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StopFakeNews #53 [ENGLISH] with Guy Archer

This week, publisher and editor Guy Archer is the StopFake News guest anchor. Websites manipulate and post a staged photo of a young boy walking among bombed buildings to stir emotions against Ukraine’s army. Photos are faked to show the Party of Region’s participation in elections in the self-described Donetsk People’s Republic. The U.S. President allegedly charges Ukraine’s leadership with committing genocide against its own people. And REN-TV botches a

How Russian TV propaganda is made

Federal television in Russia has long been suspected of propaganda. Four Russian TV producers share their stories of life behind the lens. This month COLTA.RU published three articles about what it’s like to work for federal television networks in Russia. These organisations have long been controlled by the authorities: they work as a single propaganda machine. The first two included an account by Liza Lerer, a former editorial manager of

Blood on their Hands: Servicing Russia’s TV Propaganda Machine

A day after the bloody carnage on Maidan, journalist Lidia Pankiv used a live TV show to tell the presenter and all other journalists implicated in the lies and propaganda on Ukrainian TV that they had blood on their hands. 18 months later the same must be said of those working for Russia’s TV propaganda machine, and some of them know it. Colta.ru spoke* with three former employees of mainstream

Fake: Concentration Camp for Separatists under Construction in Donetsk Region

On April 22, the separatist publication News-Front published a false report about an unfinished concentration camp made by “pro-American” for those “accused of terrorism and separatism by the ruling regime in Ukraine.” The report is based on a video by a war correspondent who claims that the construction site is an uncompleted prison in Zhdanovka in the Donetsk region. He opines: “It is very convenient place to keep prisoners of

Fake: Dnipro Fans Vandalize Olympic Stadium in Kyiv

On May 15, the Russian television channel REN TV falsely reported that fans of FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk crashed a stadium gate and vandalized a Kyiv football stadium on May 14. This allegedly took place after the victory of Dnipropetrovsk over SSC Napoli at the Olympic stadium. “Visit of supporters of FC Dnipro to Warsaw is questionable now,” the report claimed. However, the video accompanying the story failed to show “the

Michael McFaul Misquoted about Crimea and Russia

Several Russian media (RT, REN.tv, Lenta.ru, NTV, Forbes) distorted the words of former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul (2012-2014) with such headlines as: “Michael McFaul: USA Will Not Fight for Crimea: Its Reunion with Russia Is a Historical Fact” and “McFaul Urged Ukraine to Accept Transfer of Crimea to Russia.” RIA Novosti distorted McFaul’s words and wrote that he said: “The transfer of Crimea to Russia is an accomplished

Retired American General Allegedly Calls for “Killing Russians”

Russian mass media has either misinterpreted or misrepresented comments made by retired U.S. Major General Robert Scales. The controversy revolves around a comment he made on the U.S.’s Fox News network on March 10 about a hypothetical – and unlikely – war scenario in Ukraine in which the object would be “to start killing Russians.” Russia’s Ren.tv reported two days later: “The scandal occurred live on the American TV channel Fox

Russia’s Ren-TV Uses Old Footage to Confirm Current Ukrainian Military Misconduct

Russia’s Ren-TV network recently posted on YouTube a video entitled, “Ukrainian Soldiers, Escaped from the Trap, Are Making Beasts of Civilians.” In order to give evidence of the serious misconduct by Ukrainian soldiers in Artemovsk after they had left Debaltseve, Ren-TV supplied old footage of excesses by fighters in Kharkov’s radical organization Oplot. The footage is from in Donetsk in October, 2014. Video of Ren-TV (from 0:26). The original video

Russian Media Attack Belarus: A Warning For Minsk?

The past few weeks have seen an unusual increase of anti-Belarusian activity in pro-government Russian media and blogs. The Kremlin has not yet used its strongest media tools. However, the manner of the attack is in some respects similar to the information warfare which preceded Russia’s annexation of Crimea. In the face of the unfolding economic crisis in Russia and Belarus and the Belarusian presidential elections scheduled for 2015, this

Fake: The New Year will be Forbidden in Ukraine because Ded Moroz is a Russian

Russian TV channels chase each other telling that Ded Moroz (Father Frost) was allegedly forbidden and replaced with Santa Claus in Ukraine. On November 17, the TV channel REN-TV informed about this. Then the Channel One joined (starting from 00.20): “Kyivans will have to celebrate New Year’s Eve without Ded Moroz who seems to became a fair game on the wave of lustration. The mayor’s office made public the program

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