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Yarosh Did Not Announce that His Battalions Continued Attacking after the Ceasefire Had Been Declared

Russian mass media – including RIA Novosti, Lifenews, and RT – stated that “[Dmytro] Yarosh and two of his battalions were advancing on Debaltseve.” The journalists cited the official site of the National Guard of Ukraine. However, many readers were confused by the fact that the Right Sector had nothing to do with the National Guard, and that there were no Right Sector battalions near Debaltseve. Moreover, the National Guard

Top 5 Russian fake reports of 2014

This year has seen a flurry of false reports and outright lies about the crisis in Ukraine. Most of the stories have originated from Russian state television. At number five in our 2014 review oftop Kremlin fakes is the most versatile lady on Russian TV. 5) The spring and summer saw Russian-backed insurgents sow unrest in the east and south of Ukraine. Russian television gleefully reported that residents were suffering

Fake: “Saurivka Massacre” by the National Guard

In June Russian media massively spread false information about soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine outraging in the villages of Saurivka and Stepanivka of the Donetsk Region, slaughtering all the men and raping women.  These rumors have been still retelling in social networks and from mouth to mouth. Let us recall that TV channel REN-TV reported about “mass killings of peaceful inhabitants of the South-Eastern Ukraine”, mentioning the events

Fake: Ukrainian Militaries are Promised “a Parcel of Land and Two Slaves”

Every Ukrainian soldier fighting on Donbas was promised a parcel of land there and two slaves.  This statement was announced in the news item of Russian Channel One on November 2.  There are no proofs of the truthfulness of this statement. The only evidence the TV channel adduces is “a mosaic of fragments of soldiers’ conversations”. “Having put together a mosaic of fragments of soldiers’ conversations, they (residents of Donbas

Lies: 13-Year-Old Boy Doped by National Guard

LifeNews and NTV TV-Channels showed similar reports within a couple of days: some 13-year-old Stas from Krasnyi Liman village in Donetsk region telling the story how the National Guard doped him and sent as a spy to the militias. The boy featuring in the report of Russian journalists was never kidnapped.  This is Stanislav Sergeievich Petrov, who disappeared on October 12 in Krasnyi Liman. He is feeble-minded. Since his disappearance the

Fake: Foreign Mercenaries of National Guard are Filming their Atrocities

NTV Channel in it’s programme Emergency  showed a report about foreign mercenaries of Ukraine.  Special attention was paid for a fighter of Azov  battalion with nickname “Greek”.  The narrator was sure the “Greek” is not Ukrainian judging only by his nickname. The journalists provided a number of distorted or blatantly false facts about “the atrocities done not by Ukrainian soldiers, but by the foreign mercenaries, especially the bloodthirsty [legionaries]”.  The video

REN TV uses Crash Pictures in ‘mass Grave’ Reports

The website of Russian TV channel REN TV has been using images of victims of the MH17 Malaysian airline disaster to illustrate reports about the alleged discovery of “mass graves” in east Ukraine, Stephen Ennis writes in his article for BBC. Over the past week, pro-Kremlin media have been full of stories of “mass graves” said to contain victims, including civilians, “tortured”, “executed” and “raped” by retreating Ukrainian troops in

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