The Opinion-Makers: How Russia Is Winning the Propaganda War. Part 1

The Opinion-Makers: How Russia Is Winning the Propaganda War. Part 1

With the help of news services like RT and Ruptly, the Kremlin is seeking to reshape the way the world thinks about Russia. And it has been highly successful: Vladimir Putin has won the propaganda war over Ukraine and the West is divided. Ivan Rodionov sits in his office at Berlin’s Postdamer Platz and seems to relish his role as the bad guy. He rails in almost accent-free German, with

Lies: Commander of “Donbass” Squadron Informed Avakov about the Shooting of his Own Soldiers

The supposedly hacked chain of messages between the commander of “Donbass” squadron, which fights the gunmen in East Ukraine, and the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov is spreading across the Web. According to the messages, during the fight near Karlovka of Donetsk Oblast, on May 23 Semenchenko shot (or ordered to shoot) a dozen of his own soldiers, who had panicked and tried to leave the battle. Dozens of

Fake: disappearance of money from the fund for the families of the “Heavenly Hundred”

Multiple Russian websites, including that of Komsomolskaya Pravda (Eng: Komsomol Truth), informed of a scandal in Ukraine; allegedly, there was a disappearance of donations that had been made for the families and relatives of the Heavenly Hundred. (This is how Euro-Maidan victims are called in Kiev.) The given information is also spreading through social media networks. The authors refer to documents and statements of an MP of the Supreme Council

Snapshot of movie The Brest Fortress is being presented as a photo of Donbass

  There is a photo spreading quickly in mass media; it depicts a girl that, apparently, is a victim of military action in Donbass region. However, this is not a picture from the Donbas. This is a frame of the Russian-Belarusian film “Brest Fortress”, filmed in 2010.   Earlier, had already written of fake photos of children who had allegedly died in the Donbass region.

Fake: Group of Religious People Burned to Death in Donetsk Airport

There is information, quickly spreading through the Internet, of a group of religious people who burned to death in Donetsk airport after they had come there to prevent bloodshed. In part, this was reported by Izvetiya (English: News). “Attack of Ukrainian military on the building of [Sergey Prokofiev International Airport] in Donetsk, on May 28, has turned into a massacre, according to the leadership of People’s Republic of Donetsk. Six

Lies: Members of 831 Mirgorod Air Brigade Shot Civilians in Donetsk

The information about the members of 831 air brigade from Mirgorod taking part in the fight for the Donetsk airport (which had been seized by Donetsk gunmen at night) on fighters Su-25, MiG-29 and helicopters Mi-24 is actively spreading in the Web. Numerous news websites and blogs posted pictures and names of the air brigade members with calls for revenge. This information is not true. Firstly, the 831 air brigade has only Su-27 fighters. These

Syria Video Presented as the Actions of Donetsk Gunmen

Video report titled “28 05 2014 Donetsk militants blew up terrorists (National Guard of Ukraine) ADF” is spreading across the Web. Yet, the video was shot in Syria, not in Donetsk. It was published on May 15 2014. In the original video one can clearly hear “Allahu Akbar!” cries.

A Fake Photo of Burning Donetsk is Spreading Across the Web

The picture of supposedly Donetsk caught in flames dated May 27 2014 is spreading across social networks. This picture was already used by Donetsk website “Navigator” to illustrate the battle actions. However, there was no such fires in Donetsk. The citizens of Donetsk, who are the events eyewitnesses, further prove this. The obvious staging of the photo and its film like view drive to the conclusion that the picture was forged in

Lies: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Shot Down by Donetsk Gunmen

May 28 2014 website “Novorossiia” with a reference to DNR (Donetsk People’s Republic) authorities reported Donetsk gunmen shooting down a UAV over Donetsk. However, this information was not verified. The picture in the article was taken in Karabakh on September 17 2011, not in Donetsk.  

Fake: Ukrainian General Kneels before the Ex-Ambassador of the US

  A picture titled “Ukrainian general licks the boots of the US ambassador on his knees and hands him the weapon” spreads through websites and social networks. The picture originates from Vladimir Skachko Facebook page, who claims that on May 25 2014 “Ukraine knelt down” before the US. The supposed kneeling down of the Ukrainian general before the ambassador of the US is stated as the evidence. Several Russian TV-channels were

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