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Fake: Sea Breeze 2020 Exercises a Means of Pressuring Moscow

The upcoming 2020 Sea Breeze international naval exercises to be held in Ukraine later this year are overtly anti-Russian and nothing more than an expression of military and political pressure on Moscow, declared RT earlier this month. In fact, these exercises, which have been taking place since 1997 are designed to improve cooperation and naval coordination between Black Sea region countries and develop joint maneuvers both on land and sea.

Fake: Kyiv often Abandoned and Deceived Moscow

Russian and Ukrainian media are having a field day with a statement made by former Ukrainian Transport minister Yevhen Chervonenko who said that Ukraine has repeatedly deceived Moscow and violated bilateral agreements. Appearing on the Ukrainian Format political talk show on the reactionary NewsOne television channel Chervonenko repeated several Kremlin driven themes, mainly that Ukrainian authorities staged a ‘provocation” in the Kerch Strait last November during which three Ukrainian naval

From Russia With Love

Love FM’s “News from Russia” just announced that it would stop publishing the “news” due to what it said was “pressure” (read: transparency) and “lack of free speech” (read: free speech) in Finland. A radio station in Finland with murky ownership and an unclear management structure is broadcasting pro-Kremlin propaganda, apparently produced by Finns based in Russian-occupied Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. The radio station, Love FM, carries mostly harmless pop music,

Fake: Poroshenko threatens to bomb Russia

Scores of Russian and pro-Russian sites (Pravda.ru, Ukraina.ru, REN.tv, newsday24, Vsya Pravda, InforBuro, Politikus.ru and others)disseminated a story with the menacing headline “Poroshenko threatens to bomb Russia”. Pravda.ru was the first Russian media to carry this story; claiming that President Poroshenko was threatening to use the Ukrainian Air Force to cope with Russian aggression. The story was quickly picked up by other Russian sites. This claim is based on President

Photo Fake: New Zealand Library Passed off as Moscow Library

On October 29, social networks posted a fake photo of what was presented as the Library of Ukrainian Literature in Moscow. The real library was raided by armed and masked police early the same day, and its director was arrested for allegedly promoting illegal anti-Russian propaganda. Some reports included a photo of a ravaged library with its books strewn across the floor. However, this photo taken of a library in

Fake: Ukrainian Athlete Attends Awards Ceremony with Donetsk People’s Republic Flag

On April 24 several Russian and Ukrainian media (Lenta.ru, RIA Novosti, Gazeta.ru, Russian Newspaper, Vzgliad, Obozrevatel, Ukrainian News, Bigmir.net) falsely reported about a Ukrainian athlete with such headlines as, “Ukrainian Sportswoman Came to Awards Ceremony with the Flag of the Donetsk People’s Republic.” The reports claim that Olesia Honcharenko attended the awards ceremony of the World Hand-to-Hand championships in Moscow recently wearing the flag of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.

Russian Media Report that Rally in Support of Czech President Is Protest against Anti-Russian Sanctions

On March 8, the Russian television channel Russia 24 aired footage of a rally in Prague. They reported: “In the capital of the Czech Republic a rally was held under the slogan ‘We do not want war with Russia.’ About one thousand people took part in the demonstration. People took to the streets of Prague to denounce the anti-Russian sanctions that, according to them, cause damage, first of all, for

Moscow Photo of 2009 was Presented as the One from a Peace Meeting in Artemivsk in 2015

A fake photo of people marching with a slogan “Death to Russian scums!!! More killings” is being spread around social networks. The photo has the following caption: “While people are dying from missile and air strikes on Donbas, in Kyiv and Artemivsk “peace” marches are held…” Indeed, January 18, meetings and marches in support of peace on Donbas were held in several cities and towns of Ukraine. This photo, however,

The Chairman of the Moscow City Department of the Russian Red Cross has Published a Fake Refutation of his Words

Igor Trunov, the chairman of the Moscow City Department of the Russian Red Cross who made a remarkable statement about  Russian “humanitarian convoys” being an invasion , has refuted his own words. Maybe it is a result from Kremlin’s pressure, as they weren’t too happy with his declarations. December 30, the official website of this organisation posted a refutation of allegedly “false declarations of Ukrinform”. In his video message, the chairman

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