Russian Channel One Lies About Events in Donetsk, Using a Month Old Video

Today «Channel One» published news and video about fights in Eastern Ukraine. They informed that the police of Donetsk promised to use no force, quoting Roman Romanov, whom they introduced as the chief officer of the Head Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Donetsk Oblast. However, Roman Romanov was fired from this position a month ago. The official web site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs posted this information back on

FAKE: Witnesses Say Euromaidan Participants were Paid

Russian TV channel «Russia-24» showed a report, revealing people who had been supposed to be paid for taking part in activities on Maidan Nezavisimosti in Kiev, but were never paid. A part of the dialogue in the report shows a young man being explained that from Maidan Self-defence he was transferred to Right Sector. This is stated as the very reason why the man did not receive his payment. Also

Vilaly Churkin’s Mendacious Claim that Most Countries Recognize Crimea’s Integration with Russia

March 6, 2014 Russian news agency «RIA Novosti» published report of Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin in which he said that Crimea’s intergration with Russia is a geopolitical act and the majority of the countries recognise it de facto or de jure. «It is a new geopolitical fact: Crimea has become a part of Russian Federation. No need to launch an energetic campaign here, I think. The majority Illustrated Food Shortage in Crimea with a Picture from the U.S.

Ukrainian TV channel Espreso.TV published news about food shortage in Crimea on their web site, the article describing people in panic buying all goods they can. The article contained a picture of empty shelves in a supermarket. The news was reposted by a number of sites and blogs. However, the photo has nothing to do with Crimea. It was taken in New York, in October 2012. A semi marginal site that

FAKE: Only Six Citizens of Crimea Chose to Keep the Ukrainian Citizenship

April 2, 2014 Russian news agency «RIA Novosti» spread the news that only six citizens of Crimea addressed the Federal Migration Service (FMS) with request to let them keep the Ukrainian citizenship. «Yet only six people provided necessary documents for preserving the Ukrainian citizenship, though this option has been available for a long time. Until now only six people have come and submitted the applications, » — said Fedor Karpovets, the head

Russian TV channel showed a director of a zoo as an extremist

On the 30th March 2014 the First Russian TV channel showed a story supposedly about how the military extremists were prepared for the organization of Euromaydan in Kiev, in the evening news program “Evening Time”.   Amongst other shots in the video they showed the meeting under the direction of Vladimir Topchiy, the director of the zoo in Nikolaev. The picture of the meeting of Vladimir Topchiy with volunteers Russian

NTV gave false information about the dismissal of Kharkiv professor

On April 1st, 2014 NTV showed a story about the dismissal of Kharkiv Professor Alexander Mihilev. According to the story, Doctor of Philology at the University of Kharkiv refused absurd orders of management to lecture in Ukrainian on subject of Russian language and literature. This refusal was allegedly followed by immediate dismissal. “The Faculty Dean suddenly disagreed with the ideological views of the lecturer. Supposedly, given the current political situation it

News about re-sale of dry rations from American humanitarian aid package in Ukraine was a lie

Several Russian information resources, in particular, Lifenews and, reported that Ukraine has allegedly resold rations sent from the United States as humanitarian aid. Overall, the humanitarian help consisted of 25,000 MRE boxes (Meal, ready-to-eat), or 330 thousand sets. The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces promised that American rations will soon be distributed to military units. “The advert about the sale of the American army rations appeared on the

“Right Sector” denied having intentions to demolish the monument to Leonid Bykov

On March 31st, 2014 Russian newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” reported that the Ukrainian organisation “Right Sector” plans to destroy the monument to actor Leonid Bykov. The newspaper has not provided any actual evidence of this statement. According to the author indirect evidence is only that “Right Sector” fights against “any presence of Moscow” in Ukraine – supposedly, it even created a “black list” of things that should be subject to utter annihilation.

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