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Fake: Russian Flags Mistakenly Flown in Kyiv

On July 7, Ukrainian and Russian media mistakenly reported that Russian flags were hung instead of Bulgarian ones along Kyiv’s Lavrska Street the day before a visit by the Bulgarian president. The information was based on photos posted on a social network by Ukrainian Parliament deputy Dmytro Linko, who himself wrote: “The national flags of Ukraine-Bulgaria are being hung in downtown now.” The mistaken report was then picked up by

Fake: Chileans Protested with Ukrainian National Flags

Ukrainian media falsely reported that Chilean students protested against the poor quality of the country’s educational system with Ukrainian national flags as the symbol of revolution. On May 29, Joinfo and Depo both reported that the Ukrainian flag was seen in Chile during the demonstrations, and the following day the news was reposted by hronika.info and onpress.info. The photos were also actively spread around social networks. In fact, the Chilean

Fake: Ukrainian Athlete Attends Awards Ceremony with Donetsk People’s Republic Flag

On April 24 several Russian and Ukrainian media (Lenta.ru, RIA Novosti, Gazeta.ru, Russian Newspaper, Vzgliad, Obozrevatel, Ukrainian News, Bigmir.net) falsely reported about a Ukrainian athlete with such headlines as, “Ukrainian Sportswoman Came to Awards Ceremony with the Flag of the Donetsk People’s Republic.” The reports claim that Olesia Honcharenko attended the awards ceremony of the World Hand-to-Hand championships in Moscow recently wearing the flag of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.

Fake: Russian Flag Burned in Belarus

On February 23, 2015, the Belarusian site by24.org published news alleging that a Russian flag was burnt on an effigy in Belarus during Shrovetide, a traditional celebration held during the week prior to Lent. The news was then popularly disseminated by Ukrainian news sites. The journalist refers only to a photo from a Belarusian site, Our Country, and a comment made by a festival manager. However, it is still difficult

Fake Images of Novorussia flag on spot of Dismantled Monument to Lenin in Kharkiv

On the 7th of October the news agency Kharkiv  sited a news piece stating a Novorussia flag was put up on the spot of the toppled over Lenin statue on the night of 7th October. The news was illustrated with a poor quality image. Later on the same piece appeared on the Russian Spring  website. Here the same images appeared in better quality. But the original images clearly show the

Four Parachutists did not Paint the star on the top of a Moscow High-rise in the Colors of the Ukrainian flag

On August 20 information spread through the internet that four young people, all citizens of the Russian Federation, painted the star at the legendary Stalin 176-meter high-rise, located at the Kotelnichesky street in Moscow, in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.  All of them are parachutists. Currently, there is no evidence that this information could be true. One of the inhabitants of the high-rise claimed to accidentally make a video-recording

Fake: A Donetsk separatist fell down the tower while hanging the flag of the Donetsk People’s Republic

A video, showing a man falling down from the high tower after an unsuccessful attempt to hang a flag, is spreading throughout the Network. In its descriptions it is alleged that this man is a Donetsk separatist who was trying to hang the flag of the Donetsk People’s Republic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHgVvo41P2k Sometimes it is alleged that the guy fell down because of sniper’s shot.

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