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Flight MH17: Will Russia Get Away With It?

Following the entry of more than 120 Russian military convoys into Ukraine last week, the US and its European allies appear to have reached a turning point in their response to the Ukrainian conflict. On Sunday, at the G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia, US President Barack Obama used his strongest words yet about Russian military involvement, openly acknowledging that the Russians are providing “major arms” to the rebels. And on

Germany and the disinformation politics of the Ukraine crisis

Looking at both the historical and current pro-Putin segment of German public discussion, one can identify the target groups and methods of Russian disinformation politics, Andriy Portnov writes in his article for Open Democracy. In early March, in central Berlin, I came across a demonstration protesting against ‘Neo-Nazis on the Maidan.’ I tried to talk to the activists standing there, but they responded to all of my comments with just

German Newspaper Found Lies in Vladimir Putin’s Interview

Russian President Vladimir Putin, during his interview with the German TV channel NDR, which he gave on November 15, twisted and distorted the facts to justify its position, stated the German newspaper Bild. In that interview Putin compared the annexation of the Crimea with the separation of Kosovo. Indeed, the magazine writes, NATO troops entered Kosovo without a UN mandate, and Russia and China opposed. “However, there is a big

“Exclusive” German Professor for ITAR-TASS

From time to time German Professor Lorenz Haag gives comments to Russian news agency ITAR-TASS, which are consequently spread by other Russian news agencies. However, Professor is hardly contacted by other journalists except for ITAR-TASS representatives.  Other journalists cannot find him, while in Germany he remains unknown. Yet, Lorenz Haag exists — his pictures are presented by ITAR-TASS and published on other websites.  He indeed lives in Germany.  Questionable are

Fake: German Tanks have Crossed the Ukrainian Border and are on the March to the East

On September 13, the website ukraina.ru informed that German tanks had allegedly crossed the Ukrainian border and were on the march to the East of Ukraine. It was said that photos of unusual armored vehicles had been made on the circular road of the city of Lviv on September 12. Many mass media, particularly TV channel Russia 24, spread the news about German tanks. The channel referred completely to the

Russian Mass Media Made a Page One from News Taken from a German Satirical Website

Russian newspaper «Moskovskii Komsomolets» with reference to «the German mass media» published (website copy) news about allegedly Ukrainian Sukhoi Su-25 pilot who had admitted downing the Boeing-777. MK assumed the article «might be a bombshell». «The pilot, whose name is not revealed, has confirmed downing the Malaysian aircraft with his fighter’s cannon. This confession strangely coincided with the publishing of photos of the holes on the “Boeing” wreckage, which according to some

Social networks spread fake Time cover with Angela Merkel

Social networks and some news resources massively spread the cover image of the latest issue of the respected American magazine Time, which shows the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The attention of Ukrainian users is attracted to the following line on the cover “Danke Frau Ribbentrop” (“Thank you, Mrs. Ribbentrop”). The fact is that massive number of Ukrainian Facebook users posted this particular phrase on the Facebook page of Merkel a

The Lie: the Former Tymoshenko’s Lawyer Traded in Organs of Wounded Soldiers

The main Russian TV channels and other mass media spread untrue information about the trade of organs, taken out from heavily wounded soldiers, being allegedly conducted in Ukraine by such persons as the former layer of Yulia Tymoshenko Serhiy Vlasenko, the commander of the Donbass battalion Semen Semenchenko and a Germany resident Olha Viber presented in the news item as a doctor. As TV channel Russia-24 alleges, Vlasenko corresponded in

Fake of Associated Press: Germany eases the immigration for Ukrainian Jews because of increased anti-Semitism in Ukraine

June 26 one of the world’s largest news agencies Associated Press informed that Germany had eased immigration rules for Ukrainian Jews amid reports of an increase in anti-Semitic incidents there since the crisis had broken out. This news was massively republished by numerous international, as well as by Russian and Ukrainian, mass media. However, such statement never occurred either on the site of German government or during public speeches of

Ukrainian Site Receives «Exclusive Comments» from a Dead Expert

April 16 2014 Ukrainian news site forUm published an «exclusive comment» from a professor of political science at the University of Bonn, Gerd Langguth. In his interview for forUm he criticised the current Ukrainian government, calling its members «hooligans and raiders». Langguth also stated that the Ukrainian government does not command respect in Europe. These messages were reposted by a number of Ukrainian news sites.

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