Urmas Paet Did Not Confirm That Snipers Were Hired by Leaders of Maidan

The recording of conversation of the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Catherine Ashton where Paet retells the story of snipers shooting both sides was posted on internet. The recording of phone talk of Paet and Ashton was uploaded on YouTube on Wednesday by the user named «Expertise Centre of the Russian Federation». The clip was accompanied by the message, according to which

Armed Russian provocateurs uploaded a video where they hoist a Russian flag in Luhansk

Video features Russian provocateurs got on the roof to hoist a Russian flag. Some quotes in the video: “We came to Luhansk,Ukraine, to defend Ukrainian people…, already Russian people to be more precise.Because the Russians, they are , f******, everywhere! This is serious. Bro, is your barrel with you? Let’s show them,guys, we’re all armed, WE ARE ARMED. Who are those people down there?Are they against us? Shoot them all!”

Ardent participant of pro-Russian protests from a ‘’soldier’s mother’’ turned into a “refuge from Donetsk”

In a Russian city of Novocherkask during the protest in support of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine a very well-known “barnstormer” gave a speech. She was seen at the pro-Russian protests in Kharkiv, Seveastopol and Kyiv. The woman addressed from the stage and introduced herself as a ‘refuge from Donetsk’’ and told the story how she was “running away in the middle of the night”. Her performance was shown on the

ITAR-TASS spread fake information about Kolomojskyj’s company

The news agency ITAR-TASS posted the fake information about the stocks’ price decrease of the British oil company JFX Oil&Gas, which belongs to Ihor Kolomojskyj, the new governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region. The report about the company’s JFX Oil&Gas price decrease was spread after the Russian President V. Putin called the new head of the regional administration a rogue. In the author’s opinion, this uttering was the result of stocks’

FAKE: China backs Russia’s aggression in Crimea

Russian Novaya Gazeta reported on 2 March that China had supported Russia’s military actions in Crimea. The paper claimed that unspecified Chinese diplomats confirmed China’s intention “to block any UN Security Council resolution against Russia”. According to the paper, the same diplomats also promised “to restrain in the near future the geopolitical ambitions of the U.S. by demanding to repay in gold all its debt obligations”. In reality, China’s Foreign

How the stories on Russian “First Channel” are created…

Alex Exler writes in his blog (rubric: Honduras): My friends from Lithuania sent me a link to a peculiar video of “First Channel”(RU), in which starting from 1.33 sec. the story goes about a “secret base” in Lithuania, where the “Maidan militants are trained.” The story is made very simple – following the trend of modern “zombie-TV” (Russian TV broadcasting state propaganda): a voice-over tells how Maidan militants are prepared

FAKE: USA gave Ukraine $5 billion for coup d’etat

Our reader says: This is a good example of a cheap propaganda for people not speaking English and therefore not having access to the source of the news. There is information spreading that USA gave $5 billion to organize government overthrow. They also say this money was used to pay people to stay at Maydan. For example this Facebook user says: Stas Saveliev “ If you speak English and don’t trust Russian zombie TV and

Aircraft carrier “George Bush” will not enter into the Black Sea. Expert opinion.

We called to our bases in Kerch and Feodosia. There are no NATO ships neither in the Black Sea or international waters. The sixth fleet, as it should be, is located in the Mediterranean Sea. And while the Ukrainian and Russian media are replicating photos of Aircraft carrier “George Bush”, our readers are asking if it is true, that “George Bush” enters into the Black Sea. Facebook page of the carrier announces that it

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