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Fake: Ukraine’s Parliamentary Speaker Calls for a New Maydan

Scores or pro-Kremlin media featured stories this week claiming that Ukraine’s parliamentary speaker Andriy Parubiy was calling Ukrainians to launch a new Maydan protest. Russian Defense Ministry organ Zvezda, Russkaya Vesna, Rambler, Goryachay Linia DNR and others all claimed that Parubiy’s May 22 tweet was an incitement to mass protests. You think the smell of revenge is in the air? Smell it! It’s the smell of burning tires. Revenge will

Fake: AFU Brigade Plans Rally and Takeover

Russian and separatist media falsely reported that the 72nd Brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces had left its deployment position and had prepared to march on Kyiv to rally against President Petro Poroshenko. According to ukraine.ru, the event was to have taken place on November 8 near Ukraine’s parliamentary building, at which time the soldiers would demand money and the release of politician Gennady Korban. The news was re-posted by

Fake: Member of Ukrainian Parliament Calls for Coup d’Etat and Storming Verkhovna Rada

On August 23-24, Russian and separatists media falsely reported that the leader of Ukraine’s Radical Party and member of Parliament, Oleh Liashko, had called for storming the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine’s Parliament of Ukraine). Russia television channel Zvezda was one of the media outlets initially posting the information, listing Russkaya Vesna as its source. The fake report was then reposted by Dnr-news, Monavista, PolitRussia, and other media. At then end of

Fake: All Privileges and Compensations Abolished in Ukraine

On June 1, many Russian media, including Zvezda, Russia 24, Radio Vesti, and RRNews.ru, falsely reported that all the privileges and compensations for retirees, veterans, Chernobyl victims, and “children of war” had been abolished in Ukraine, as of June 1. They were referring to Law №1577, “On amendments being made to certain legislative acts and on the annulment of certain legislative acts,” adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament,

Fake: Ukraine Demands Compensation from Mongolia for 13th Century Invasion

On May 18, Russia’s REN-TV falsely reported that Ukrainian parliament had adopted a resolution regarding the alleged “genocide against the Ukrainian nation in the 13th century by the criminal regime of the Mongol Empire.” According to the report, Ukraine has demanded that the Mongolian government pay compensation for Batu Khan demolishing Kyiv. The Mongolian government is then to have replied that “the world never knew any Ukrainian nation or heard

Fake: Poroshenko Asks Verkhovna Rada to Classify Budget as “Secret”

On February 19, 2015, several mass media, including the Russian news agency Interfax and the website for the Ukrainian television channel ICTV, reported that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko requested that Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, classify the national budget as “secret.” The site depo.ua was cited as the source of this information. Yet on the same day, depo.ua published an article stating the exact opposite, with the headline, “Poroshenko Asks

Fake: Yarosh’s Grenade in the Verkhovna Rada

The TV channel of the Ministry of Defense of Russia Zvezda made news from the joke of Dmytro Yarosh, the member of the Ukrainian parliament. Journalists informed that the leader of the Right Sector Dmytro Yarosh had allegedly promised to set off a grenade during a session of the Verkhovna Rada (the Ukrainian Parlament). “He announced this on Hromadske TV. Yarosh promised to journalists to come to the building of

Fake: Dmytro Yarosh came with a Machine Gun to the Verkhovna Rada Meeting

A screenshot of the Russian Channel One evening newscast appeared in the Network. In this newscast Russian journalists informed that the member of the Ukrainian Parliament Dmytro Yarosh had allegedly come to the first meeting of the Verkhovna Rada with a machine gun (at present moment there is no such screenshot in the news of the Channel One). Particularly, the Ukrainian site Censor.net writes about this, without a reference to

Borislav Bereza Refuted the Plans to Shoot Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers

On November 7, antifashist.com posted news about newly elected politician Borislav Bereza telling on the air of Inter TV-Channel that “soldiers who return from ATO zone with some firearms and miners will come to the Parliament on Friday and take MPs through Grushevskii Str to Lobanovskii Stadium to shoot them”. The news was further carried by other pro-separatist websites and social networks. However, the information is false. It was refuted

Russian video montage: 1.5 mln Donbas residents should be killed, Ukrainian journalist said

July 31 Russian TV channel LifeNews showed a video fragment from the Ukrainian hromadske.tv web-channel. According to it, the Ukrainian journalist Bohdan Butkevych allegedly said: “The Donbas is not just a depressed region. There we have a large complex of problems. And the main thing there are an incredible number of unnecessary people there. I am aware of what I am talking about. Speaking only about the Donetsk Region, there are approximately 4 million people

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