Fake: The USA passport of the SSU Head Nalyvaychenko

Fake: The USA passport of the SSU Head Nalyvaychenko

An image of an alleged USA passport of the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaychenko is being spread throughout the Network. In fact this image is a forgery. Firstly, the photo was taken from Internet and does not meet the requirements. It depicts Nalyvaychenko in half profile, meanwhile he should have been looking straight into the camera. You can find about the USA passport photo requirements here.

The lie: Security Service of Ukraine commanded its executives to catch citizens of the Russian Federation and make them “subversives”

May 14, 2014 the member of Ukrainian parliament Oleh Tsariov wrote on his Facebook page that Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) had allegedly commanded its employees to catch citizens of the Russian Federation in order to subsequently announce them “subversives”. “A scan of some interesting document has been found in Internet. This is a copy of the SSU order. It says that First Deputy Head of the SSU Vasyl Krutov

Celebration of the Victory Day was not banned in Zaporozhye

A video is being spread in social networks claiming Zaporozhye authorities banned celebration of the Victory Day on the 9th of May. “One veteran has arranged a personal Victory Day parade in Zaporozhye today despite the Nazi junta and its allies forbidding doing so. The people at the bus station are applauding the old man! He is being followed by an honor escort of cyclists to prevent provocations”, says the

Lies: Luhansk Gunmen to Wage War on Repaired T-34 Museum Tank

A video called «Tank, Luhansk, 6 May» appeared on YouTube site. The video features several people starting a tank and riding it down the street. The author of the video claims the action took place in Luhansk and the armoured vehicle is to be used by separatists in their fight against Kyiv military forces. The tank has side number 237 and a red star on the turret – the Soviet

The lie: Crimean resorts were packed to capacity during May holidays

May 12, 2014 Russian Channel One produced a news item about people resting in Crimea on May holidays. “Crimea experienced the first inrush of tourists. On May holidays the resorts of the peninsula were packed to capacity”, is reported in the news item. This information does not reflect the actual situation. On May holidays Crimean hotels, rental apartments etc. were not fully packed.

The Battle in Ukraine Means Everything

Fascism returns to the continent it once destroyed. We easily forget how fascism works: as a bright and shining alternative to the mundane duties of everyday life, as a celebration of the obviously and totally irrational against good sense and experience. Fascism features armed forces that do not look like armed forces, indifference to the laws of war in theirapplication to people deemed inferior, the celebration of “empire” after counterproductive

In Moscow the voting at the Donbass referendum was organized by the infamous “howler from Odessa”

It was Maria Vladimirovna Tsypko, an infamous howler from Odessa, known for touring with an anti-Maidan campaign throughout the cities of the South-East, showing up in Crimea and now residing in Moscow, who was the main organizer of a strange Sunday event in the capital named as the referendum voting on the secession of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions from Ukraine, reports the media outlet “Russian Monitor”. She was named

FAKE: Banderovits attacked the veterans and burned the ribbons of Saint George in Lviv

A Russian media outlet Pravda.ru published a piece of news on May 9 with the headline “Banderovits attacked the veterans and burned the ribbons of Saint George in Lviv”. An alleged assault upon the bus full of veterans was reported, calling upon the readers whether Russia needs Europe (since Lviv considers itself a European city) with such a level of culture. A video of clashes is provided by the website

FAKE: the governor of the Kherson Oblast justified Hitler

The information, that the governor of the Kherson Oblast Yuriy Odarchenko called Hitler a liberator and expressed gratitude to him in the speech addressed to the veterans and participants of the city meeting on May 9, is being widely spread throughout the Network. For example, Russian Channel One stated that “the official decided to thank to the dictator and the cruelest killer in the history of mankind for his attempt

Fake: Yatsenyuk and Turchynov Booed and Whistled at the Eternal Flame in Kyiv

Russian tabloid “Komsomolskaya Pravda” (KP) reported on its site the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arsenii Yatsenyuk and the acting President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov being booed and whistled by Kyiv citizens during the wreath-laying ceremony at the eternal flame in Kyiv. “But the locals were not happy with the self-proclaimed leaders of the country. Kyiv citizens booed and whistled at Turchynov and Yatsenyuk, so they hurried from the park,” — stated

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