Coverage of the Kerch Strait incident in Czech, Hungarian and Slovak media

Coverage of the Kerch Strait incident in Czech, Hungarian and Slovak media

By Katarína Klingová, Lóránt Györi, Jonáš Syrovátka, for GLOBSEC On November 25 2018 Russian naval forces rammed, fired shots at and then seized Ukrainian vessels and their crews after they purportedly entered Russia’s twelve-mile territorial zone within the Kerch Strait. The incident heightened tensions between the Russian Federation and Ukraine following Moscow’s unlawful annexation of Crimea in 2014. It also highlighted the tense legal status of the Strait and Azov Sea,

Russia Today chief says case against Scottish politician is politically motivated

By Polygraph Margarita Simonyan Margarita Simonyan, Editor-in-chief of RT “From the outset, Salmond insisted that the process was political and the charges were investigated with violations. The court supported him. It’s dangerous to be an RT presenter.” Source: Telegram, January 24, 2019 MISLEADING Simonyan misstates the court’s decision. On January 24, RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan responded to the news that Alex Salmond, former First Minister of Scotland and host of

Looking for Facts Throughout Ukraine

Spring 2019 will prove to be an important and decisive time for Ukraine and her people. The March 31 presidential elections, for which more than 20 candidates have already registered, and in which a television comedian currently leads in the polls, will show whether Ukraine is a maturing democracy with a smooth and orderly transfer of power, or just another post-Soviet basket case with incumbents determined to be presidents for

Russia demonstrates missile claiming no violation of INF – only to prove opposite

By Polygraph Mikhail Matveyevsky Commander of the Missile Forces and Artillery, Russian Defense Ministry “All launches of ground-to-ground missiles were conducted at a range not exceeding the range of the INF limits. The only exceptions are missile launches of the Strategic Rocket Forces, the notifications for which were sent to the U.S.” Source: TV Zvezda, January 23, 2019 FALSE Russia has developed the 9M729 missile system and launched missiles from

Manipulation And Disinformation In Social Media: The Case Of Estonia And #ESTexitEU

By EU vs Disinfo On 12th of December last year, a man protesting against the UN Global compact for migration was attacked. A few days later, photos of the brawl appeared on the Russian social media site Vkontakte, showing someone with an Estonian flag on their sleeve beating the protester. The post in the ”Мы-Нарвские” or ”We from Narva” group also featured photos showing the placard stating ”EU=USSR”, ”Stop the

Putin’s calendar of subversion

By Janusz Bugajsky, for CEPA The Kremlin profits from inciting division. Here are their likely targets for 2019. Whether the Kremlin has a special department that guides and coordinates attacks on European states is a matter of conjecture. What is not in doubt is that in the coming year Vladimir Putin’s presidential administration will exploit the most promising opportunities throughout Europe in order to undermine Western cohesion. 2019 will be

How come a Russian military pundit is obsessed with the President of Lithuania?

By EU vs Disinfo Igor Korotchenko is a vocal advocate for the Russian Military Industry. He is the editor-in-chief of a major defence journal and a frequent guest in talk shows in TV-channels with strong connections to the Kremlin. He has campaigned to get elected to the Russian Parliament for the Nationalist Rodina party. He is an ardent twitter user with more than 100 000 followers. And he seems to be obsessed with

StopFake #219 with Marko Suprun

Fake: No evidence of Russian involvement in MH17 crash. Italian journalist missing in Donbas. Food prices rise 500% under Poroshenko presidency.

Weaponizing language to discredit the Ukrainian elections

By Ukrainian Election Task Force Along with news on the church schism and kinetic movements along Ukraine’s eastern border, the issue of Ukrainian versus Russian language usage in Ukraine remains a prominent topic in Kremlin-backed news. Although the language issue remains one of the most heated debates in Ukrainian politics, especially during election cycles, major candidates are not discussing the matter. Instead, they are focusing on social and economic issues.

Fake:  Complaints against Ukraine to the European Court of Human Rights Rising

Ukraine is one of the top three countries against whom increasingly more complaints are lodged in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), RIA Novosti and announced last month. Citing Court President Guido Raimondi’s press conference summing up last year’s activity, the publications claim that in 2018 the number of complaints about Ukraine violating the European Convention on Human Rights has increased.   Both RIA Novosti and cite

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