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Showing Support For A Made Up Migrant Camp – The Case Of A Forged Letter

By EU vs Disinfo Yet another forged letter has appeared, this time targeting Georgia. And Ukraine too, a bit. And the EU. And the US. For years, Georgia has been the target of pro-Kremlin  disinformation. In a latest example, the country has been targeted with a disinformation campaign based on a forged letter. As the Twitter account of the Presidential Administration of Georgia put it, the fake letter thanked Georgia for “non-existant

From unstoppable immigrant flood to female Santa Claus

By EU vs Disinfo New Year is a time for resolutions, but can also be a time of uncertainty. What better moment to play on fear of the unknown and to dig out old, well-known deterrents? This time, pro-Kremlin disinformation put migrants in the bogeymen role. Migrants flooding Georgia were supposed to be the consequence of the UN Global Migration Compact; the West would allegedly force Georgia to accept immigrants

Manipulation: Czech Republic Does Not Want to Accept Migrants Because of Ukraine

Scores of Russian media featured manipulative stories this week claiming Ukrainians are the reason for the Czech Republic refusing to accept migrants from Syria and other African countries.  Izvestia, Russia Today, Sputnik, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Channel 5, Argumenty I Fakty all featured stories with these fake claims. Russian publications refer to Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš’s Radio Praga (Czech Radio) interview which he gave prior to a meeting on illegal migration

Fake: EU Financial Aid for Ukraine in Exchange for Migrants

Last week Russian media returned to a favorite disinformation theme with a story claiming the EU and Ukraine were negotiating the settlement of African migrants in Ukraine. This information was published in a number of pro-Kremlin media outlets and in the self-proclaimed Ukrainian separatist republic media: RIA.RU, Tsargrad, REN, Antifascist, Vesti, Novosti DPR, News.ru, and Russkaya Vesna. This is not the first time that Russian media has circulated such claims.

One image, 4 x disinformation about migrants

By EU vs Disinfo On May 14, news agency “News Front” published a story including an image of “Kosovan and Albanian migrants storming EU borders” from Serbia. The story was published on News Front’s English, German and Spanish sites. According to Brandwatch analytics tool, the story achieved 48.507 impressions on Twitter and was tweeted by disinformation-related accounts in the Netherlands, Serbia and Slovenia, among others. News Front is a growing

Lisa 2.0: How pro-Kremlin media in Germany have been using a new fake to justify an old one

By Ben Nimmo, DFRLab In early 2016, the subject of Russian disinformation shot up the agenda in Germany with the false story of a 13-year-old girl allegedly abducted and raped by migrants. A year on, the girl at the center of the case is back in the headlines in Germany, and Kremlin media outlets have been using a new round of false reporting to justify the original deception. The new

Poland’s Prime Minister Calls Ukrainian Migrants Refugees

Poland’s prime minister announced that Poland has hosted more than a million Ukrainian refugees in the last years. “We feel a strong sense of responsibility for what is happening not only in Poland but in Europe” – said Beata Szydlo during her speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, “Poland has received about one million refugees from Ukraine, people whom no one wanted to help”. Shydlo’s statement was carried by

Fake: EU to Force Ukraine to Absorb African Refugees

Russian media falsely reported in August that the European Union is now “forcing” Ukraine to take in refugees from Africa and the Middle East. They gave an alleged statement made by the European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs, and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos to Italian journalists as its source. The news first appeared on August 15  on oppps.ru, which has a history of posting fake news. Later, the information was reprinted

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