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Fake: Fight Corona Virus with Hitler Salute

Ukraine, the corona virus and Nazis, that’s how the Russian site Eurasia Daily decided Ukraine’s Orthodox Church was battling the corona virus, by raising their arms in a Nazi salute. In fact, the fake story stems from a Facebook post by an Orthodox priest supporting not shaking hands,  while the leadership of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine advises its faithful “to be attentive towards others and follow the recommendations of

Figure of the week: 80

By EU vs Disinfo 80 years ago: Stalin sending German Jews to Hitler Historical revisionism is an important strand of disinformation. The EUvsDisinfo database contains a large number of cases of this kind, most of which pertain to rewriting the history of World War II. Pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets are attempting to diminish the meaning of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, concluded between Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany in late August 1939. The

Fake: Future Maidan Museum Copies Hitler’s Architecture Projects

Comparing Ukraine to Nazi Germany is a beloved trope of the Russian disinformation machine. The latest fake to continue this tradition appeared on June 28 in pro-Kremlin Sputnik, Tsargrad and Novoross publications with stories claiming that Ukraine’s future Maidan Museum honoring the country’s Revolution of Dignity completely copies architectural projects of the Third Reich. These Russian publications cite social media comments, particularly that of pro-Kremlin journalist and radio host Armen

Fake: Nationalists Swear Allegiance to Hitler in Kherson

On June 30, the city of Kherson celebrated the 74th anniversary of the Declaration of Ukrainian Independence. At a small event in the city’s center, young people gathered to read the Declaration aloud and to sing the national anthem. The Declaration was written during a brief interval when many Ukrainians thought that Germany was going to liberate Ukraine from the Soviet Union and allow it to become an independent state.

Fake: Svoboda Political Party Designs Hitler Banknote

On January 12, 2015, Rossiya 1’s evening news program, Vesti, reported that the Ukrainian political party Svoboda (“freedom”) had proposed a new 1,000-hryvnia banknote that features Hitler (starting from 19:40 on the following video). This is false. Apparently, the source of this fake news is a photo edited in Photoshop and posted on pikabu.ru, where it is tagged as “humor” and a “joke.” The original design for the banknote carries

Vladimir Putin says there was nothing wrong with Soviet Union’s pact with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany

Russian president says he sees nothing wrong with treaty with Nazi Germany that led to the carve-up of Poland – and blames Britain for destroying any chance of an anti-fascist front Vladimir Putin has said there was nothing bad about the Nazi-Soviet Pact, the non-aggression treaty which led to the carve-up of Poland at the outset of the Second World War, suggesting Britain and France were to blame for Adolf

Fakes in Week News issue with Dmitry Kiselev

In October 19’s Week News issue with Dmitry Kiselev  voiced a number of false news and statements.  Some of them we decided to disassemble and refute. For example, the speaker of the news release says the phrase “imaginary Russian troops on Ukrainian territory, which was a shame for President Poroshenko to even mention during the Europe-Asia summit in Italy” (see 10:40 of release).  However, the presence of Russian military (as

Fake Photo: Portrait of Hitler on Poster of Ukrainian Nationalists

Recently a fake photo was distributed in the VKontakte social network. It depicts a portrait of Adolf Hitler near Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych on the poster of Ukrainian Nationalists. Many people sign this photograph as “Marsh UPA (Ukrainian Rebel Army) at Kramatorsk.” It is true there was festive procession in honour of the anniversary of the UPA on October 14 in Kramatorsk. However, the original photo, distributed in social networks,

Fake: Prince Charles Apologised for Comparing Putin with Hitler

During his visit to Canada a few days ago, Prince Charles compared the actions of the Russian President Vladimir Putin with the deeds of the German Chancellor Adolf Hitler, which had preceded the start of the Second World War. He also condemned the Russian annexation of Crimea, noting that Hitler had also seized territories of other countries.

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