Lie does not hurt

Lie does not hurt

For me the biggest surprise in the current situation is rapid, I would even say instant, demoralization of our media. All who tried to pretend to be a journalist yesterday, today somehow spread out propaganda – frenzied, primitive and cruel. Our TV has burst like an abscess. So loved previously “Gazeta” and “Lenta”, became empty stuffed dummies of their former selves. Journalism no longer exists in the country. People, who

Fake: Ukrainian National Guard Soldiers are Throwing Down the Bodies of the Killed Men

A video of allegedly Ukrainian soldiers barbarously throwing down the dead bodies from an armoured vehicle near Kramatorsk on May 3 2014 has appeared on the Web. Here is the video (warning, the video contains scenes of violence): As a matter of fact, the video was shot in 2012 in Dagestan (Russia) in November 2012. Its original title is «Kafirs Performing Atrocities on the Shakhids’ Bodies.» Here is the original video (sign

Fake: Nationalists Prevented Paramedic from Saving a Wounded

Social networks and mass media are spreading a post of some paramedic Igor Rozovskii from Odessa from his Facebook page. In his message, Rozovskii claims he tried to save the life of one wounded during clashes in Odessa, but radical Ukrainian nationalists prevented him from doing so. «As a doctor I rushed to give help to the one who could be rescued, but I was stopped by pro Ukrainian Nazi radicals,

Fake: photograph with passports of the Russian casualties in Odesa

A photograph of the Russian passports allegedly owned by the casualties in the Trade Unions House of Odesa is being spread in social networks. Документы угоревших в Одессе рашистов: Краснодар, Новосибирск, Новороссийск. Просто ватники… — Юрий Лебедев (@Vasilih66) May 3, 2014 In truth this photograph is dated April 16th. The passports in the picture belong to the people arrested by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) while attempting to enter

Lie from Tymoshenko: the police did everything possible to protect people in Odessa

Ex-Prime Minister and presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko, on May, 3rd – the next day after the bloody events in Odessa, which killed more than forty people, said that she sees no fault in the actions of Odessa police. “I would like to dwell on the fact that today the police is accused of inaction, that they have not made every effort to avoid such a conflict. Yes, I am convinced

Russian military expert came up with arguments for the presence of Russian special forces in Ukraine

Russian military expert Pavel Felgengauer is certain that disorders on the East of Ukraine are guided by soldiers of Russian special forces. He reasoned this by the fact of shooting down Ukrainian helicopters by MANPAD (Man-Portable Air Defense), its type and method of using. He also drew parallels with the events in Georgia. Please find below the news item by Russian channel “Dozhd” concerning this. Here is the brief summary

The Russian Presidential Council questioned the results of the Crimean referendum

The Russian Presidential Council on Civil Society and Human Rights published a report entitled “Problems of Crimean residents” in which, among other things, launched its own version of how many people took part in the referendum on March, 16th and how many of them supported the annexation to Russia. Quote: “According to almost all citizens and professionals surveyed: – The vast majority of the people of Sevastopol voted in a

Fake: a video of a helicopter shot down in Slavyansk

A fake video with a helicopter allegedly shot down in Slavyansk is spreading in Internet. The video has had several thousand views already, and is used as a reference by several news sites in their reports about Slavyansk. In truth the video shows a Russian Ka-52 combat helicopter that crashed near the Zhulebino district in Moscow on October 29, 2013.

Tit-for-Tat: Putin’s Maddening Propaganda Trick

How the Russian leader is driving U.S. officials crazy with his “I know you are but what am I?” technique By now Vladimir Putin’s flair for propaganda is well known. But as the Ukraine crisis continues to unfold, the former KGB agent’s particular brand of disinformation is coming into clear focus. The method is simple. Whenever he’s accused of something, Putin retorts: That’s whatyou’re doing, not me, writes Michael Crowley

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