News lies about 3 Ukrainian air defense regiment desertion into Crimea Autonomy side

On the 4th of March announced an urgent message about readiness of Ukrainian soldiers and local population to defend Crimea . Supposedly 3 Ukrainian air defense regiment, 800 soldiers and officers announced this message. website also announced, that military regiments, located in Evparotia, Feodosia and Fiolenta changed over into Crimea’s side. Earlier on, 30 Ukrainian air-defense crews already took the side of Crimea,  says Aleksandr Markin, executive of military base

The alleged statement that six thousand soldiers swore the oath of enlistment to the Crimean “government” are false and have been refuted

There have been numerous attempts on the Russian news to make false statements that six thousands of Ukrainian soldiers swore the oath of enlistment to the Crimean “government.” The various media agencies began to duplicate and distribute the news as soon as it was published. However, on March 4, 2014, radio “Svoboda” denied these allegations. “None of the military units or ships followed the order of Russian army commanders to

Vsevolod Polishchuk. Only five Ukrainian citizens applied for the refugee status in Belgorod region of Russia

Only five Ukrainian citizens applied for the refugee status in Belgorod region of Russia Press-office of Russian Federal Migration Service in Belgorod region does not confirm the overflow of refugees from Ukraine. Оnly five citizens of Ukraine have submitted applications to obtain the refugee status lately, says Liudmila Skripnik, press-officer of regional migration service.

FAKE: Crimean self-defence units take over parliament building; Pro actor used as witness

REPORT: Russian NTV reported on 27 February that some Crimean “self-defence units” had seized the parliament building in Simferopol and raised the Russian flag on top of it. The reporter, Alexey Kondulukov, interviewed a “witness” of the takeover, a certain Leonid Khazanov who claimed he even had helped the “self-defence units” carry loads into the parliament. Similar news was carried by other media, including Russian news agency ITAR-TASS and the Euronews Russia. The Russian-speaking

The same people are participating in Pro-Russian protests across Ukraine.

Some Russian media have been engaged in what appears a coordinated media war to justify Russian’s military intervention in Crimea. They are presenting it as if people of Ukraine are “begging” Russians to step in and protect them. However, most of the time the same so-called “beggars” are participating in those protests across Ukraine. Or you can just say “However, most of the time the same people are participating in

FAKE: Kharkiv in Chaos

The Italian newspaper La Nazione published a photo with the caption “Crimea in chaos” with the image of fighting near the administrative building. However, there is Kharkiv City Council in this photo not Crimea.

Fake about the frigate “Hetman Sahaidachny”

A number of Russian and Ukrainian media spread fake information that Ukrainian frigate “Hetman Sahaidachny” refused to follow orders from Kjiv and raised St. Andrew’s flag. An example of this news: This fake was disproved by official authorities of Ukraine: The same message was posted on the official representation of the frigate to Facebook.

RIA.Ru unjustified understates the appearance in Ukrainian enlistment offices

On site they posted the news claiming that the appearance in Ukrainian enlistment offices is very low despite the fact that all-Ukrainian mobilization was already announced. And even phone calls from the enlistment office to inductees doesn’t make any differences. Meanwhile enlistment offices themselves are saying the opposite. As it was posted on lvivexpress to the house of united enlistment offices of Lviv (the one on Kleparska st, 22) the whole Sunday, the 2th

Fake Simferopol shooting newscast by NTV

Russian NTV channel broadcasted this report on 1 March. It alleged that some “provocative forces” had attacked a building in Simferopol, Crimea’s capital. It claimed that some people had been wounded, including journalists (nothing too serous, the reporter added). In the end, local “self-defence units” and Russia-backed new regional government restored control over the situation, he said. Other Russian media carried similar reports about “Ukrainian extremists” shooting in Simferopol. Some bloggers exposed this newscast

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