Ukrainian language was a completely artificial Soviet construct. “They lumped it together

First monthly intermediate results of the EU Code of Practice against disinformation

By European Commission The Commission has received monthly reports from Google, Facebook and Twitter addressing actions taken during January 2019 towards implementation of the commitments on electoral integrity. These three online platforms are signatories of the Code of Practice against disinformation and the Commission asked them to report monthly on their actions undertaken ahead of the European Parliament elections in May 2019, in particular on the scrutiny of ad placements,

Statement on the Code of Practice against disinformation: European Commission asks online platforms to provide more details on progress made

By European Commission The European Commission published reports by Facebook, Google and Twitter covering the progress made in January 2019 on their commitments to fight disinformation. These three online platforms are signatories of the Code of Practice against disinformation and have been asked to report monthly on their actions ahead of the European Parliament elections in May 2019. More specifically, the Commission asked to receive detailed information to monitor progress

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Are Russian media victims of the West?

Topics of the Week The European Commission frustrated at Facebook for not sharing enough data. U.S. Cyber Command Disrupted Internet Access of Russian Troll Factory for a Day During the 2018 Midterms. Kremlin’s Current Narrative: Russian media are victims of the West! Canada’s Standing Committee on National Defence recommends further sanctions against Russia and to support resistance to hybrid attacks in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia. Good Old Soviet Joke At an international symposium, the FBI, the

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