Four Parachutists did not Paint the star on the top of a Moscow High-rise in the Colors of the Ukrainian flag

Four Parachutists did not Paint the star on the top of a Moscow High-rise in the Colors of the Ukrainian flag

On August 20 information spread through the internet that four young people, all citizens of the Russian Federation, painted the star at the legendary Stalin 176-meter high-rise, located at the Kotelnichesky street in Moscow, in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.  All of them are parachutists. Currently, there is no evidence that this information could be true. One of the inhabitants of the high-rise claimed to accidentally make a video-recording

Office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights did not Conduct an Investigation of Separatists’ arms Delivery Sources

About a month ago major Russian mass media (Russia One, LifeNews, RT, ITAR-TASS and others) informed that the UN had tried to prove that Russia delivered arms to “volunteer corps” in Ukraine and, according to Russian journalists, had failed. “We did not succeed to gather firm evidences of arms delivery”, journalists cited the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay in support of their statements. The Office of the

Fake: Organs of Ukrainian Soldiers are Extracted for Sale

A picture of five cut men bodies lying in pile is spread through the Web. The repost authors claim the photo depicts Ukrainian soldiers, whose organs were sold «to Europe for a handsome sum of money» to make Igor Kolomoiskii and Petro Poroshenko richer. The picture was allegedly received from anonymous doctors who had fled from Mariupol. For example, this message had got over 370 reposts at the time this article was

Fake: The Russian army did not Invade Ukraine

Authorities of the Russian Federation, representatives of State Duma (Parliament) of the Russian Federation, and representatives of Russia in international organizations repeatedly claimed and continue to claim that currently the Russian army is not present in Ukraine.  However, numerous facts obtained by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the U.S. State Department, Polish intelligence, journalists and the Ukrainian army refute this claim. “There are no Russian armor convoys [in Ukraine],”

Fake: American Farmer Supported Russia’s Response to the EU Sanctions

TV channel Russia One in its Vesti program, Russian news agencies (ITAR-TASS) and news sites (Vzgliad, Komsomolskaya Pravda and others) have disseminated a story about American farmer who lives in Russia and who allegedly supported Russia’s sanctions against European food manufacturers. With the help of this news item and other similar stories Russian mass media try to demonstrate that such sanctions will not influence negatively state’s economy, but even will

Weekly newscast from StopFake team. Number 23 (dubbed)

It’s a new and symbolic newscast StopFakeNews # 23, just a day after the 23rd birthday of Ukraine. We are talking about Proton-M, Russian “humanitarian convoy”, Vitaliy Churkin, the Russian gas, Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko etc.    

Fake: SSU Head’s Daughter Arranges Howitzer Shooting Tours

On August 23 Komsomolskaia Pravda website posted an untrue news piece titled “SSU Head’s Daughter Arranges ‘kolorads’ Shooting Tours with Howitzers”.  This information was further spread by a number of websites and social networks. “Valentin Aleksandrovich, the man who uncovers plots against Ukraine and catches hundreds of enemy spies and saboteurs,” writes the journalist Aleksandr Grishin, “better check what his precious daughter is doing.  She offers thrilling tours to combat zone to all willing.

Lies of Russian Authorities: Ukraine has Permitted the Aid Convoy Entry

Starting from August 22 Russian authorities began spreading the information through official declarations and mass media that the trucks of aid convoy had crossed the Ukrainian border and headed to Luhansk with the permission of Ukraine. Here is the declaration on the official website of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which Russian officials «accuse of lies» the Secretary General of NATO, who said the entry of the aid convoy

The lie: Ukrainian soldier “played” separatist

Russian military forces official TV channel Zvezda published a supposed exposure of Ukrainian mass media news about Ukrainian military capturing pro-Russian militants in the Anti-terrorist operation area. Zvezda channel assumes Ukrainians presented a soldier of their own 72nd brigade as a captured militant. Russian journalists allege that there is the same man on the two following screenshots. In fact it is not true. You can watch the original video with captured

Using an old video, Ukrainian television channel “Inter” illustrated the news about Russian armored vehicles

On August 17, the Ukrainian television channel “Inter” reported about rotation of armored vehicles between Russia and certain settlements in the Donetsk region that are under the control of separatist militants. As evidence to support this claim, the channel used a video recording showing the movement of military equipment. Here is the actual story: In fact, this video is unrelated to this news. The same video was already used in

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