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Moscow lied that Red Cross had given consent to Russian “aid convoys” for Donbas

Russian media reported that International Committee of the Red Cross (the ICRC) had allegedly supported Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov’s proposition to deliver Russian “aid convoys” to Ukraine. Media referred to the site of the ICRC. However, there has never been such a statement on this web-site. On August 8, Russian mass media spread news about the Red Cross giving its consent to Russian “aid convoys” access

Putin And Assad Are Using A Lot Of The Same Propaganda Methods To Conceal Their Crimes

It pays to remember that Syria’s intelligence, and most of its political elite, were trained in the Soviet Union, and post-Soviet Russia — and not just in how to torture and kill people. The IQ, consistency and logical cohesion of state-relayed propaganda in Damascus owes a great deal to prior tutelage in Moscow, as the latest developments in the Ukraine crisis have nicely demonstrated. We have heard innumerable explanations from

Russian video montage: 1.5 mln Donbas residents should be killed, Ukrainian journalist said

July 31 Russian TV channel LifeNews showed a video fragment from the Ukrainian hromadske.tv web-channel. According to it, the Ukrainian journalist Bohdan Butkevych allegedly said: “The Donbas is not just a depressed region. There we have a large complex of problems. And the main thing there are an incredible number of unnecessary people there. I am aware of what I am talking about. Speaking only about the Donetsk Region, there are approximately 4 million people

National Security Council of Ukraine and militants from Donetsk People’s Republic refuted CNN information about Ukrainian army using ballistic missiles in Donbas

In its news program from July 29 American TV channel CNN informed that over the last 48 hours Kyiv authorities used several short-range ballistic missiles in Donbas. “We start from breaking news out of Ukraine, which marks a major escalation in the Ukrainian crisis. CNN has now learned that Ukraine’s military did fire ballistic missiles at rebels”, says TV presenter. “Three US officials confirmed to me a short time ago

Malaysian Boeing MH17 Tragedy: Questions and Answers

In his article on livejournal.com, blogger 0serg analyses versions and questions around the downing of Malaysian Boeing MH17. Q: What was MH17 doing over the combat zone? What a bastard had sent it there? A: MH17 was following the usual air route L980 for civilian aviation. There are several such air routes from the West to the East of Ukraine; I marked them in blue on the map below. Q: So why did it

The News about Putin’s Planned Visit to Kyiv was Made up by the Owner of «Dozhd» TV-Channel

The owner of Russian TV-Channel «Dozhd» Aleksandr Vinokurov made up the news about Russian president Vladimir Putin’s visit to Kyiv to negotiate about the situation in Donbas with the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Though the press-service of the president of Russia had no clue about his upcoming visit to Kyiv, the news was quickly spread across the Web. 4 hours after the breaking news was released, Vinokurov refuted it, stating that it had been «an

Multiple Mass Media Outlets Have Accused Channel 1+1 of Lying in Report on Russian Tanks in Ukraine.

A large number of mass media outlets have spread information that the Ukrainian TV channel 1+1 showed Russian T-72 tanks (in a Russian training range during an event for fans of “World of Tanks” computer game), and offered this as evidence of tank presence in Donetsk region. For example, LifeNews: Golos Sevastopolya : (English: Voice of Sevastopol) And many others. In reality, the TV channel did not say in its

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