The Head of the Ground Forces Academy Rebuts the Information About Cadets Dispatching to Donetsk Oblast

April 15 Russian news agency Interfax informed about cadets of Ukrainian Ground Forces Academy being armed and sent to Donetsk Oblast. According to Interfax, parents of the cadets are already concerned and even made a spontaneous protest. However, the head of Ukrainian Ground Forces Academy, Lieutenant General Pavlo Tkachuk rebuted this information. «This information is completely false and should be treated only as another failed attempt of Russian intelligence to destabilise the situation in

Lies: Ukraine Air Force Helicopter Shot Down in Kramatorsk

A video appeared on the Internet, which is said to show how pro-Russian activists shot down Ukrainian Air Force helicopter during the storming of Kramatorsk airport on April 15 2014. It is  titled «Helicopter shot down in Kramatorsk 15.04.2014». Yet, no comments from the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine are available about it. However, it is doubtful if the video is genuine. To start questioning it, one could watch another

Lies: Mikhail Gavrilyuk dressed in a separatist uniform takes part in a provocative act

Users of social networks have started spreading actively the untruthful information about Euromaidan participant Mikhail Gavrilyuk. Mikhail, allegedly dressed in a separatist uniform of the Donbass region with a St. George ribbon on, is reported to take part in a provocative rehearsal of the invasion of the Russian troops. Yet it is clear from the picture that the person in a separatist uniform is not Mikhail Gavrilyuk. This is perfectly

Lies: For the First Time in 23 Years Kerch to Commemorate Victory Day with an Artillery Salute

April 14 2014 Russian news agency ITAR-TASS informed that there will be the first salute in 23 years in Kerch on Victory Day with reference to South-eastern Command. «On May 9, soldiers of the South-eastern Command are to perform festive artillery salutes in eight cities of Russia, including Sevastopol and Kerch, for the latter it will be the first salute in 23 years, » — this information was received from  the South-eastern

Lie: The Russian authorities have decided to deport the Crimean Tatars

On April 13, a scanned order No. 271 of the Federal Migration Service of Russia appeared on the website of the Parliamentary newspaper – the official resource of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Its title was “On the procedure for resettlement of Crimean Tatars from illegally occupied territories.” The document states that the Crimean Tatars will be expelled from the peninsula and settled in Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod and

Lies: Oleksandr Turchynov to Lead the Ukrainian Gay Parade

Several web sites simultaneously posted messages about the upcoming first Ukrainian gay parade in Lviv in May, referring to UNIAN. According to the pseudo-news, the acting President of Ukraine is to lead it. The information is so absurd that it seems there is no need to disprove it. However, since it has spread over the Internet and received serious discussions on forums, it has to be proved fake.

The TV channel “Russia 1” accused Ukrainian media of lies, which were distributed earlier by the Russian NTV channel

An enchanting story of the “German citizen” Andrei Pethov (according to the Russian NTV channel) or Petkov (according to “Russia 1”) is gaining momentum. A day before yesterday, StopFake wrote about the story, which was released on the NTV program “PE”. In the story it is claimed that Pethov brought 500,000 Euros for the needs of Maidan in Mykolaiv. The presenters also claimed that he cooperated with the Right Sector

The Russian TV channel NTV distorted information given by Ukrainian channels, using it out of context

The Russian NTV program “Today. Summary program” from April 6, 2014 showed footage of two Ukrainian television programs -” TSN. Weekly “(TV channel “1 +1”) and “Agents of influence” (TV channel “NTN”) in an altered context, and called them “ruthless examples of anti-Russian propaganda”, writes Mediasapiens. In particular, NTV used the story of “The war of provocations»” (“Agents of influence”), which was reporting on the creation of Russian propaganda. A

NTV Fabricates a Story of a German Mercenary Who Brought 500.000 Euros to Maidan

Russian television channel NTV showed a «sensational confession of a German citizen» Andrei Petukhov, who brought 500 thousand Euros to Nikolaev Maidan and trained a group of 50 people from Western Europe for a military action. The «German», claiming he left Ukraine back in 1992 and went to Germany, said that this money was used to order 50 sets of equipment «from our “Voentorg” commissary», which would have been ready

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