Fake: Crimeans Ignoring Second Presidential Election Round

Fake: Crimeans Ignoring Second Presidential Election Round

Russian publication Komsomolskaya Pravda continues pedaling false information regarding Ukraine’s presidential elections. This time the publication claims that residents of annexed Crimea are ignoring the second round of the election altogether. Similar fakes were featured in Komsomolskaya Pravda during the first round of voting held on March 31. This latest story entitled We don’t want to participate in this clown show is based on several interviews with Crimea residents allegedly

Fake: Ukrainian Military Destroying OSCE Drones

On April 21 the pro-Kremlin site Politnavigator published a story claiming that Ukrainian military were actively destroying OSCE drones. Politnavigator claims that in the last few days Ukrainian soldiers destroyed one drone and damaged another and twice jammed the GPS signals for OSCE long range drones. Politnavigator cites self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic official representative Danyil Bezsonov as their source, who claimed that on April 19 soldiers from Ukraine’s 502 battalion

Distortion: Ukraine’s Central Election Commission Ignores the Handicapped in Presidential Poll

Russian pro-Kremlin site NewsFront featured a story last week claiming that Ukraine’s Central Election Commission, the agency responsible for holding elections, did not take into account the needs of disabled people during the second round of voting in Ukraine’s presidential elections. The publication seeming reached such a conclusion on the basis of a statement by Ukraine’s Human rights Ombudsman Ludmila Denysova. During an April 9 briefing Denysova discussed access problems

Fake: Ukrainian Police Report Sharp Increase in Violations during Presidential Poll

The pro-Kremlin online newspaper Ukraina.ru published a story this week claiming that Ukraine’s National Police allegedly reported a sharp increase in election violations during the second round of voting on April 21. Citing the Ukrainian News agency and Interior Ministry adviser Ivan Varchenko as sources, the story does not provide any specifics about the alleged violations. Meanwhile according to Ukraine’s National Police, the number of violations during the second round

Fake: Russian media spreads purported exit poll data of Ukraine presidential election

Russian media outlets Sputnik and Moskovskiy Komsmolets, including Russian propaganda site Ukraina.ru, are citing the All-Ukrainian Academy, an obscure organization that was registered on April 9, regarding false exit poll data as of 1 p.m. on April 21 during the run-off presidential election. It is showing false findings that front-runner Volodmyr Zelensky is in the lead with 71.8 percent support. Incumbent Petro Poroshenko allegedly has 28.2% support. It is against

Manipulation: Voters in Ivano-Frankivsk send SOS signals

Propaganda website Tsargrad reported in social media posts that “not everything is alright” in the western Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk given that voters are purportedly writing SOS signals on ballots. The report doesn’t attribute the source. This was fact was indeed confirmed by voter watchdog Chesno, but only in one incident and isn’t testimony that “Ukrainian voters are sending SOS signals.” Screenshot tsargrad.tv The fake news report states that “not

Fake: Elections in Donbas being controlled by “armed Ukrainian punishers”

The Ukrainian ”junta and punishers” are controlling the presidential elections in the unoccupied parts of Donbas. According to this agitprop, “armed Kyiv rebels” are parked outside polling stations in armed personnel carriers. In part, the propagandists claim, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fully controlling the voting process in the “Mariupol, [which is] occupied by the Kyiv rebels.”   Thus pro-Russian media and propagandists in occupied have distorted a Hromadske

Russian influence has become one of the dominant topics of the pre-election discourse: the results of media monitoring of the second round of elections

On Friday, April 19, 2019, the coalition of NGOs “Ukrainian Commission on Journalism Ethics”, “Human Rights Platform”, “Ukrainian Media and Communications Institute” and “StopFake” with the support of Council of Europe projects* held a press conference on media coverage of the election campaign on the eve of the second round of the presidential elections in Ukraine for the period from April 1 to April 12, 2019. The monitoring is carried

Does NATO ‘Pull’ сountries In?

By Polygraph Maria Zakharova Russian Foreign Ministry Spokespersons “Can NATO bring anyone closer? History does not know any such examples. What I can see is that NATO is adding new members, who are now being pulled in by various methods.” Source: Russian Foreign Ministry Press Briefing, April 4, 2019 False Acquiring NATO membership is a long and complicated process During a press briefing on April 4, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman

Kremlin Watch Briefing: How Russia attempts to recruit informers in Estonia

NEW PUBLICATION Let us announce the publication of a new Kremlin Watch Report called “Operation Dragoon Ride 2015: Disinformation and Counter-disinformation Strategies”, authored by our former intern, MAJ Jennifer L. Purser (United States Army). The report is focused on the effects of pro-Russian disinformation during Operation Dragoon Ride 2015 and assesses counter-disinformation strategies for NATO convoys. ODR ´15 was a combined US Army and NATO convoy from the Baltic through Poland

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