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New sanctions against ‘Putin’s Chef’ prompt latest Russian election meddling denial

By Polygraph Sputnik News Russian state funded radio broadcaster “Russia has been repeatedly accused of meddling in the US elections by Western powers. However, subsequent probes failed to find evidence pointing to any Russian interference in the US election.” Source: Sputnik News, September 30, 2019 False U.S. probes resulted in proof, indictments On Monday, September 30, the U.S. Treasury Department Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced it had taken

Sputnik and RT manipulation in Arabic: Al Rukban as a “Nazi Camp”

By EU vs Disinfo Up to 6.2 million Syrians have fled their homes inside Syria since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, and 5.6 million have been forced to take refuge in neighbouring countries. Of the 6.2 million refugees, only about 3 per cent – 170,000 people – have returned to Syria since 2016, according to UN records. The returns of Syrian refugees and displaced people have been making headlines in Russian

Sputnik falsely claims that NATO combats Orthodoxy

By Polygraph Sputnik Serbia Russian government-sponsored web portal “The persecution of the SPC [Serbian Orthodox Church] in North Macedonia, as well as the latest heightened tensions and pressure on the SPC diocese in Montenegro can be interpreted as part of the wider strategy of the West to counter Orthodoxy.” Source: Sputnik Serbia False The West does not counter Orthodoxy, but the Serbian Orthodox Church has been undermining the sovereignty of

Lie, manipulate, spread, change, spread again

By EU vs Disinfo Sputnik Polska as the tip of the iceberg of a disinformation campaign. Penetration of the information space by pro-Kremlin actors goes far beyond using state-funded media or a troll factory. As shown in the new report by Info Ops Polska, disinformation messages  can be spread by multiple actors using a variety of tools – so that at the end of the day, its recipients cannot see

Russian media reported ‘rusty’ tanks displayed in Washington, DC on July 4

By Polygraph NTV Gazprom-Media TV Channel “Rusty tanks and the U.S. flag on Mars: how the parade in Washington went.” Source: NTV, July 5, 2019 False The four tanks brought to Washington, DC had been used in battle but were well maintained Russian state-controlled media reports about the July 4 Independence Day celebration in the U.S. capital focused on “rusty tanks.” Gazprom-Media-owned television channel NTV featured a report on July

How Serbian Sputnik infiltrated a disinformation hub in Bosnia and Herzegovina

By EU vs Disinfo Although most of the sources of political disinformation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are local media, a large disinformation hub is formed by an alarmingly high number of media from neighbouring countries, potentially used by foreign political actors. Serbian edition of Sputnik is the only foreign-owned media in this hub. These are the findings of the recently published report “Disinformation in the Online Sphere: The Case

Russia’s international broadcasters: Turning the Serbian media into a disinformation hub

By Polygraph Sputnik Srbija leads the ratings for political disinformation among Serbian-language foreign media operating in the Balkans, according to an upcoming report by the fact-checking organization Raskrinkavanje.ba, based in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The report, which will be released on May 13, found that the Belgrade-based Russian government-owned international broadcaster is part of a disinformation hub that targets Serbian language audiences in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and

Russian media in Germany: Independent journalism or political instrument?

By Institute for Statecraft Contents Preface Information as a Weapon 2. The Russian Media: Instrument to Influence Politics and Society Abroad 3. The Russian Media Network in Germany 3.1. RT Deutsch and Ruptly TV 3.2. Rossiya Segodnya and Sputnik Deutschland 3.3. Special Weapons: Trolls and the Internet Research Agency 4. Elements of the Disinformation Campaign 4.1. Distortion of Facts and Fake News 4.2. Countering Criticism by Counter-Criticism 4.3. Stigmatisation of

The half-truth, a little of the truth and a lot of stuff besides the truth

By EU vs Disinfo Sometimes facts can be disinformation. Taken out of context, a quote, a number, a statement or a picture can be deceiving, while factually correct. Lies work more effectively, when they are supported by something factual; something real, something true. A picture, published by the pro-Kremlin disinformation outlet Sputnik, is a good example of this. Two smiling young men, in front of the burning Notre Dame. The

A disillusioned democrat

By EU vs Disinfo It is now five years since the EU began to introduce sanctions against individual key actors in Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. One of the names to appear on the EU’s lists was that of Dmitry Kiselyov. Often nicknamed “the Kremlin’s chief propagandist,” this TV host and media manager was the only Russian journalist to face a personal EU sanction over the Ukraine conflict – a decision Mr Kiselyov

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