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Fake: Donetsk People’s Republic Office opens in Finland

The official site of the self-proclaimed separatist Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) announced that its official representative office was opening in Helsinki, Finland. Unlike the Czech Republic and Austria where such offices were called consulates, the Helsinki office is referred to simply as a representation center. Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent all of its embassies a diplomatic note stating that an official representation of the DNR in Helsinki does

Fake: America Recognizes Donetsk People’s Republic

On November 10 the pro-Kremlin internet newspaper and prolific fakes generator Ukraina.ru declared that the United States had recognized the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic.  Informuboro and Ukrop,  marginal pro-Russian websites, followed suit, simply reprinting Ukraina.ru’s headline DPR America’s recognition with a direct link to the site. “The US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control, which enforces economic and trade sanctions against countries and individuals, recognized the Donetsk People’s Republic” Ukraina.ru

Fake: Donetsk People’s Republic Opens Offices in France

The so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) continues to open its “official representations” in European countries, with its latest office opening in France. Citing a separatist foreign affairs official the Russian site Ukraina.ru reports that a DPR representative center was registered in the Marseilles prefecture on June 17. The center is to be headed by former Provence regional adviser Gerald-Hubert Fayard, who announced in a Facebook post that the center will

Militants in Donbas Falsely Claim that They Had No BUK Missiles When Malaysian Boeing Was Shot down

A representative of the so-called “Ministry of Defense of DPR,” Edward Basurin, claimed on June 2 that their militants did not have any BUK missile on July 17, 2014, when the Malaysian Boeing was shot down while flying over Donbas. This statement was made after a report by experts of the Russian company Almaz-Antey claimed that the plane was shot down by a BUK-M1. Basurin’s account was reported by the

Fake: U.S. Ambassador in Kyiv Considers St. George’s Ribbon a Russian Army Insignia

The television channel Russia 24, during its “Vesti” program, incorrectly reported on May 8 that Geoffrey Pyatt, the U.S. Ambassador in Kyiv, allegedly declared that he had incontestable proof of the presence of Russian troops on Donbas. “This is a photo from Donetsk, where there is a tank with the St. George ribbon on its shell,” Payette allegedly wrote on Twitter. “Tanks in Donetsk carry Russia’s Army Insignia.” He also

Fake: Ukrainian Athlete Attends Awards Ceremony with Donetsk People’s Republic Flag

On April 24 several Russian and Ukrainian media (Lenta.ru, RIA Novosti, Gazeta.ru, Russian Newspaper, Vzgliad, Obozrevatel, Ukrainian News, Bigmir.net) falsely reported about a Ukrainian athlete with such headlines as, “Ukrainian Sportswoman Came to Awards Ceremony with the Flag of the Donetsk People’s Republic.” The reports claim that Olesia Honcharenko attended the awards ceremony of the World Hand-to-Hand championships in Moscow recently wearing the flag of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.

Fake: Reports about Downed Boeing-777 Citing Dutch Prosecutor’s Office

On March 5, Ukrainian media sources incorrectly reported: “MH17 Airplane Was Brought Down by Russian SA-11 Gadfly – Prosecutor’s Office of the Netherlands.” The prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands, however, has made no such statement. The sites above make reference to the uainfo.org portal, which reports that “recently the prosecutor’s office investigation team of the Netherlands completed the first part of their work with fragments of MH17. In this regard,

Fake: Captured Military Man Tries to Erase “Banderivets” Tattoo

On February 2, the Russian TV channel Zvezda informed viewers that a captured Ukrainian soldier was caught attempting to scratch a tattoo off with a brick of the National Emblem of Ukraine against a red and black background. Zvezda journalists called the marking a “Banderivets* tattoo,” and said that their report’s source was a “News summary from the Novorossia militia.” A photo of the captive with the tattoo was presented

Tymchuk Denies so-called DPR Media Claim that He Is Protecting His Son from Conscription

The Russian site dnrtv.ru has alleged that a son of Ukrainian Parliament member and coordinator of the Informational Resistance group, Dmytro Tymchuk, protected his son from military conscription by sending him to Germany to study this summer. The site’s journalist cites information published by Ukrayinska Pravda. However, there is no such news on the Ukrayinska Pravda site. Dmytro Tymchuk himself reacted to this news by writing on his Facebook page

Fake: OSCE has Confirmed Death of 29 Civilians in Donbas in late January

On January 28, the Internet media source Gazeta.ru has published the information about some civilian residents being wounded and killed between 23 and 27 January in the territory, temporarily controlled by DPR and LPR. According to this information backed allegedly by the reference to the OSCE report, 29 civilians were surely announced to be killed and 57 wounded. However, according to the official OSCE website press release dated January 27,

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