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Fake: Concentration Camp for Separatists under Construction in Donetsk Region

On April 22, the separatist publication News-Front published a false report about an unfinished concentration camp made by “pro-American” for those “accused of terrorism and separatism by the ruling regime in Ukraine.” The report is based on a video by a war correspondent who claims that the construction site is an uncompleted prison in Zhdanovka in the Donetsk region. He opines: “It is very convenient place to keep prisoners of

Fake: Ukraine Refuses to Respect Human Rights in Southeast of Country

The Ukrainian parliament recently passed a resolution on the “departure from certain commitments defined by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.” Basically, it acknowledges that the Ukrainian government can no longer guarantee the protection of human rights in certain war zones – i.e. that it is not able to have a physical presence in these areas

Zvezda Misrepresents Washington Post Column

Commenting on Russian singer Polina Gagarina taking second place at the recent Eurovision Song Contest, Russian television network Zvezda presented a translation from a Washington Post opinion column, but falsely attributed it to Ukrainian media. Zvezda’s site reports: “The second place and 303 points did not prevent Ukrainian mass media from throwing mud at Gagarina. Her result was presented in Ukraine as the loss of Russia. By the way, Ukraine

Fake: One Thousand People in Sofia Demand that Ukraine Stop Repressions

On May 17, Russia’s Channel One broadcast a questionable video report about a protest in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia. About one thousand people allegedly rallied in front of the Ukrainian embassy to demand that Ukrainian authorities stop the political repressions of national minorities and members of the organization Bessarabia People’s Council. The video shows people with banners protesting. However, there is no shot of the whole crowd, and therefore it is

Fake: Ukraine’s New Law Bans Kuchma and Kravchuk

On May 19, the Russian news service Russia Today falsely claimed that a new law banning the symbols and promotion of Communism and Nazism in Ukraine also included prohibitions against quoting certain officials. They based this news on the article of the Ukrainian newspaper Vesti. RT stated that most notably, the alleged ban would forbid quoting former presidents Leonid Kravchuk and Leonid Kuchma, and other persons holding high positions in the

Fake: Bessarabia Proclaims Autonomy

On May 16, Russian and Ukrainian media falsely reported that the second congress of the Bessarabia People’s Council had taken place in Odesa and that the congress had called for the autonomy of Bessarabia. According to the reports, Vera Shevchenko, listed as the leader of the Bessarabia People’s Council, made a direct appeal to Ukraine’s parliament. The sources give direct Shevchenko’s citations. The Russian site reported about Shevchenko’s participation

Fake: Millions of Russian Citizens in Ukraine to Be Interned

On May 12, Sputniknews falsely reported that a bill has come into effect in Ukraine that could send “millions of Russian citizens” in the country to special internment camps. “If the bill is approved, millions of Russian citizens residing in Ukraine will be interned in special camps as war prisoners,” the article states. According to Sputniknews, the bill “provides for the compulsory internment in special camps of foreign nationals residing

The Museum of Historical Treasures denied the fact that Scythian gold has been exported from Ukraine.

The absurdity of the news about the exportation of Scythian gold by Yatsenyuk is very clear. However, our readers kept sending this fake for us to refute. So here we are. We want to remind that on the 13th March LifeNews stated that Arseniy Yatsenyuk the prime minister of Ukraine supposedly exported Scythians gold as a guarantee of IMF debt repayments. The cost of these relics was estimated at $20

In the list of artists who support Putin, a deceased artist was entered

The list of artists, who support the position of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on Ukraine and Crimea includes dead people. The gallery owner Marat Gelman stated this. “Among the signatories of the letter of artists in defense of Putin there is deceased Victor Tsigal, number 468 on the list. Tsigal V.E, Honored Artist of Russia”, – he said. As it turned out, the artist Victor Tsigal died

A famous provocateur – a hero of many Photoshop contests – was noticed amongst the pro Russian rioters on the streets of Donetsk

During the bloody riots in Donetsk on the 13th March some Latvian Internet users noticed a man that strongly reminded them of a famous provocateur in their country named Alyosha. He got famous after a series of antigovernment riots in Riga on the 13th February 2009. A comparative image of a very similar looking toothless guy appeared on the Internet

The Kherson authorities denied that they cancelled the WW2 celebration of the 70th anniversary of the city’s liberation.

On March13th, 2014 the program reported that the 70th anniversary of liberation of Kherson from Nazi invaders, which was planned to be celebrated there, had been cancelled. “Vzglyad” also said, with reference to ITAR-TASS, that Kherson would not take part in a commemorative relay dedicated to the glory of the soldiers. During this relay it was planned to pass a capsule filled with soil, along the route that Soviet

The Ministry of Defence denied the fact of insubordination to Kiev of 30 military units located in Crimea

On the 12th March RIA News stated that 30 military units located in Crimea are now taking orders from Crimean government rather than from Kiev or stayed neutral. However, the Crimean Regional Ministry of Defence press centre denied this information. Press center representative exclusively released to StopFake: “Currently there are three to five military units that were captured by so-called “self defense” along with Russian soldiers and are fully controlled

NTV illustrated “chaos on the roads of Western Ukraine” with video from traffic jams in Mezhygirya

The Russian television channel NTV on March 12 published on its website an article entitled “In Western Ukraine traffic police is virtually paralyzed,” illustrating the story of its program “PE”, entitled “Chaos on the roads of Western Ukraine videotaped”: In the story, a journalist complains “the regions whose people were at the core of Maydan, after the coup, are forced to deal with everyday problems on their own. Structures

The Sculptor Zurab Tsereteli has not signed a letter in support of Putin’s policies in Ukraine and Crimea

On March 11, 2014 the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation website reported that more than a hundred Russian cultural figures supported the policies of President Vladimir Putin concerning Crimea. As of 15:00 March 13, 2014, there were already 300 signatories. Later it turned out that one of the signatories listed on the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation website, the sculptor Zurab Tsereteli knew nothing about existence

FAKE: Crimea belongs to Russia on documents

The program “Vesti” on the TV channel “Russia” showed a news story about Crimea being supposedly part of the Russian Federation. The reason is a statement by Ruslan Khasbulatov, who was chairman of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation in 1991-1993. According to Khasbulatov, in 1993, the Russian parliament passed a resolution on the inclusion of Sevastopol into the Russian Federation. The document defines restitution of the city of

The Ukrainian MP Kuzhel has not called Kharkiv to revolt against the current government

Alexandra Kuzhel’s video message to the people of Kharkiv has appeared on Youtube on March 8, 2014. It claims that the MP from the “Batkivshyna” parliament group allegedly said that the upcoming elections will not be elections but war. Viewer gets the impression that she is talking about the early presidential elections scheduled for May 25, 2014. “The question is: will you exist in this country after them? You personally?

The Commander of the Bakhchisaray military unit did not defect to Russia

Recently, it was reported in some Ukrainian media outlets that the Commander, Lieutenant Colonel of the Bakhchsarai Motor Battalion Vladimir Sadovnik, as well as several military – contractors and praporshchiks, took the sideof the Crimean government. Allegedly, it happened on March 10, 2014, when Sadovnik accompanied by the unidentified soldiers with automatic guns entered the territory of his military unit. However, the Bakhchisaray Commander Vladimir Gardener, who was kidnapped in

Russia justifies Crimean separatism with the Kosovo secession, which it had sharply condemned previously

The Russian Foreign Ministry on its official website on March 11, 2014 issueda “Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on the adoption of the Declaration of Independence of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol”, in which, among other things, it justified intention of the Crimean authorities to separate from Ukraine with decision of Kosovo authorities to secede from Serbia and the recognition of this

Donetsk “Berkut” did not change over to the side of self-proclaimed Governor Gubarev

The LifeNews Channel showed an episode about events in Donetsk on March 7, 2014. In this episode the fighters of the special police force of Ukraine “Berkut”, which are deployed on the base near the regional center, reportedly refused to comply with the orders of Kyiv authorities. According to the correspondent of this channel, whose information has not been confirmed by any of the “Berkut” officers, security officials opposed the

Fake: Russia’s actions are justified by international law

Russia calls its actions on the territory of Ukraine ‘our legal obligations to protect compatriots’. For example, today, speaking at the plenary session of the State Duma on behalf of the fraction “United Russia”, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Construction Dmitry Vyatkin said: “In late February – early March representatives of all parliamentary fractions worked in the Crimea … I must say that during numerous

Crimea: Putin vs. Reality

This is the third installment in Timothy Snyder’s series on Russian ideology and the Ukrainian revolution. Earlier articles examined the Kremlin’s Eurasian ideology and its propaganda about the Kiev uprising. You can read the original of this article here. The Russian invasion and occupation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula is a disaster for the European peacetime order. But more critical still is just what Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks he is

Horrible mistakes Western media makes in Ukraine

“ recommends for reading an article by Greg Satell, published in the American version of Forbes. Presenting his own view, the author debunks the main myths about Ukraine imposed by Russian propaganda to the West. This material is not factual material and does not claim to be fully objective. Rather, it reflects the personal opinion of the author. The original article can be read here. When the pundits talk about Vladimir Putin’s

Only in December 2013 Putin categorically refuted a possibility of deployment of troops in Crimea.

During a big press-conference on the 19th of December 2013 Russian Federation president Vladimir Putin got a direct question from a journalist about a possibility of deployment of troops on the Crimean territory. Putin replied “ This is absolutely ridiculous. Nothing like this is happening nor will happen. The transcript of the press-conference including this statement is on Kremlin’s official website. Nevertheless, currently there are Russian military and their equipment

Migration Service of Russia denied the information about thousands of refugees from Ukraine

Federal Migration Service of Russian Federation has denied reports of the Russian state media about mass number of refugees from Ukraine who want to obtain Russian citizenship. This was stated by Deputy Head of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation Anatoly Fomenko at the meeting of Federation Council committee on monitoring the situation in Ukraine, the Russian newspaper reported. “Since beginning of 2014 82 Ukrainian citizens have asked

Russia did not impose a ban on the supply of fuel for nuclear power plants in Ukraine

Recently, Russian media reported the following information, quoting ITAR –TASS, that Russia allegedly imposed a ban on the supply of fuel for nuclear power plants in Ukraine. As stated by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin at the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, ban was imposed because of the unstable situation in the country. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that the

«Maydan» tax does not exist.

There is a rumor in the East of Ukraine amongst employees of government financed organizations and employees of plants and mines that belong to SCM/MIH/DTEK Holdings about a “Maydan repair tax”. The amounts vary from source to source – 10%, 30%, 2 days salary, etc. That is why the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine officially stated that they never made such decision. They said “If this tax would

FAKE: Neo-fascists in Lviv were beating up an elderly lady, who was going to put flowers on Lenin’s monument

Considering the fact that there is no Lenin monument in Lvov for the last 20 years, you would think that just this fact would prove that this rumor is not true. However, people continue to spread it all over social networks, resenting “fascists from Lvov” and justifying Russia’s actions to protect the people in south-east and Crimea from these “fascists”. This is a quote from one of the posts on

Supreme Council (Verkhovna Rada) of Ukraine never considered switching Ukrainian alphabet to latin

Special committee in temporary parliament that is preparing a draft of the law “On the development and use of languages ​​in Ukraine” did not consider the option of rejecting the Cyrillic letters. Two memebers of the committee said that information about slow change of Ukrainian language to latin alphabet spread by Russsian media is a lie. MP Vyacheslav Kirilenko kreleased exclusively to  StopFake : “I declare that during first and only session

The Nobel prize committee did not even hear anything about Putin a «dove of peace»

The head of administration of Norwegian Nobel institute Dag-Kuhle Gotovac did not confirm Geir Lundestad’s (director of Norwegian Nobel Institute) words that the president of Russsian Federation Vladimir Putin is nominated for the Nobel Peace prize.   The journalist asked if this information stated by Mr. Lundestad is true and how does it go together with the internal Nobel institute nondisclosure agreements. (They are ot allowed to mention the names

4th Company: Crimean “Tigers” are part of the North Caucasus Military District subunit

This is like “Spot the five differences” game. The picture in question is of the “Tiger” Russian military vehicle. On the left – a “Tiger” in Crimea, March 4, near the Ukrainian Air Force Base. On the right – a 4th company “Tiger”. This is the same intelligence subunit, which was identified to be present in Crimea. On both number plates number “21” is evident. This is the code of the

“Komsomolskaia Pravda” newspaper imputed a video appeal of Maidan activist to Hollywood

The appeal of Ukrainian activist to the world explaining what is happening in Kyiv and why, the journalist of “Komsomolskaia Pravda” denounced a Hollywood production .Various statements such as “I immediately realized that they were specially trained people ” can be found in comments to the video. In fact , despite the two authors’ correct names are mentioned in the material, the whole story is completely fictional . First of

Urmas Paet Did Not Confirm That Snipers Were Hired by Leaders of Maidan

The recording of conversation of the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Catherine Ashton where Paet retells the story of snipers shooting both sides was posted on internet. The recording of phone talk of Paet and Ashton was uploaded on YouTube on Wednesday by the user named «Expertise Centre of the Russian Federation». The clip was accompanied by the message, according to which

Ardent participant of pro-Russian protests from a ‘’soldier’s mother’’ turned into a “refuge from Donetsk”

In a Russian city of Novocherkask during the protest in support of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine a very well-known “barnstormer” gave a speech. She was seen at the pro-Russian protests in Kharkiv, Seveastopol and Kyiv. The woman addressed from the stage and introduced herself as a ‘refuge from Donetsk’’ and told the story how she was “running away in the middle of the night”. Her performance was shown on the

ITAR-TASS spread fake information about Kolomojskyj’s company

The news agency ITAR-TASS posted the fake information about the stocks’ price decrease of the British oil company JFX Oil&Gas, which belongs to Ihor Kolomojskyj, the new governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region. The report about the company’s JFX Oil&Gas price decrease was spread after the Russian President V. Putin called the new head of the regional administration a rogue. In the author’s opinion, this uttering was the result of stocks’

How the stories on Russian “First Channel” are created…

Alex Exler writes in his blog (rubric: Honduras): My friends from Lithuania sent me a link to a peculiar video of “First Channel”(RU), in which starting from 1.33 sec. the story goes about a “secret base” in Lithuania, where the “Maidan militants are trained.” The story is made very simple – following the trend of modern “zombie-TV” (Russian TV broadcasting state propaganda): a voice-over tells how Maidan militants are prepared

FAKE: USA gave Ukraine $5 billion for coup d’etat

Our reader says: This is a good example of a cheap propaganda for people not speaking English and therefore not having access to the source of the news. There is information spreading that USA gave $5 billion to organize government overthrow. They also say this money was used to pay people to stay at Maydan. For example this Facebook user says: Stas Saveliev “ If you speak English and don’t trust Russian zombie TV and

Aircraft carrier “George Bush” will not enter into the Black Sea. Expert opinion.

We called to our bases in Kerch and Feodosia. There are no NATO ships neither in the Black Sea or international waters. The sixth fleet, as it should be, is located in the Mediterranean Sea. And while the Ukrainian and Russian media are replicating photos of Aircraft carrier “George Bush”, our readers are asking if it is true, that “George Bush” enters into the Black Sea. Facebook page of the carrier announces that it lies about 3 Ukrainian air defense regiment desertion into Crimea Autonomy side

On the 4th of March announced an urgent message about readiness of Ukrainian soldiers and local population to defend Crimea . Supposedly 3 Ukrainian air defense regiment, 800 soldiers and officers announced this message. website also announced, that military regiments, located in Evparotia, Feodosia and Fiolenta changed over into Crimea’s side. Earlier on, 30 Ukrainian air-defense crews already took the side of Crimea,  says Aleksandr Markin, executive of military base

The alleged statement that six thousand soldiers swore the oath of enlistment to the Crimean “government” are false and have been refuted

There have been numerous attempts on the Russian news to make false statements that six thousands of Ukrainian soldiers swore the oath of enlistment to the Crimean “government.” The various media agencies began to duplicate and distribute the news as soon as it was published. However, on March 4, 2014, radio “Svoboda” denied these allegations. “None of the military units or ships followed the order of Russian army commanders to

FAKE: Kharkiv in Chaos

The Italian newspaper La Nazione published a photo with the caption “Crimea in chaos” with the image of fighting near the administrative building. However, there is Kharkiv City Council in this photo not Crimea.

Fake about the frigate “Hetman Sahaidachny”

A number of Russian and Ukrainian media spread fake information that Ukrainian frigate “Hetman Sahaidachny” refused to follow orders from Kjiv and raised St. Andrew’s flag. An example of this news: This fake was disproved by official authorities of Ukraine: The same message was posted on the official representation of the frigate to Facebook.

RIA.Ru unjustified understates the appearance in Ukrainian enlistment offices

On site they posted the news claiming that the appearance in Ukrainian enlistment offices is very low despite the fact that all-Ukrainian mobilization was already announced. And even phone calls from the enlistment office to inductees doesn’t make any differences. Meanwhile enlistment offices themselves are saying the opposite. As it was posted on lvivexpress to the house of united enlistment offices of Lviv (the one on Kleparska st, 22) the whole Sunday, the 2th

Fake Simferopol shooting newscast by NTV

Russian NTV channel broadcasted this report on 1 March. It alleged that some “provocative forces” had attacked a building in Simferopol, Crimea’s capital. It claimed that some people had been wounded, including journalists (nothing too serous, the reporter added). In the end, local “self-defence units” and Russia-backed new regional government restored control over the situation, he said. Other Russian media carried similar reports about “Ukrainian extremists” shooting in Simferopol. Some bloggers exposed this newscast

FAKE: Right Sector (Pravyu Sector) appeal to Doku Umarov

Several days ago information that a Ukrainian right-radical organization «Pravyu Sector» asked military help from Doku Umarov (a Chechen separatist warlord ) appeared in the news and social networks. First this came from a post on “Pravyu Sector” page on Vkontakte . In the post it states that many Ukrainians with weapons supported Chechen war for freedom and now its their turn to support Ukraine. It also mentions that this is their chance to win,

Dmitriy Kiselev’s Program “Weekly News” officially recognized as propaganda by Russian Public Press Complaints Council

Russian Public Press Complaint Council investigates complaints brought by any member of the public on journalists professional ethics violations. Council issued a decision # 98 on a complaint brought by Ukrainian Press Ethics  Commission against Dmitriy Kiselev “Weekly News” program aired on TV channel Russian -1 on December 8 th. Mr Kiselev’s Program was called biased propaganda. StopFake dares to assume that other editions of his program also somewhat deviated

FAKE: Fightingnin Sevastopol

Russian TV channel Vesti24 showed video where protesters clashed with police in Kyjiv, but this reportage is signed and presented it as it was fighting in Simferopol. In the material, starting from 1:43 minute, clearly can be seen that the accident took place in the center of Kjiv.

FAKE: “Citizens of Kharkiv” raised Russian flag on the Regional state administration

On March 1, information about citizens of Kharkiv raising Russian flag instead of a Ukrainian one on their local regional state administration building appeared. In fact, the person who raised the flag is Russian from Moscow. Here is his page on vkontakte (Russian version of Facebook)   In addition, Kharkiv journalist, Zurab Alasania, claims that the people who raised Russian flag on the Kharkiv state administration building were from

FAKE: The mass escape of the military forces on the side of the “Crimean government

Russian news agency RIA “Novosti” with reference to its source reported the mass escape of the Ukrainian military forces located in the Crimea, on the side of “the Crimean government»: Ministry of Ukrainian Defense published an official denial of this information: Today,2nd  March,2014 some foreign media spread the message that Ukrainian military units left their bases in the Crimea. Press and Information Office of the Ministry of Defense of

#PackOfLies. Does the Kremlin use Trotsky to warn the opposition?

By Donatas Puslys, Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis, for StopFake “We will come back and destroy you all“, – Leon Trotsky said after the failed 1905 revolution. The governor of the Saratov region and the future Tsarist Russian Prime Minister, Pyotr Stolypin, replied: “You don’t understand one thing. Any religion built on blood is a monster that will sooner or later devour its children. Do you think you will feed

Fake: EU and US Opened a Criminal Case Against Poroshenko

A number of Russian and pro-Kremlin media distributed information about criminal cases allegedly opened against Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko in the European Union and the United States. The websites, “Narodnyi Korrespondent”, «Gazeta.RU» , and other media outlets quote Ukraine’s presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko who made the claim during a press conference in Lutsk on March 23. According to Yulia Tymoshenko, the anti-corruption investigation against Poroshenko was opened by a Cyprus

The wooden anniversary of Crimean annexation

By EU vs Disinfo Five Years of Lies, Deception and Abuse When it comes to weddings, a five year anniversary is associated with wood, and it is certainly a rather woody feel to the disinformation on the fifth anniversary on the illegal annexation of Crimea. A couple of French tourists travel to Crimea, and, lo and behold, suddenly we hear that this confirms that Crimea isn’t occupied at all. And the old

StopFake News #227 with Marko Suprun

Fake: Ukraine denies German election observers accreditation. Petro Poroshenko wanted to exchange Crimea for NATO membership. Foreign troops in Ukraine will destroy the country.

5 Years of StopFake: The Evolution of Fighting Against Russian Propaganda in Ukraine

StopFake: How it all began Five years ago, during the Revolution of Dignity, when Ukraine’s ex-President Viktor Yanukovych went on the run and Russian troops started to occupy Crimea, Ukrainians simultaneously experienced a massive propaganda attack from Russia. The informational space of Russia, Ukraine and Europe was flooded with deceitful messages from Russian and pro-Russian media that began to write “about the unconstitutional coup in Ukraine”, about the activities of

Kremlin Watch Briefing: European Parliament calls out Russia and calls for Magnitsky Act-like sanctions

Topics of the Week The European Parliament pointed out that Russia is not a strategic partneranymore and calls for new Magnitsky-style sanctions. Russian oligarch sued the U.S. government over sanctions posed on him last year. Vladimir Putin “celebrated” Crimean residents as heroes and survivors of the “Crimean Spring.” ENISA’s forward-looking recommendations to improve the cybersecurity of electoral processes in the EU. Good Old Soviet Joke Advertisement: “I am selling a mobile phone from Soviet

Crimean limbo: How low can you go?

By EU vs Disinfo How low will the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti go in trying to create the impression that Crimea has become accepted by the rest of the world as a part of Russia? The answer is: Very low. Ahead of the 5th anniversary of Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea, RIA Novosti published an article under the headline, “German Media Outlets Report on the ‘Renaissance’ of Russian Crimea,” quoting

Russia’s new rules for Northern Sea Route violate international law

By Polygraph Kamil Bekyashev Vice President of the Russian Maritime Law Association “Indeed, the NSR [Northern Sea Route] passes not only within Russia’s territorial waters, nevertheless, our country has the legal right to regulate navigation along the entire route.” Source: Izvestia, March 6, 2019 FALSE New Russian rules fully regulating the Northern Sea Route violate the Law of the Sea The Russian government has developed new rules to control the

Nuclear race defines Russia’s military doctrine

By Polygraph Anatoly Antonov Russia’s Ambassador to the United States “There is no first strike concept in the Russian [military] doctrine. There is a clear reference in our doctrine when and under which circumstances we can use our nuclear weapons: when there is an attack on the Russian Federation, when there is a threat for the existence of the Russian Federation as well as our allies.” Source: Carnegie Endowment for

Figure of the week: 49

By EU vs Disinfo Programs produced in Russia make up about 49% of prime-time content on Belarusian TV channels, research by the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ) found. For the week of November 16-25, 2018, the BAJ monitored prime-time content of the Belarusian TV channels that comprise the government-approved compulsory publicly available TV package. The research revealed that 30% of the political talk shows and programs that the Belarusian TV channels broadcast on

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