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Fake: Ukraine‘s New Holiday – Day of the Avenger

Day of the Avenger – that’s what scores of Russian media called Ukraine’s Volunteer Day, a new March 14 holiday recently enacted by the Ukrainian legislature. Sputnik, Gosnovosti, Fond Strategicheshoy Kultury, DNR24 all carried this fake story, some embellishing it so far as to claim that Ukraine’s government needs an Avenger Day to raise support for the war in eastern Ukraine and to “glorify volunteer avengers who went to kill

Fake: AFU Brigade Plans Rally and Takeover

Russian and separatist media falsely reported that the 72nd Brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces had left its deployment position and had prepared to march on Kyiv to rally against President Petro Poroshenko. According to ukraine.ru, the event was to have taken place on November 8 near Ukraine’s parliamentary building, at which time the soldiers would demand money and the release of politician Gennady Korban. The news was re-posted by

StopFakeNews #53 [ENGLISH] with Guy Archer

This week, publisher and editor Guy Archer is the StopFake News guest anchor. Websites manipulate and post a staged photo of a young boy walking among bombed buildings to stir emotions against Ukraine’s army. Photos are faked to show the Party of Region’s participation in elections in the self-described Donetsk People’s Republic. The U.S. President allegedly charges Ukraine’s leadership with committing genocide against its own people. And REN-TV botches a

Fake: Ukrainian Forces Destroy Aidar Checkpoint

Russian and separatist media falsely reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had destroyed an Aidar Battalion checkpoint near the town of Opytne in Donetsk Oblast. “Overnight [and] into Sunday, Ukrainian soldiers attacked an Aidar checkpoint near Opytne. Two men perished, and many have wounds of varying severity,” a report claimed. The bogus information was then carried by Novorosia.su, Russkaya Vesna, NewsFront, and others. Information about the Ukrainian attack on the

Photo Fake by Russkaya Vesna: American Tanks in Antiterrorist Operation Area

On August 13, Russkaya Vesna manipulated a photo of American Abrams tanks as “proof” for its article, “Militia Men State that American Abrams Tanks Detected on the Front Line in Luhansk People’s Republic (VIDEO).” Though the site wrote that “the information about American tanks in the Ukrainian Army should be verified additionally,” the image of the tanks is falsely watermarked with “RusVesna.su,” as though it had actually been taken by

TSN Falsely Claims that OSCE Confirms Use of Phosphorus Bombs in Donbas

On August 9, the Television Service of News (TSN), part of Ukraine’s television channel 1+1, falsely reported that the Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) of the OSCE had confirmed that pro-Russian militants had used phosphorus bombs against Ukrainian forces. This news was reposted by other Ukrainian media, such as Censor.net, Depo, VolynPost, and Rakhivnews. However, the SMM report, dated August 4, only stated: “The SMM visited Ukrainian Armed Forces positions around

Fake: Donetsk Doctors Refuse to Treat Wounded Ukrainian Soldier

On July 6, the Ukrainian STB television channel falsely reported on the medical mistreatment of Ukrainian soldier Roman Kapatsiy, who had been recently released from captivity from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. The 28th Reconnaissance Brigade fighter and father of six children had been was mobilized in early 2015. Severely wounded in battle, he was held prisoner near the town of Mariynka (or according to other sources, near Elenovka). However,

Lifenews Misinforms about “Desertion” of General

On June 22, the Russian television channel Lifenews informed its viewers that Alexander Kolomiets, a Ukrainian Major-General in the reserves, had deserted his position in order to join the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic.” But Lifenews completely mislead about the actual standing of the deserter, presenting him as an acting assistant secretary of defense in Ukraine. The report stated: “Kolomiets decided to interrupt his successful career, and he evacuated his family

Zvezda Falsifies Photo

A doctored photo of Ukrainian servicemen allegedly transporting a stolen animal was spread on social networks and blogs. The photo initially appeared on June 20 on the website of the Russian channel Zvezda. It gave Svodki ot opolchenia Novorossii as the source, which stated that Ukrainian servicemen had allegedly stolen cattle from the inhabitants of the so-called “Luhansk People’s Republic.” Later the falsified photo was removed from the site and

Russian Media Misrepresent Protester Demands in Donetsk

On June 15, Russian and separatist mass media reported on a spontaneous protest that took place in Donetsk. City inhabitants were demanding that the Ukrainian military stop shelling the city. But this was one of several protester demands, and the majority of Russian media omitted reporting the rest. As reported, the people asked the local, self-proclaimed authorities to resettle them away from the Oktiabrskiy area, near the Donetsk airport, which

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