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MH17 anniversary: In Russia, conspiracy theories on downed plane still find believers

Days after the MH17 crash, independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta seemed to have little doubt as to who was responsible. “Forgive us, Netherlands,” was the stark headline on the paper’s front page, over an image of the long line of hearses making their way along a Dutch highway.. The official investigation into the crash that killed 298 people continues, with a secret draft report currently being assessed by air crash

Militants in Donbas Falsely Claim that They Had No BUK Missiles When Malaysian Boeing Was Shot down

A representative of the so-called “Ministry of Defense of DPR,” Edward Basurin, claimed on June 2 that their militants did not have any BUK missile on July 17, 2014, when the Malaysian Boeing was shot down while flying over Donbas. This statement was made after a report by experts of the Russian company Almaz-Antey claimed that the plane was shot down by a BUK-M1. Basurin’s account was reported by the

Aric Toler, Bellingcat: The question should be “why has it taken so long to abandon the SU-25 theory?”

What is wrong with a new Russian ‘leaked’ report concerning Malaysia Airlines Boeing crash? StopFake.org talked to Aric Toler, contributor at bellingcat.com. Aric, you mentioned on Twitter the Kremlin has used “at least one map” of the MoD conference last July. Could you explain it in details? Aric Toler: The satellite images provided in the new ‘leaked’ report show Ukrainian missile defense systems located near Zaroshchenske, but these images were

Fake: Reports about Downed Boeing-777 Citing Dutch Prosecutor’s Office

On March 5, Ukrainian media sources incorrectly reported: “MH17 Airplane Was Brought Down by Russian SA-11 Gadfly – Prosecutor’s Office of the Netherlands.” The prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands, however, has made no such statement. The sites above make reference to the uainfo.org portal, which reports that “recently the prosecutor’s office investigation team of the Netherlands completed the first part of their work with fragments of MH17. In this regard,

SU-25, MH17 and the Problems with Keeping a Story Straight

While the investigations in to the downing of MH17 continue there’s been much debate about who was responsible, and the weapon system used to down MH17. These theories can be generally split into two broad groups, one where a Buk surface to air missile system was used to shoot down MH17, the other where a Ukrainian military jet, usually specified as a SU-25, shot down MH17. Bellingcat has examined much

Flight MH17: Searching for the Truth

It’s one of the greatest war crimes of modern times – and the truth still hasn’t been told. On July 17th 2014 at about 16:20 local time, Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine. All 298 passengers died, including many children. Who fired the missile? Over several months the Berlin-based investigative newsroom CORRECT!V has gathered facts, investigated in eastern Ukraine and Russia, and found witnesses to the

EU mulls response to Russia’s information war

The Netherlands is funding a study on how the EU can fight back against Russia’s “information war”, in one of several counter-propaganda initiatives. The Dutch-sponsored study was launched in January by the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), a Brussels-based foundation. Alastair Rabagliati, the EED’s director of operations, told EUobserver: “We’ve launched an initiative, with the support of a Dutch government grant, which will develop a feasibility study with clear recommendations

Did This Ukrainian Soldier Prove Ukraine Shot Down MH17?

In the debate over who was responsible for the shooting down of flight MH17 in Ukraine on July 17th two different weapon systems have been linked to the attack. On one hand we have various claims about a Ukrainian jet shooting down MH17 (generally described as an SU-25); with the other theory being based around the use of a Buk surface to air missile launcher. In the Bellingcat investigation Origin of the

Top 5 Russian fake reports of 2014

This year has seen a flurry of false reports and outright lies about the crisis in Ukraine. Most of the stories have originated from Russian state television. At number five in our 2014 review oftop Kremlin fakes is the most versatile lady on Russian TV. 5) The spring and summer saw Russian-backed insurgents sow unrest in the east and south of Ukraine. Russian television gleefully reported that residents were suffering

Putin’s Version of the Truth

On the German talk show Günther Jauch about Ukraine and Russia, a German foreign correspondent was allowed to explain why Russia’s annexation of Crimea was really a voluntary secession — as though Russian soldiers had never been there. The poet and activist Wolf Biermann went on to compare Putin and Hitler. Der Spiegel, the German magazine, soon published another polarizing take. The title read: “Cold Warriors: How Merkel and Putin Sent Europe

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