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Fake: Russian Soldier Looting in Chechnya Presented as Ukrainian

The so-called Novorossia news agency published a story accusing Ukrainian armed forces of robbing and looting local Ukrainians in the eastern war and illustrated the fake story with a photograph of a Russian soldier carrying two geese taken in Chechnya in 1995. A separatist fighter named Igor Yashchenko also accused the Ukrainian army of conducting illegal searches and document checks, after which, things allegedly went missing. People find that their

Fake: Graves of ATO Soldiers Bulldozed

Ukrainian and Russian media recently posted a false report that a bulldozer had destroyed the graves of thirty-three Ukrainian soldiers who had died during anti-terrorist operations (ATO) in the town of Sumy. Local authorities were blamed. Sumy website SpetsKor first posted the fake on November 14, and the news then spread among Russian and separatist websites, including Russkaya Vesna, Podrobnosti, and Obozrevatel. SpetsKor claimed that Tatiana Andra, the mother of

Fake: Ukrainian Mobile Operators Charge Residents of “Luhansk People’s Republic” for Antiterrorist Operation

On June 7, the Russian television channel Lifenews ran a piece called “Enrichment in a Kyiv Way,” during which it falsely reported that Ukrainian mobile operators are charging the mobile accounts of residents of the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic for the needs of the Antiterrorist Operation (ATO). It also reported on organized SMS campaigns by the operators. This was republished by Russian and separatists’ publications, such as Crimea-n.ru, Novorossia, Russian

Ukrainian site Censor.net published edited photo of a Russian soldier

One of the most popular Ukrainian news site Censor.net published a photo, changed for the purpose of the news with a graphic editor. This image is said to be a photo of a Russian soldier. As far back as May 26 Censor.net published the news “Russian terrorists leave near Sloviansk bodies of their “comrades-in-arms”. Shocking PHOTOS” and used several photos of bodies with a reference to the site Glavnoye. July

The lie: Ukrainian army shot down civil Malaysia Airlines flight

Lots of mass media accused Ukraine of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 crash that happened on July 17 over Donetsk Oblast. But such statement is not consistent with reality. Let’s start from the fact that on July 17 Russian TV channel LifeNews broadcasted right after the crash that terrorists shot down a Ukrainian plane: “Citizen soldiers report that they managed to shot down one more air carrier of Ukrainian Air Forces.

A photo from Israel, made in 2012, is presented as depicting current events in Ukraine

A photo of a mother, covering a child with herself during a bombardment, is being spread throughout the Network. It is alleged that the picture is taken in the Eastern Ukraine. Particularly the photo became widespread in the social network Vkontakte. However, this photo was made neither in Luhansk, nor in Donetsk, but in Israel as far back as in 2012.

One Photo Manipulation: from Refugees in Rostov to Filtration Camps

Ukrainian journalist Oleksandr Piddubny made an investigation about a “trip” of one photo under different titles across the information field. He published the results in his blog. With Oleksandr’s permission we translated his article. Since June 10 mass media have been using actively the same photo of a girl, evacuated from Sloviansk by Ukrainian authorities on June 6, 2014, as an illustration for different news. For the first time the

Videofake: counterfeit graves in Sloviansk

July 7 a video or rather a slide-show with open graves and an audio appeal to spread around this video appeared on Youtube. A voiceover alleges: “At this moment in Sloviansk Ukrops dug out graves of their 200th men  that they themselves had executed by shooting. At this moment they are putting newly dead bodies of peaceful people in these graves”. Then it is stated that all this is done

Fake: Unwilling to Fight Ukrainian Paratroopers Resign from Service

June 23 Russian news agency ITAR-TASS reported round 400 paratroopers of Ground Forces 25th Separate Dnepropetrovsk Highly Mobile Airborne Division resigning from service within three days and four hundred more refusing to enter ATO area. The news agency referred to its own source in the division. The news was reposted by various websites and social networks.   This information was refuted by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. Official Ministry of Defence Facebook

Photo of Little Girl Killed in Syria is Presented as Photo of Victim in South-Eastern Ukraine

June 18, LiveInternet user “Polkovnik Baranets” (English: “Colonel Baranets”) posted a photo of a deceased child, calling on Ukraine’s South-East to take revenge on “the Ukrainian junta for the deaths of its innocent children and grandchildren”. “Polkovnik Baranec” is known to readers of Komsomolskaya Pravda (English: Komsomol Truth), as a military-oriented columnist of that newspaper. The photo instantly spread across social media: Twitter and VK. However, this photo has no relation

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