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Triangulating Sources to Thin the Fog of War

This article is part of a larger guidebook by RuNet Echo to help people learn how to conduct open-source research on the Russian Internet. Explore the complete guidebook at the special project page. The war in eastern Ukraine was the first European war to take place in the ubiquitous presence of the Internet, documenting nearly every aspect of the war as it played out. The conflict’s ideological battleground unfolded online, making tragic

Weekly newscast from StopFake team. Number 44 (dubbed)

StopFakeNews #44. In the issue: The AP news service presents a photo made six month ago as a photo from the site of the Volnovakha tragedy; Russian-state television channels incorrectly report that Poroshenko had been whisked off to Zurich; and Ukrainian Internet users claim finding one more “actress.”  

Fake: Infamous Heroine of the “Sloviansk Boy’s Crucifixion” Report Found Among the “Victims” of the Explosion in Donetsk

January 23, user Andrei Shipilov posted a collage of three frames from Russian news channels reports on his Facebook page. He added the following caption: “The top left picture has Russian television actress Galina Pyshniak talking about the boy’s crucifixion in Sloviansk. Top right picture shows her as a victim of Volnovakha shelling in a Russian news report. Bottom picture shows her on 22nd of January in Donetsk, near the destroyed trolley

Fake: Ukrainian SBU posted Volnovakha analysis on the blog [email protected]

Lifenews (better know as Lienews) reports that the hackers Cyber-Berkut were able to steal documents that proof that Ukraine planned a provocation at Volnovakha checkpoint and that the SBU wote the analysis on my blog… This is the original tweet from lieNews: Here is the link to their article. This is a link to a cached article. These are the ‘documents’ used: That last document mentions the blog including the exact link

AP News Agency Used Six Months Old Image to Illustrate Volnovakha Terrorist Attack

January 13 a number of news agencies of Russia, Germany and the US used the picture with blue bus seats that have bullet holes in them to illustrate the news of Volnovakha terrorist attack. Note, that on January 13 ‘Zlatoustovka— Donetsk’ bus that was moving on H20 way was shelled on the checkpoint near Volnovakha town. Zerkalo Nedeli illustrated this news piece with a picture of a bus with blue seats.

Weekly newscast from StopFake team. Number 43 (dubbed)

StopFakeNews #43 A special issue on the Volnovakha tragedy. This is a special issue about the shelling of a civilian bus near Volnovakha: Russian channel Russia-1 interviews a false victim; Komsomolskaya Pravda misinforms about a mine near the bus; and several mass media incorrectly report that the OSCE had concluded that separatists were innocent regarding the bus tragedy.  

Analysis of the Volnovakha incident

Originally the analysis of the Volnovakha incident can be found here: Evidence Strongly Implicates Russian-Backed Fighters In Bus Shelling That Killed 11 Civilians http://t.co/Im2bZjw6VS pic.twitter.com/0drXW00Yy8 — The Interpreter (@Interpreter_Mag) January 13, 2015 Here is a situation map: On a larger scale that looks like this: Clearly the rockets came from Russian occupied territory. In addition I tweeted these things about it, because they argued it was cased by a Ukrainian

OSCE does not State Who Bears Responsibility for Volnovakha Bus Attack

Some online news outlets posted information about OSCE mission allegedly learning about who is responsible for Volnovakha Bus Attack on January 13. For example, Vesti.ru posted news article titled “OSCE: Militias did not Hit Volnovakha Bus”. Similar news was published by Komsomolskaia Pravda, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, RT in Russian, Kommersant. Yet, OSCE report contains now information about who is responsible for the tragedy. It merely states the shelling was from “North-North-East” direction. The conclusion was

“Unrecorded” Victim of the Shelling near Volnovakha on Russia One TV Channel

January 14, Russian TV channel Russia One showed the interview with a woman, who was allegedly injured during the shelling of the bus with civilians near Volnovakha on January 13. The video shows a woman with a bandaged arm and head, who tells the Russian channel that she was injured near Volnovakha. She claims that she did not hear explosions, but only a clap, which means that the bus allegedly

Fake: Ukrainian Military Men Informed that it was They that had Shelled the Bus near Volnovakha

The forged screenshot of the Vkontakte page of the community “Ukrop | The Right Sector | News of the ATO” is being actively spread around social networks (Twitter, Vkontakte). According to this screenshot it was the Armed Forces of Ukraine that shelled the bus with civilians near Volnovakha, having informed about 10 dead and 3 captured terrorists, and later allegedly decided to accuse militants of so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic”. However,

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