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Fake Commentary on the Arrest of Separatist

The Russian site Ukraina.ru and separatist sites News portal, News Front and Novorosinform.org have posted a false commentary, allegedly from the Center for Constitutional Rights in the U.S., about the arrest of Odesa separatist Artem Buzila. A certain Grey or Greg Butterfield, who is reported to be the head of the Center, allegedly said: “It became dangerous to express his or her view in Ukraine. Organizers of protests are accused

Fake: Bessarabia Proclaims Autonomy

On May 16, Russian and Ukrainian media falsely reported that the second congress of the Bessarabia People’s Council had taken place in Odesa and that the congress had called for the autonomy of Bessarabia. According to the reports, Vera Shevchenko, listed as the leader of the Bessarabia People’s Council, made a direct appeal to Ukraine’s parliament. The sources give direct Shevchenko’s citations. The Russian site news-front.info reported about Shevchenko’s participation

Aric Toler, Bellingcat: The question should be “why has it taken so long to abandon the SU-25 theory?”

What is wrong with a new Russian ‘leaked’ report concerning Malaysia Airlines Boeing crash? StopFake.org talked to Aric Toler, contributor at bellingcat.com. Aric, you mentioned on Twitter the Kremlin has used “at least one map” of the MoD conference last July. Could you explain it in details? Aric Toler: The satellite images provided in the new ‘leaked’ report show Ukrainian missile defense systems located near Zaroshchenske, but these images were

Fake: Maria Tsipko Detained by SBU

Information has once again been circulating that the famous speculator and anti-Ukrainian heroine Maria Tsypko has been detained by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). This story has been distributed among different sites since July, 2014, and generally according to the same scenario: While taking part in a religious procession with the Tikhvin icon in order to “raise the fighting spirit of rebels,” Tsypko was arrested along the road from

Trying ‘to expose’ Ukrainian video about Mariupol attack, Russian Ministry of Defense made some mistakes

The Russia Today channel on the site ‘RT in Russian’ published information that the video of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) with testimony about attack of Mariupol by the Russian troops was disproved in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, having called it ‘a crazy quilt’. The source of this news is posted on the Facebook page of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation. The article

Fake: Ukrainian SBU posted Volnovakha analysis on the blog [email protected]

Lifenews (better know as Lienews) reports that the hackers Cyber-Berkut were able to steal documents that proof that Ukraine planned a provocation at Volnovakha checkpoint and that the SBU wote the analysis on my blog… This is the original tweet from lieNews: Here is the link to their article. This is a link to a cached article. These are the ‘documents’ used: That last document mentions the blog including the exact link

Fake: Ukrainian Soldiers were Ordered to Shell Peaceful Villages

The website “Russkaya vesna” (eng. – Russian Spring) published a forged document which allegedly contained an order to all Ukrainian militaries taking part in the Antiterrorist operation to shell peaceful residents of Donbas villages and to present this crimes as deeds of the “militia men” of so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People Republics. This information, translated into Russian, was spread by the channel Anna News and others pro-Russian sites. Also this

Fake: SSU Head’s Daughter Arranges Howitzer Shooting Tours

On August 23 Komsomolskaia Pravda website posted an untrue news piece titled “SSU Head’s Daughter Arranges ‘kolorads’ Shooting Tours with Howitzers”.  This information was further spread by a number of websites and social networks. “Valentin Aleksandrovich, the man who uncovers plots against Ukraine and catches hundreds of enemy spies and saboteurs,” writes the journalist Aleksandr Grishin, “better check what his precious daughter is doing.  She offers thrilling tours to combat zone to all willing.

The lie: Ukrainian army shot down civil Malaysia Airlines flight

Lots of mass media accused Ukraine of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 crash that happened on July 17 over Donetsk Oblast. But such statement is not consistent with reality. Let’s start from the fact that on July 17 Russian TV channel LifeNews broadcasted right after the crash that terrorists shot down a Ukrainian plane: “Citizen soldiers report that they managed to shot down one more air carrier of Ukrainian Air Forces.

One more lie: two priests from Sloviansk were killed by Ukrainian nationalists

Radio “The Voice of Russia” twisted the words of Ukrainian Internal Affair Minister’s Advisor Anton Geraschenko, which were said in Kiev on July 14, during the briefing meeting. There was talk of bodies of two priests, exhumed by Ukrainian public forces. The priests were killed by terrorists for helping Antiterrorist Forces. There was the following text under the heading «Two priests from Slavyansk killed for assisting self-defense forces»: This must

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