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#PackOfLies: Lessons from Georgia

European Values Think Tank’s study “Russia’s disinformation activities and counter-measures: lessons from Georgia” published on September 18th provides us with the lessons, from which, according to the researchers, we can see how Georgia has been dealing with Kremlin’s disinformation in recent years. Perhaps the most significant lesson to be drawn here is that some politicians talking about the danger of disinformation is clearly not enough: the fight against disinformation has

#PackOfLies: How Moldova protects itself against disinformation

By Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis Though Moldova is daily bombarded by huge amounts of disinformation, there are active groups in the country working on disclosing and countering propaganda. They not only seek to expose to the society a range of different lies spread but also teach how to fight disinformation. Three main initiatives, working on disclosing and fighting propaganda, operate in the country. One of the best-known initiatives is

#PackOfLies: To disentangle from Kremlin’s cobweb of lies. The case of Georgia

By Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis, for StopFake Kremlin’s propaganda is spreading lies in Georgia that September 11 attacks were perpetrated by the US government itself, and that liberalism is linked to the ancient Roman God Liber, famous for alcoholism and sexual perversion. These lies are meant to discredit Western democracies and liberalism as an ideology of freedom. As this is not the first time that Kremlin and its sources

#PackOfLies: Propaganda by proxy

It is vital for Kremlin’s representatives to convince the West that the disinformation spread by them is not just a position taken by Moscow and its selected experts. In order to do that, it is necessary to find the right persons that have or have previously had a high status in a Western country some time ago. In this way they are seeking to send the message that says: “It

#PackOfLies: Lies about Ukraine in Putin’s speech

During the annual live broadcast “Direct Line“ which airs on all the biggest Russian TV channels, Russian president Vladimir Putin was asked what advice he would give to his grandchildren. Not to lie, he said. He did not, however, apply this to himself. Here we present the parts of his speech concerning the lies and disinformation about Ukraine. Sanctions. Putin criticized the Western sanctions on Russia which are allegedly enforced

#PackOfLies: Inconvenient facts in Babchenko case

When it was announced that the Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko was murdered in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv on Tuesday, it did not take long for the Kremlin to use this crime for their propaganda and disinformation purposes. However, when it appeared that Babchenko is actually alive and the reports about his murder are a part of the Ukraine Special Services’ operation, questions whether the media’s involvement in such campaigns will not

#PackOfLies: How Egyptian students became fake Palestinian martyrs

A fake video, supposedly showing how the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip filmed misleading videos about the seemingly killed martyrs of their own so that they could accuse Israel of crimes against humanity, went viral not only in Lithuania but also all around the world two weeks ago. As the debates are taking place in a public sphere whether the Israel army’s response to the Palestinians’ protests in the Gaza

#PackOfLies: Who’s the best at holding the front line?

In the context of major election campaigns, resonant events such as Sergei Skripal’s poisoning and the Western preparation for important military steps, the armies of Kremlin trolls have become more active than ever. For example, as the US has been preparing to punish Bashar al-Assad who carried out a chemical attack against his own citizens, the Pentagon has registered a 2 000 per cent increase in the activity of Kremlin

#PackOfLies: A party without results?

The Baltic presidents’ visit to the US has received special attention from the Kremlin-supported media in order to show that nothing serious has happened. Propaganda outlets tried to convey a message that not only Donald Trump has not promised anything to “the Pribalts”, but also that he has humiliated them. Some local Lithuanian periodicals put effort not to stay behind Kremlin’s disinformation channels. Their goal was not only to show

#PackOfLies: Gathering of radicals in the occupied Crimea

Yale historian Timothy Snyder in his latest book “The Road to Unfreedom” calls Kremlin’s politics schizofascism. By accusing everyone of fascism Kremlin is actually itself the bastion of fascism today, basing its neo-imperial ideology on such fascist-leaning philosophers as Ivan Illyin, Lev Gumilev, Aleksandr Dugin etc. Just recently The Yalta International Economic Forum, organised by Kremlin, ended in Yalta, that is, in Russian-occupied Crimea. It is not by chance that

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