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Fake: Ukrainian Diplomat: “Kharkiv and Odessa Will Meet Russian Tanks with Flowers”

In the beginning of March the separatist publication DONI Press published a story claiming that a Ukrainian diplomat said the Ukrainian cities Kharkiv and Odessa would meet Russian tanks with flowers. Doni Press cites former Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleh Voloshyn, who is no longer in the  Ukrainian foreign service. “I’m simply a foreign policy expert, I left the Ukrainian foreign service in 2013 and have nothing to do with

Fake: All Privileges and Compensations Abolished in Ukraine

On June 1, many Russian media, including Zvezda, Russia 24, Radio Vesti, and RRNews.ru, falsely reported that all the privileges and compensations for retirees, veterans, Chernobyl victims, and “children of war” had been abolished in Ukraine, as of June 1. They were referring to Law №1577, “On amendments being made to certain legislative acts and on the annulment of certain legislative acts,” adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament,

Fake: Ukrainian Military Beat Andrey Makarevich at Kharkiv Concert

Russian and other media have falsely reported that Ukrainian soldiers recently beat Russian singer Andrey Makarevich. According to the reports, the incident allegedly took place during a private concert in Kharkiv by the singer for the leaders of the ATO on the eve of Victory Day. Allegedly, one of battalion commanders punched the singer in the face and then broke a guitar over his head. The story first appeared on

Fake: Ukrainians to Abandon Orthodoxy

Several Russian media have falsely reported that a Ukrainian church is going to abandon Orthodoxy and fall in with the Greek Catholic Church. On April 23, the Russian television and radio agency Zvezda published an article with the headline, “Ukrainians Are Ready to Abandon Orthodoxy.” Other Russian media reposted the news with similar headlines (Dni.ru and Novostnoi Front). The sensational headlines are based on a distorted account of the decretal

Kharkiv Forbids Veterans from Wearing St. George Ribbons

On April 20, Russia’s Lifenews edition falsely reported that a regional council head forbade Second World War veterans in Kharkiv from wearing St. George ribbons and flags (commemorating the Red Army’s victory) during a Victory Day’s march on May 9. The piece also manipulated a quote by Kharkiv Regional State Administration. It states: “Defenders of Kharkiv were warned officially: entrance for the holiday is forbidden for those with St. George

The Ukraine Plan

Following is a rough but semantically correct translation of the full text of the “Ukraine Strategy Document”, dated somewhere after February 4th 2014 and prior to February 15th 2014, leaked today by Novaya Gazeta: In assessing the political situation in Ukraine one must recognize, firstly, the bankruptcy of President Viktor Yanukovych and the fact that his ruling “family” is rapidly losing control of the political process;Secondly, the paralysis of the

Fake: Marchers Call Out “Death to Moskals” in Kharkiv

While reporting about a bomb attack in Kharkiv on February 23, 2015, some Russian media (segodnia.ru, riafan.ru) claimed that the bomb had detonated “just when the marchers called out ‘Death to Moskals!’” (“Moskal” is a pejorative term for “Russian.”) The “Death to Moskals!” story was then disseminated via social networks.   However these reports made no reference to a video that was actually taken at the moment of the explosion.

Nigerian Mechanics were Turned into “American Mercenaries and Chastisers” who had Come to Ukraine in Order to Fight Here

On October 15, the website politnavigator.net published news telling that “combat black mercenaries had allegedly come to Kharkiv”. The reason for this news was a video showing “blacks in camouflage near microbuses” in Kharkiv. The video maker states that he filmed it in the courtyard of one of the Kharkiv hotels. According to him, about two dozens of black men came allegedly to assist Ukrainian militaries. “Here are they. Combat

Fake Images of Novorussia flag on spot of Dismantled Monument to Lenin in Kharkiv

On the 7th of October the news agency Kharkiv  sited a news piece stating a Novorussia flag was put up on the spot of the toppled over Lenin statue on the night of 7th October. The news was illustrated with a poor quality image. Later on the same piece appeared on the Russian Spring  website. Here the same images appeared in better quality. But the original images clearly show the

Lies: Accomplice of Terrorists Was Released in Courtroom

Several e-news agencies simultaneously reported that the commander of an armed squad and a priest of Moscow Patriarchate Vladimir Maretskii, who had taken active part in seizing of the Novoaidar district electoral commission, was released by the Kiev district court in Kharkov.. All of them referred to the Facebook page of a Lugansk public figure, Dmitrii Snegirev . «Now this terrorist priest is giving press conferences and telling how Ukrainian soldiers tortured

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