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Fake: Ship Carrying American Coal for Ukraine Destroys Port Near Odesa

Scores of Russian media – Lenta.ru, Russian Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda, Vesti, Strana.ru and others, ran a story last week claiming that a tanker ship carrying American coal destroyed a pier in a port near Odesa, forcing the entire port to close for a year of repairs. A ridiculous incident occurred in the port of Pivdennyi, near Odesa. An American tanker carrying coal swiped a wall of the quay

Fake: Ukrainian Naval Ships Frozen

Ukrainian ships are frozen in ice, Russian media declared last week. The Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda, Sputnik, Moskovsky Komsomolets, Argumenty I Fakty all sourced the Odessa news portal O48 as their source of this gleeful but completely fake claim. O48 did in fact have a story about winter weather in Odessa, colorfully describing how ice floes had formed in the Gulf of Odessa and captured the harbor where Ukrainian

Halya Coynash: Odesa smoking gun leads directly to Moscow

A new film has exposed direct links between Moscow and the disturbances in Odesa from late February to the tragic events of 2 May 2014 in which 48 people died. The film ‘2 May. Moscow Trail’ was produced by Odesa journalists and is based solely on Russian and pro-Russian sources.  The material provides additional proof of the authenticity of recordings recently published by the Prosecutor General’s Office.  In these, Sergei

Fake: Ukraine’s Gagauz minority demand autonomy

National minority demands for autonomy, a staple of Russian fakes about Ukraine, made a comeback this week with the claim that the Turkic minority of Gagauz people in the Odesa region are demanding autonomy. Lenta.ru announced that the Gagauz Union of Ukraine asked President Poroshenko to create a Gagauz territorial autonomy in Odesa oblast. The union posted this appeal on their page on the Vkontakte Russian social media site, claims

Fake: UN Criticizes Kyiv for 2014 Odessa Violence Investigation

Russia’s government daily newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta announced that the United Nations have criticized Ukraine’s investigation of the violent events in Odessa which claimed the lives of 48 people in May 2014. “Ukraine has made little progress in investigating the murders in the center of Kiev in the winter of 2014, and the tragedy at the Odessa Trade Union House” writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta. The publication cites the UN report on the

Fake: Ukraine Launches Federalization

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova announced recently that the process of federalization has begun in Ukraine. “Call it what you want, decentralization, federalization. That’s not important. What’s important is that it has begun” Zakharova wrote on her Facebook page. Other Russian media quickly picked up Zakharova’s claim and combined it with another fake that appeared in the newspaper Vzglyad that same day, claiming that the Odesa regional council asked

Two Years Later, Kremlin’s Lethal Lies about Odesa Fire Still Motivate Donbas Recruits

Forty-eight people lost their lives in clashes between pro-unity supporters and pro-Russian backers and a fire in Odesa on May 2, 2014. Only hours later, Russia attempted to portray the mass riots and ensuing fire as a massacre, and that has continued regardless of several investigations, including one by the Council of Europe’s International Advisory Panel. It is no accident that many of the young men—both Ukrainian and Russian—who volunteered

Odessa Media Publish Fake OSCE Report

Several websites in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa published a fake OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine report criticizing the actions of “Ukrainian activists” who allegedly violated international humanitarian law and disrupted a regional legislative meeting on the establishment of a free economic zone in the region. According to the alleged OSCE report, the disruption of the reginal meeting is just one of a long list of violations that

Fake: Ukrainian Diplomat: “Kharkiv and Odessa Will Meet Russian Tanks with Flowers”

In the beginning of March the separatist publication DONI Press published a story claiming that a Ukrainian diplomat said the Ukrainian cities Kharkiv and Odessa would meet Russian tanks with flowers. Doni Press cites former Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleh Voloshyn, who is no longer in the  Ukrainian foreign service. “I’m simply a foreign policy expert, I left the Ukrainian foreign service in 2013 and have nothing to do with

Fake: Korban Admits Guilt in Odesa Fire

On November 7 and 8, Russian and separatist media falsely reported that Ukrainian politician Gennady Korban and his colleague Ihor Kolomoyskyi had claimed responsibility for the events in Odesa in May 2014 when pro-Russian activists were burned alive in a government building. They cited testimony that Korban allegedly gave on November 6. The false story was carried by Politnavigator, Ukraina.ru, Russkaya Vesna, Novorossia.su, NewsFront, and others.   In fact, Korban

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