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Fake: I Love Russia Mass Action in the US

Russian media reported that “I love Russia” demonstrations took place simultaneously in 15 American states and hundreds of people took to central city squares to declare their love of Russia on the Russian national holiday known as Russia Day. The segment shown on Russia’s Channel Five television however, shows only a small number of people. The television presenter declares that prominent politicians and actors also participated in these American outpourings

Fake: US Ambassador to Russia Calls for Lifting of Russia Sanctions

Russia Today completely misrepresented the position of the American Ambassador to Russia regarding the lifting of sanctions against the Russian Federation. RT’s story entitled “US Ambassador hopes, the sanctions against Russia will be lifted” is misleading and does not correspond to the text of the story. The headline suggests that the American Ambassador wants all Russia sanctions lifted; in the actual story the Ambassador states that sanctions can be lifted

Fake: Ukraine on the Verge of a Second Chornobyl

On the eve of the 30th anniversary of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster, Russian military television station Zvezda (Star) aired a story suggesting that Ukraine was on the verge of a second nuclear catastrophe. Ukraine’s is increasing its use of American nuclear fuel for powering its atomic plants while phasing out previous cooperation with Russia in this area. Zvezda journalist Dmitri Sergeyev claims that American nuclear fuel is not suitable for

Fake: Biden Calls Ukraine the Most Corrupt State in the World

Several Ukrainian and Russian media reported that during his speech to the Ukrainian Parliament on December 8, US Vice President Joseph Biden allegedly called Ukraine the most corrupt country in the world. Articles with such headlines were posted by the newspaper Vesti, the journal Ekspert, the Hub and Russkaya Vesna websites.  Public Television also ran this fake story. “There is no other state in the world where corruption is thriving

Fake: Biden Proposes to Federalize Ukraine

The Russian news website Golos Pravdy reported in his speech to the Ukrainian parliament, U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden allegedly declared that Ukraine needed federalization, claiming it was the best European practice and did not compromise state sovereignty. Biden in fact spoke about decentralization and regional autonomy in the spheres of the education and policing. As for federalism, the Vice President spoke about it negatively, referring to the American experience:

Fake: Turkey to be Thrown Out Of NATO

Some Russian mass media are informing that Turkey will allegedly be thrown out of  NATO. The Ukraina.ru website reports: “Turkey should not be a member of NATO, it should be thrown out of  the Alliance. This was announced by retired US Army Major General and senior military analyst for Fox News Paul Vallely.” This “news” was also reported by the Russian News Agency website. In fact, a retired military officer cannot speak

Fake: Former U.S. Secretary Slams Ukraine’s “Coup d’etat”

Various websites and social networks have falsely reported  that former U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul Henry O’Neill had recently spoken out against the “coup d’etat” in Ukraine. They reported that he: “addressed Ukrainians and provided an exhaustive analysis of all the reasons and purposes of the coup d’etat in Ukraine and dispelled the myth about ‘democratization’ and ‘the revolution of dignity.’” In the article, Ukraine is referred to as the “outskirts

European Far Right Soldiers of Russian Propaganda

A briefing by Anton Shekhovtsov for the Legatum Institute. You can read the full text here. INTRODUCTION More than twenty years ago, a convicted German neo-Nazi named Ernst Zundel launched a weekly television programme in Canada. He described it like this: This TV programme differs from the mainstream media, because we […] bring you uncensored news, uncensored commentary. Also, commentary from few points that are seldom heard today in this

Photo Fake: Ukrainian Soldier Kisses American Flag

A bogus photo depicting a Ukrainian soldier kissing an American flag has been popularly spreading on the Web over the last months. The photo was disseminated before Ukraine’s National Flag Day on August 23 and first appeared on a separatist website with an article entitled “The Day of the Slave.” The article was then reposted by Russkaya Vesna, Novorossia, Russkaya Pravda, Novosti Segodnia 24, and trinitas.ru. It also appeared with

StopFakeNews #54 [ENGLISH] with Jim Kovpak

This week, journalist and blogger Jim Kovpak is the StopFake News guest anchor. Russian and pro-Russian media report that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was intoxicated and not allowed on a flight to Moscow. U.S. President Barak Obama asks the Ukrainian President to have a vacation in Crimea. A popular article from Nezavisimaya Gazeta argues that Hungary and other countries can re-claim present-day Ukrainian territories that once belonged to them by

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