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Fake: Ukraine’s New Language Law Violates Country’s Constitution, Violators Criminally Liable

On April 25 the Ukrainian Parliament passed a new language law and Russian media went apoplectic with new doom and gloom predictions and condemnations.  The law violates Ukraine’s Constitution, they wailed, Russian speakers will be discriminated against and their rights will be violated, they warned, the pro-Kremlin publication Ukraina.ru even declared that the new law violates scores of international agreements and treaties that Ukraine was party to. The president of

Fake: New Language Law Prohibits Use of any Language other than Ukrainian

Ukraine’s new draft law on language has not yet been passed but it is already the source of many a myth, the predominant one being that once enacted, it will prohibit the use of all languages except Ukrainian. Ukraina.ru, Rambler, Pohnews all disseminated this fake citing statements made by two pro-Kremlin Ukrainian politicians, Yuriy Boyko and Viktor Medvedchuk. The draft law “On safeguarding the Ukrainian language as the state language”

Fake: Law on Criticism Registered in Ukrainian Parliament

Ukrainian and Russian media have been falsely reporting about a new draft law that would require prison sentences for those who criticize Ukrainian government officials. Such an initiative was in fact put forward and quickly squashed by Ukraine’s parliament several months ago. The Antikor website reported that “the draft law providing for imprisonment for up to three years for criticism against authorities had been registered in the Ukrainian Parliament.” It

Fake: Use of “Russia” and “Rus” to Be Punished by Imprisonment in Ukraine

On July 7, Russian media reported that Ukrainian Parliament member Oksana Korchynska registered the bill №2276а that supposedly proposes to punish the use of the words “Russia” and “Rus” as the designation of the modern Russian Federation with 12 years of imprisonment. This was reported by Lenta.ru, Vesti.ru, Moskovskiy Komsomolets, Sputniknews and others. This draft bill does exit. However, Russian media exaggerated its importance and possibility of being passed, as

Russia 24 Falsely Reports on Poroshenko’s Proposed Amendments to Constitution

The Russian television network Russia 24 falsely reported about new powers it said would be conferred upon the president of Ukraine after the adoption of constitutional amendments regarding the decentralization of powers. The journalist states (from 3:10): “As for the local self-government authorities, the president can dissolve them by his decision at any time. He even does not have to consult with anybody.” This was reported after Ukraine President Petro

Fake: Ukrainian Authorities Can Sequester Cars from All Ukrainian Citizens

On June 23, Russian television channel LifeNews falsely reported that the Ukrainian authorities are allowing the military to sequester cars as needed from all Ukrainians during mobilization. The report said: “Residents of Ukraine should give up cars for the period of mobilization… In the document it is specified that the authorities of the country can expropriate a car for the needs of the army from any Ukrainian for 30 days.”

Fake: Ukraine’s New Law Bans Kuchma and Kravchuk

On May 19, the Russian news service Russia Today falsely claimed that a new law banning the symbols and promotion of Communism and Nazism in Ukraine also included prohibitions against quoting certain officials. They based this news on the article of the Ukrainian newspaper Vesti. RT stated that most notably, the alleged ban would forbid quoting former presidents Leonid Kravchuk and Leonid Kuchma, and other persons holding high positions in the

Fake: Poroshenko Asks Verkhovna Rada to Classify Budget as “Secret”

On February 19, 2015, several mass media, including the Russian news agency Interfax and the website for the Ukrainian television channel ICTV, reported that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko requested that Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, classify the national budget as “secret.” The site depo.ua was cited as the source of this information. Yet on the same day, depo.ua published an article stating the exact opposite, with the headline, “Poroshenko Asks

Ukrainian Law of 1997 was Presented as Adopted in 2014

The website Russkaya vesna  (eng. – Russian Spring) informed that so-called “eurointegrational” Law “On Safety and Quality of Food Products”, adopted by the new Ukrainian authority, comes into effect from January 1, 2015. “Under the conditions of increasing prices and tariffs this innovation of pro-Western junta will kill thousands of pensioners and peasants. The law deprives owners of private business of their right to trade products of own production on

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