Russian Defense Ministry Site Op-Ed: Czechs Should Be Grateful for 1968 Soviet Intervention

Russian Defense Ministry Site Op-Ed: Czechs Should Be Grateful for 1968 Soviet Intervention

By Leonid Maslovsky, commentator “The introduction of troops into Czechoslovakia in 1968 prevented the West from carrying out a coup d’etat in Czechoslovakia using the technology of ‘velvet’ revolutions and preserved peace and harmony with all the peoples of the countries of the Warsaw Treaty Organization for more than twenty years.” Source: TV Zvezda, November 21, 2017 False: Czechs have no reason to be grateful for the Soviet invasion

Tillerson Says U.S. Committed To European Security Amid Russian Threat

By RFE/RL U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has stressed Washington’s commitment to European security, especially as Russia continues what he called its “aggressive behavior .” In a speech on November 28 at a Washington think tank, Tillerson said the United States would be the first to respond to any attack on a European ally under NATO’s Article 5 mutual defense clause. Some European leaders have expressed concern that the

U.S. congressional press office strips RT of Credentials

By Mike Eckel, RFE/RL The organization overseeing media access to the U.S. Congress has stripped Russia state-funded TV channel RT of its press credentials. The move by the Executive Committee of the Congressional Radio And Television Correspondents Gallery comes just weeks after the TV channel complied with an order by the U.S. Justice Department to register under a decades-old law known as the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). In a

Fake: World Jewish Congress Recognizes Crimea as Russian

Russian media are disseminating a story claiming that the World Jewish Congress has recognized Crimea as part of Russia. The source for this claim is a statement made by Crimea’s chief rabbi Binyamin Volf. On November 23 the daily Vesti program on Russian state Rossiya 24 television channel announced that during the World Jewish Congress gathering in New York, Crimea was recognized as part of Russia. The proof – Rabbi

The Daily Vertical: Russia’s Worst-Kept Secret (Transcript)

By Brian Whitmore, for RFE/RL Well, it looks like TASS just spilled the beans. Russia’s state news agency has apparently just revealed one of the Kremlin’s most closely held secrets. In a report on November 24, the lede of a TASS news item read as follows: “Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plan to meet in May 2018.” A separate TASS report said Abe would be

Last week on Russian TV: Too “liberal” education and constitution

By EU vs Disinfo TV Channel 1 discussed a speech by a Russian schoolboy at the German Bundestag. “What about freedom of speech?”, a Tweet from a viewer says. Interpreting WWII: Conspiracies of Western influence A speech that a Russian schoolboy delivered at the German Bundestag was one of the hottest discussion topics on Russian TV last week. The boy spoke at a commemorative session to mark Germany’s People’s Day of Mourning.

Fake: Ukraine among Countries with Highest Level of Organized Crime

Many Russian and Ukrainian media reported this week that Ukraine is officially on the list of countries with the highest level of organized crime. At the center of this claim is the 2017-2018 Global Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum, rating 137 economies based on 114 different criteria. Organized crime is but one of the markers estimating the level of loss that business and legitimate economic activity bear

Fake: Georgian Snipers Shot Maidan Demonstrators

The fourth anniversary of Ukraine’s Maidan Revolution is not only an important historical milestone for the country; it is also a significant disinformation opportunity for the Kremlin propaganda machine. Vesti nedeli  (News of the Week),  a weekly current affairs show on the state run Rossiya 1 television network and its presenter, Russia’s main spin doctor and TV commentator Dimitry Kiselyov took full advantage of the anniversary to claim the Maidan

Kremlin Watch Briefing: More than 156,000 Russia-based accounts tweeted about Brexit

Topics of the Week British media reported that more than 156,000 Russia-based Twitter accounts spread messages about Brexit before the referendum took place in June 2016. In the 48 hours before the vote, more than 45,000 tweets about Brexit had been posted by these accounts. These findings come from a study published by data scientists at Swansea University and the University of California. Freedom House published its latest Freedom of

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