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Russia 24 attempted to involve British journalist in propaganda scheme

British journalist of The Times and The Sunday Times, Max Tucker received a call from Russian state-owned TV channel Russia 24 with an offer to participate in a propaganda scheme. He recorded the call and published it on SoundCloud. “So Russian state TV tried to co-opt me into what sounds like a propaganda operation against President Poroshenko. I recorded the call and you can listen to it here: https://soundcloud.com/…/russian-propaganda-operation-caugh… Some

Russian National Channel Rossia 24 Lied about Ukrainian EU Quotas

On April 6 Russia’s national television channel Rossia 24aired a story presented by Olga Skabeyeva from the Netherlands where the Dutch referendum on the EU Association Agreement with Ukraine was taking place. Skabeyeva is trailing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte as he prepares to vote. Rutte says that supporting the EU Association Agreement means supporting Ukraine’s economy. “But what does that support mean”, says Skabeyeva, “as the only things that

How to Comb Russia’s TV News

This article is part of a larger guidebook by RuNet Echo to help people learn how to conduct open-source research on the Russian Internet. Explore the complete guidebook at the special project page. According to survey research by the Levada Center, the vast majority of Russians (85 percent) say they watch television to learn about the country’s news. While less than half (41 percent) say they also trust the news

BBC: Russian viewers misled about sentiment in Europe

Russian state TV has recently been trying to create the impression that the separatists in east Ukraine enjoy widespread sympathy in major European capitals. One TV report even spoke of “mass rallies” in their support. The reality, though, appears to be somewhat different, says BBC. “In the centre of Madrid, a rally has been held in support of peace initiatives in Ukraine,” a presenter on state news channel Rossiya 24 announced early on

Russia 24 Falsely Reports on Poroshenko’s Proposed Amendments to Constitution

The Russian television network Russia 24 falsely reported about new powers it said would be conferred upon the president of Ukraine after the adoption of constitutional amendments regarding the decentralization of powers. The journalist states (from 3:10): “As for the local self-government authorities, the president can dissolve them by his decision at any time. He even does not have to consult with anybody.” This was reported after Ukraine President Petro

Fake: Concentration Camp for Separatists under Construction in Donetsk Region

On April 22, the separatist publication News-Front published a false report about an unfinished concentration camp made by “pro-American” for those “accused of terrorism and separatism by the ruling regime in Ukraine.” The report is based on a video by a war correspondent who claims that the construction site is an uncompleted prison in Zhdanovka in the Donetsk region. He opines: “It is very convenient place to keep prisoners of

Fake: Ukraine Refuses to Respect Human Rights in Southeast of Country

The Ukrainian parliament recently passed a resolution on the “departure from certain commitments defined by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.” Basically, it acknowledges that the Ukrainian government can no longer guarantee the protection of human rights in certain war zones – i.e. that it is not able to have a physical presence in these areas

Jewish Monitoring Group Expert Debunks Russia 24 Claim about Neo-Nazis and Anti-Semitism in Ukraine

On May 18, the Russia 24 network dedicated a news program to focus exclusively on alleged anti-Semitism in Ukraine. “Vesti at 23:00” aired a report and discussion entitled “The new exodus of Jews from Ukraine: Jewish organizations accuse Brussels of keeping problem of neo-Nazism in Ukraine quiet” (from 6:35). The news anchor reported: “In fact, in Ukraine there is another exodus that is much more important, but it is deprived

Fake: Ukraine Demands Compensation from Mongolia for 13th Century Invasion

On May 18, Russia’s REN-TV falsely reported that Ukrainian parliament had adopted a resolution regarding the alleged “genocide against the Ukrainian nation in the 13th century by the criminal regime of the Mongol Empire.” According to the report, Ukraine has demanded that the Mongolian government pay compensation for Batu Khan demolishing Kyiv. The Mongolian government is then to have replied that “the world never knew any Ukrainian nation or heard

Fake: Ukrainian Media Reports on Starvation in Russia

On May 18, Russia’s television channel Zvezda published a bogus report entitled, “Ukrainian Mass Media Informed about Starvation in Russia: People Feed on Waste Fish Products.” It stated: “The TV channel TSN told us how Russians live. According to Ukrainian journalists, starvation came to Russia. There is neither bread, nor lard, nor milk. Russians have only waste fish products to feed on.” Russia 24 also reports it in an evening

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