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Ukrainska Pravda: the Shell, which Killed Children in Donetsk School, Didn’t Come from Peski Village

Channel One’s report provided misleading information that the shell, which had killed children on school №63 football, had flown from village Peski, which is controlled by Ukrainian military, Ukrainskaia Pravda reported. “They hit with mortars and heavy artillery from there,” stated Channel One’s report. Note, that two teenagers playing football were killed by the shell. Four kids were injured. Ukrainskaia Pravda reported the shell had flown from DPR controlled territory,

Video Fake: a Convoy of Ukrainian MRLS “Grad” Entered Donetsk Region

On October 31, a video titled “Donetsk. A Convoy of Ukrainian MRLS ‘Grad’ Entered Donetsk Region October 2014″ appeared on Youtube video hosting website.  The video description states: “MRLS ‘Grad’ convoy of Ukrainian army has arrived to assist law enforcing authorities in ATO zone”. First of all, the city in the video is Makeevka of Donetsk Region, not Donetsk, precise place is 250 years of Donbas Av.  Video clearly shows shops

Fake: Ukrainian Prime Minister called Luhansk and Donetsk people “untermensch”

It was still summer, when leading Russian media spread the news about the Nazi nature of the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s statements.  They claimed that Yatsenyuk called the so-called militia in Luhanks and Donetsk “untermensch” (subhumans) – a word that Adolf Hitler used. And to this day, supporters of the separatists use this news as a proof of the “fascist attitudes” of the government in Kyiv. Let’s see whether Mr. Yatsenyuk

Fake: Ukrainian Military Shelled Bus Stop in Donetsk

On October 1, Lifenews reported eight people killed in Donetsk bus stop shelling. The report featured bus stop on the crossing of Kiev Av. and Poligraficheskaia Str. which “was shelled by the Ukrainian military who used rocket systems”. One of the missiles hit the bus and it burned down. Lifenews journalists accuse the Ukrainian military of the bus stop shelling, bus destruction and the death of eight civilians. They claim the shelling was

Fake OSCE Expert

On September 30, the newspaper Vechernyaya Moskva  published an interview with Latvian political scientist Einars Graudins, who was presented as an “OSCE expert”. However, this person has no link whatsoever to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). It is confirmed by the OSCE mission in Ukraine through its official Twitter. We can confirm that an individual named Eivars (or Einars) Graudins has NO LINK WHATSOEVER to the

Lies: Germans Proved the Boeing Had not Been Downed by “Buk”

On September 10, Ukraina.ru outlet — a joint project of notorious Russian journalist Dmitrii Kiselev and Ukrainian activist Alena Berezovska, known for her close relations with Viktor Yanukovich — published a report in which it is stated that the Malaysian Boeing had not been downed with “Buk”, but by S-125 (NATO classification — SA-3). Such conclusion was made from the answer of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany (for

NTV’s fake about Humanitarian aid on Donbas Arena Stadium

Russian TV-Channel NTV showed a report about the Ukrainian Donbas Arena stadium in its Emergency program, and provided several untrue statements. «The militias learned why Donetsk Donbas Arena stadium had survived the shelling. It turned out the sport complex had been a storage, from which trucks delivered food supplies to the punitive operation participants,» said the narrator of the Emergency programme. Further in the report it is stated that the

The Lie: Videos of Phosphorus Bombing of Donetsk

Videos, showing an alleged shelling of Donetsk with forbidden phosphorus bombs, are being spread throughout the Network. For example, the site “News agency Novorossia” published a video entitled “Phosphorus Bombing of Donetsk 09 09 2014 01:30”: A similar video entitled “Donetsk. Night shelling 09.09.2014” was published on Youtube: Similar videos also appeared in July. For example, this one, entitled “Donetsk. Phosphorus Bombing. Mandrykino. 07.26. 2014”: But the videos do not

Using an old video, Ukrainian television channel “Inter” illustrated the news about Russian armored vehicles

On August 17, the Ukrainian television channel “Inter” reported about rotation of armored vehicles between Russia and certain settlements in the Donetsk region that are under the control of separatist militants. As evidence to support this claim, the channel used a video recording showing the movement of military equipment. Here is the actual story: In fact, this video is unrelated to this news. The same video was already used in

Video fake: Makeevka was Fired by Ballistic Missiles

A number of Ukrainian and Russian websites spread the information about the Makeyevka, Donetsk region shelling, using this fake video. On August 20, two Ukrainian TV channels reported that Makeyevka was fired by separatists. Ukraine TV channel in the Events:   Inter TV channel in the Details:   In turn, August 21 Russian Zvezda (Star) TV channel, which belongs to the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defense, issued a story that

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