No, Elon Musk is not a Russian spy

No, Elon Musk is not a Russian spy

By Polygraph NTV – Russian television channel Elon is ours! Musk, who suddenly spoke Russian, is now under suspicion: who is he – the Kremlin’s agent, Stierlitz or a victim of the Russian hackers?” Source: Twitter, February 13, 2019 FALSE Speaking Russian does not make one a Kremlin spy Russia’s third largest TV channel NTV recently tweeted a video at Elon Musk showing a rear-driving car, modified by a young

And the Oscar for fact-editing goes to…

By EU vs Disinfo Russian filmmakers were not successful at this year’s Oscar award ceremony. It might have been different if pro-Kremlin outlets were part of the competition. Their ideas are at least as creative as the best products from the Dream Factory.  If such a category existed, the Oscar for the fantasy movie would go to those pro-Kremlin outlets who told a story about Poland building an empire, stretching from

Scaring Ukrainian voters: repression, violence, and contact killings

By Ukrainian Election Task Force Ramping up efforts to sow distrust in Ukraine’s government, former President Viktor Yanukovych claims that Ukraine’s government has attempted to assassinate Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk, a politician with close ties to President Putin. Mainstream media, including 1+1, Inter, Ukrainska Pravda, and Channel 112, have propagated this narrative, which only amplifies distrust and undermines faith in Ukraine’s upcoming presidential election. Russian politicians and Kremlin-controlled propaganda have for five years portrayed Ukraine as a

Countering misinformation (fake news) in India: solutions and strategies

By Tejeswi Pratima Dodda, Rakesh Dubbudu, for Factly Media & Research Download the full report here. Executive Summary As India braces for the upcoming General Election in 2019, recent election experiences from countries like Brazil and United States have highlighted new challenges in information ow, access to data and the critical nature of misinformation in the context of technology and human behaviour. This is a relatively new and evolving subject with

Fake: Ukraine Introduces Dual Citizenship for Western Lobbyists

On February 27 pro-Kremlin site declared that Ukraine had introduced dual citizenship. The publication immediately accused Ukraine of adhering to a double standard as this alleged dual citizenship would be granted only to westerners. The publication then cites Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin who allegedly said that dual citizenship would allow foreign experts to help Ukraine carry out reforms, as was done in 2014-2018 when Georgian, American and Polish

Russian TV host announces targets in the U.S. – some are civilian

By Polygraph Dmitriy Kiselyov CEO of Rossiya Segodnya, TV host of “Vesti Nedeli” on Rossiya 24 TV “It is fundamental that our retaliation in case of a counter-attack would be directed against the United States, as Putin said, against ‘decision-making centers.’…Where are these decision-making centers in the United States? On the U.S. East Coast, the Pentagon, where the highest command of the Armed Forces, the Joint Chiefs of Staff is

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Twitter plans to help with political adds transparency prior to the EP elections

Topics of the Week Twitter announced it will allow European users access to sponsorship information for political ads prior to the elections to the European Parliament. Russian hackers are the fastest, according to the Crowdstrike Security Firm. Kremlin’s Current Narrative: Everyone wants war except Russia. Do not miss Swedish MSB’s handbook for communication officers. Good Old Soviet Joke Who would win a trivia contest “What do you know about USSR?” The CIA agents. Policy &

StopFake #223 with Marko Suprun

Fake: European Union to complicate visa-free travel for Ukrainians. Ukrainian military shoot Donbas checkpoint. Ukraine recognized as one of the most dangerous countries in the world for workers.

Jakub Kalensky: If we want to stop the aggression, we have to stop the aggressor

StopFake talked to Jakub Kalensky, head of the anti-disinformation group of the Ukrainian Election Task Force, a co-founder of the East StratCom Task Force, a European Union anti-disinformation project, analyzing the response to the Kremlin’s propaganda and how the Kremlin can influence the upcoming Ukrainian and European elections. How have the narratives of pro-Kremlin disinformation changed over the last five years? I do not see an extremely surprising development. There

Fake: In Ukraine it is Illegal to Oppose NATO and the EU

Opposing Ukraine’s political course of European Union and NATO integration will now become illegal, even thoughts about an anti-European course for Ukraine will be considered unconstitutional, claimed the propagandist Russian site responding to recent amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution that President Petro Poroshenko signed recently. These amendments outline Ukraine’s foreign policy objectives of EU and NATO integration. “Opposing this course will be a violation of the Constitution. Apparently, even

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