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Fake: Merkel to Help Kyiv Liquidate Ukrainian Cities

Russian propagandist publication Ukraina.ru claims that under the approval of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Ukrainian government intends to eliminate coal mines, the only source of income in 65 Ukrainian cities. Such news could really be very frightening for the residents of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, where mines are the only source of subsistence. The claim however is completely false. There are no plans to close down coal mines in

Fake: Kyiv Uses Pentagon Help against Donbas Civilian Population

One of the Kremlin’s official mouthpieces RT featured an article earlier this month claiming that the Pentagon’s $250 million security assistance package for Ukraine amounted to “interference in the Donbas conflict which will lead to an increase in the number of victims, including among the civilian population”. This is yet another spin on Moscow’s disinformation narrative about the war in eastern Ukraine being an internal conflict and a civil war

Fake: Kyiv Hid Primary MH17 Data from Investigation

Last week several pro-Kremlin media outlets published stories claiming that Kyiv had intentionally hidden radar data in the case of the Malaysian MH17 airliner which was shot down over occupied eastern Ukraine in July 2014. NewsFront, Rusfact, Vzglyad, Rambler, Luga1news and others all cite Dutch prosecutor Theis Berger who allegedly made such a statement during a court hearing on June 9, 2020. Malaysian Flight MH17 was traveling to Kuala Lumpur

Fake: Kyiv Blackmailing the West because of Crimea

Political blackmail – that is what RT called a recent resolution that Ukraine’s parliament enacted calling on the United Nations and other international organizations to commemorate the victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide and condemn Russia’s continued violation of Crimean Tatars’ rights and freedoms. RT disputes Ukraine’s assertion that Russia continues to aggressively militarize the Crimean peninsula and violate the rights of Crimean Tatars and ethnic Ukrainians without reprieve, dismisses

Fake: Crimea Chose Russia Because Kyiv Abused the Peninsula

RT has characterized Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry’s efforts to develop a plan for the return of Crimea as underhanded and directed against the people of Crimea. The publication quotes Russian State Duma MP Anton Morozov who said “the people of Crimea made their choice in favor of Russia because Kyiv in fact abused the peninsula and infringed on the rights of its people in every possible way. Crimea did not receive

Fake: Kyiv Planning Impending Provocation on Normandy Format Paris Meeting

Pro-Kremlin media and media operating in the occupied territories of eastern Ukraine launched another fake about an “impending provocation“ Ukraine was allegedly planning on the eve of the Ukraine-Russia Normandy Format talks with the participation of the leaders of Ukraine, France, Russia, and Germany in Paris on Monday, December 9. The Ukrainian military would try to destabilize the situation in occupied Donbas in order to disrupt the talks. The source

Hey Daily Mail: It’s ‘Ki-yeev,’ Not ‘KEEV’

By Polygraph The Daily Mail British Tabloid Twitter is stunned to discover during the impeachment hearing that Ukrainians prefer Kyiv is pronounced ‘KEEV’ and not ‘Key-Ev’ and it is a point of national pride in defiance of the Russians.Source: The Daily Mail False The capital of Ukraine is not pronounced ‘KEEV.’ Since 2014’s Maidan Revolution ousting a pro-Russia regime, Ukrainians have struggled to assert their country’s independence and national heritage.

StopFakeNews #239 with Marko Suprun

Fake: Kyiv admits shelling Donbas civilian areas. Netherlands hold Ukraine responsible for the Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash. Russia’s obsession with Ukraine.

Fake: Kyiv often Abandoned and Deceived Moscow

Russian and Ukrainian media are having a field day with a statement made by former Ukrainian Transport minister Yevhen Chervonenko who said that Ukraine has repeatedly deceived Moscow and violated bilateral agreements. Appearing on the Ukrainian Format political talk show on the reactionary NewsOne television channel Chervonenko repeated several Kremlin driven themes, mainly that Ukrainian authorities staged a ‘provocation” in the Kerch Strait last November during which three Ukrainian naval

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